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Hemet CaliforniaThe Basics

Mountainside Recovery Center is based in Southern California’s San Jacinto Valley in the city of Hemet. Mountainside provides a continuum of co-ed substance abuse services that include detox, a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) and an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). The clients are accommodated in Mountainside’s sober living homes and provided with transportation to the clinical treatment facility daily.

Accommodations and Food

There are five different homes where clients reside while undergoing treatment. The gender-specific houses range is style and size, but they are all spacious and comfortable, accommodating between eight and 10 clients in each. The residences offer amenities like pools, large backyards with BBQs, Jacuzzi-style bathtubs, a putting green and new appliances. The bedrooms are shared, usually between two, but in some master bedrooms, there are three roommates, with an adjacent full bathroom. The living rooms are furnished with large couches and easy chairs for residents to lounge in while watching the flat screen TV or reading. The dining rooms have several long tables and chairs for all of the clientele in the house to eat together, and though personal devices, like cell phone and tablets aren’t permitted during treatment, there are community phones available for use.

All of the food is taken care of by Mountainside, and the clients take turns preparing meals for each other. Meals and snacks are tasty and nutritious and coffee and tea are available throughout the day.

Treatment and staff

The program lasts anywhere between 30 to 45 days on average, considering how long the on-site detox process takes for each person. The clients attend treatment for about six hours a day at an off-site Mondays through Fridays. The PHP includes group and individual therapy several times a week, and there are some co-ed groups and some are gender-specific. There are also specialized programs geared towards those with co-occurring disorders that can include medication management if needed, and frequent visits with a staff psychiatrist.

Though treatment at this facility incorporates elements of the 12 steps, the main focus is on different evidence-based treatment methods, like CBT and Motivational Interviewing (MI). The emphasis on getting to the root of the initial addiction and addressing past trauma’s or events can lead to uncovering reasons why the client started taking using in the first place.

Mountainside employs a variety of medical and clinical staff with many different specialties in the field of addiction. This includes physicians, LPCs, LCSWs and residential staff that are available 24 hours a day.


There are evening and weekend outings available, like trips shopping or to the movies and group trips to the beach. There are always recreational activities and exercise scheduled, so that the clients don’t feel like they’re confined to the facility and can see there is also fun to be had in sobriety. A couple of the homes also have gym equipment on the premises.

An aftercare plan is always put into place during each client’s treatment experience that often includes referrals to an outpatient program within his or her home community.

In Summary

Mountainside Recovery Center provides comfortable accommodations and thorough treatment that is rooted in respect and privacy. The programs are fairly short, but offer a continued avenue of support even after the client returns home. This is an excellent choice for clients looking to get away from the busy city, but stay close in southern California.

Mountainside Recovery Center
31631 Auto Center Dr
Lake Elsinore, CA 92530

Mountainside Recovery Center Cost: $25,000 (up to 45 days including detox). Reach Mountainside Recovery Center by phone at (855) 698-7106.

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  1. My daughter was seriously hooked on heroin. She tried two other rehabs but each time she got out, she went back to drugs within days. It was an endless struggle. She knew she needed help and, like us, were desperate! Our doctor suggested we try Mountainside.
    She was accepted with a welcoming smile and made to feel at home. Not going to lie, she struggled, but she’s an addict and getting drugs physically and mentally out of your system is not easy. The great news is, she completed the program and went into their extended care program. She finally learned how to cope with everyday stress without having to lean on drugs as a crutch. She even realized she has a passion for cooking!
    She is coming up on her one year clean date and we have never been so proud of her and the team at Mountainside!
    THANK YOU!!!!

  2. First off I would like to say that your detox program is wonderful.Now on a second note your staff that handles patients personal belongings and such are horrible and you need to come up with a better plan than what you have in place.My husband went through his detox period and per his therapist’s recommendations was ready to go home,My husbands insurance approved him to stay for eight more days but he decided that he did not wish to do that as he was not a recreational addict, he only took medication because of a health issue that he had surgery for and was corrected, he only needed to be detoxed because he no longer needs this medication but could not stop taking it with out help.He went to your admissions department and checked himself out only to find out that his ATM card and personal cash had been locked in a safe. There was noone available to access this safe and get him his belongings.He did not have a way to pay for a taxi, hotel room, let alone a plane ticket.THAT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.Your facility is aware that patient’s can check theirselves out willingly at any given time, day or night, YOUR facility should always have a staff member available to give patients all of there personal belongings including ATM cards and or cash that has been locked in a safe.I am irate that he had to endure any of this considering what he had already just went through.We do not live in California or anywhere near by and to be able to get funds to him and get him where he needed to be until other arrangements could be made to get him home was a task.Your facility should be ASHAMED of itself or better yet the staff that runs it this way.I am very thankful that he got the help that he needed and I am grateful to your facility for that but I will NEVER refer anyone to your facility, I hope that you listen to what I have written you and make some much needed changes to your policy so that no other person has to endure what my husband did!!!!!

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