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How much does the best addiction treatment cost?

How Much Does the Best Addiction Treatment Cost?

Entering an addiction treatment program allows you to make changes to your lifestyle. Unfortunately, the cost of treatment in different programs will depend on several factors and sometimes the luxury rehab centers that you want to work with for alcohol addiction or drug dependence actually cost more than you can easily afford. By taking the time to compare different facilities, you can find an affordable option that allows you to focus on your goals and get the best addiction treatment for your specific situation.

Evaluate Your Insurance Policy

Before you assume that the cost of treatment exceeds your budget, read your insurance policy and evaluate the terms, conditions and options the policy provides. In many cases, insurance policies provide some coverage to help pay for substance abuse and mental health treatments; however, the exact details and amount of coverage varies.

Find out if your policy provides coverage and the limitations in your current plan. Look for any details that exclude coverage, such as treatment in an out-of-network program, and verify any details you do not understand with a representative of your insurance provider before you start a treatment program. Expect some limitations in the programs that the insurance provider covers.

Compare Programs

The cost of luxury rehab centers will usually exceed the cost of other options; however, the type of treatment options provided in a luxury program usually allow you to try different options for your goals. In other situations, the cost of treatment will depend on the specific types of programs that apply to your situation and needs. For example, a program might charge for treating a co-occurring disorder at a higher rate than treating alcohol addiction without a mental health disorder complicating the recovery process.

Compare different programs and facilities to find the most affordable drug treatment options. Expect a wide variation in costs and expenses associated with recovery based on your situation, the program and your needs. Generally, an out-patient program that your insurance provider covers as an in-network provider costs the least while a luxury rehab program classified as out-of-network usually costs more. Affordability and variety of treatment options vary based on your insurance, the type of program and your specific standards for care.

The best addiction treatment programs in any area depend on your situation and your budget. The costs vary significantly between programs and usually depend on the amount of coverage an insurance policy offers to help with the overall expense.