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Moving Forward Sober Living


The Basics

At Moving Forward Sober Living in Westland, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit, men and women seeking sobriety learn the skills they need to stay clean and sober and work with others. Each of the 10 houses is located near a bus line, AA/NA meetings, employers and shopping.

Accommodations and Amenities

Moving Forward’s houses accommodate both men and women in gender-specific residences. The women live in two houses located next door to each other on Dayton Court, while the men are housed in one unit on Caspian Court, two houses on Dalton Court, one on Deerfield Court, two on Montmorency Street and two on Hillsdale Court.

The Caspian Court facility is a single-family structure that can accommodate up to three men. The remaining nine homes are two-bedroom duplex apartments that can accommodate a total of eight residents, with four living in each unit. Altogether, Moving Forward can accommodate up to 50 men and women.

Each house is well-maintained. The furnishings, though not luxurious by any means,  are comfortable. Rooms are double-occupancy with two twin beds and every house has only one bathrooms, which is shared by residents and the house manager.

The kitchens in all the residences are fully equipped with everything residents may need to prepare meals in addition to a dish washer. There are also washers and dryers for doing laundry in each unit. In addition, each unit has Internet access.

Rules and Regulations

The program director prefers new residents to have completed substance abuse treatment, but this isn’t mandatory. As long as the resident shows a willingness to move forward with sobriety, they will be considered for residency.

Every resident is expected to attend all scheduled meetings (house, AA/NA) unless their program manager has excused them. Residents are also required to attend a minimum of four 12-step meetings each week if they are employed and six meetings a week if they are working part time or looking for a job. The program manager or director verifies meeting attendance using the attendance sheets that every resident is expected to turn in.

All residents are randomly tested for drugs and alcohol. If a resident refuses testing or tests positive, they will be required to leave the house, check into a detox facility and obtain substance abuse treatment before being accepted back into the program.

Moving Forward has  zero tolerance for violence, stealing, destruction of property, sexual or racial harassment, lying, intimidation, theft, malicious gossip, criminal activity or fraud. In addition, it does not permit drugs, alcohol, weapons or contraband of any kind in any of its homes. Any resident who violates these rules will be immediately discharged and may also face criminal charges.

Visitors are allowed in common areas of each Moving Forward property. They can visit between 9 am and 9 pm Sunday through Thursday and 9 am to noon on Friday and Saturday. Every visitor is expected to comply with the same rules residents follow. Opposite-sex visitors cannot visit at any time unless another program resident is present.

Residents cannot go into any other resident’s unit at any time. Every unit is required to be kept neat and organized at all times. Residents are expected to keep their personal belongings in their rooms and may not leave them in any common areas.

Residents taking any prescribed medications must inform the program manager and director, some of which may have to be kept by a staff member while others must be kept in a lock box. Residents are not allowed to share any of their prescriptions with other residents, and will be discharged if they do. All residents are required to complete their assigned chores before 6 pm daily.

Every resident is expected to be at home by 11 pm Sunday through Thursday. Curfew is midnight Friday and Saturday if the resident is in good standing. After-curfew phone calls are only allowed in the event of a bona fide emergency. If a resident wants an overnight pass, they must have remained clean for at least 30 days and be current on all fees. Overnight passes must be filled out and submitted to the program manager at least 24 hours in advance.

All residents are required to take part in aftercare that has been recommended by a therapist or doctor on discharge from a treatment facility, and should have a temporary or permanent sponsor within 14 days of checking in. Within 48 hours of being admitted to a sober living house, they must meet with a staff member to complete a plan of action. Within the first 30 days, residents attend a relapse prevention session and fill out a written relapse prevention plan.

Residents are required to be awake and out of bed by 9 am Monday through Friday. On Saturday and Sunday, they are supposed to be up by 11 am. All sexual conduct is forbidden and, if a resident observes such behavior, they are required to report it immediately.

Residents must take part in a minimum of two hours of community volunteer work per week that is pre-approved by the program manager or director. (Court-ordered community service does not count.) All new residents should have jobs within 30 days of moving into the facility, unless they have made prior arrangements with the program director.

Residents typically stay at Moving Forward for two years, but many have lived at the facility for four or five years.

In Summary

Moving Forward Sober Living aims to provide safe, stable housing and an atmosphere that encourages residents to work toward recovery. While there is an abundance of strict rules and regulations, it’s a place where residents can find lasting sobriety if they put in the work.

Moving Forward Sober Living
2207 Dalton Ct
Westland, MI 48186

Moving Forward Sober Living Cost: $400 (30 days); residents pay $100 per week for their apartments. Reach Moving Forward Sober Living by phone at (734) 678-1047.

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