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Mountain Vista Farm in Glen Ellen is the oldest addiction treatment facility of its kind in Northern California. Open since 1949, they are a no-nonsense 12-step based rehab and a far cry from the luxury facilities of Southern California. Instead, Mountain Vista is relatively inexpensive and their strict schedule allows little room for anything else but serious and focused recovery.

Accommodations and Food

The facility is a farmhouse compound on eight-and-a-half acres of expansive, well-landscaped lawns, towering trees and mountainous views of Sonoma County. Housing is nothing fancy, with two people to a room (men and women separately, of course) in rustic, cabin-style bedrooms; their balanced meals are big on local ingredients.

Amenities include on-site washers and dryers, outdoor picnic tables and chairs and a brick fire pit. Aside from the surroundings, probably the nicest extra Mountain Vista has to offer is an outdoor pool, though only those staying in summer months will be able to take advantage of it. They also have an on-site gym and residents are encouraged to factor exercise into their schedules, even if it means simply jogging around the premises.

Treatment and Staff

As mentioned, Mountain Vista is dedicated to the lessons in Alcoholics Anonymous’ Big Book with not much room for any other treatment philosophies or modalities. What they offer is a 30-day inpatient program with 12-step work, an educational series of lectures and individual and group therapy (though mostly just group). They have a fairly comprehensive focus on relapse prevention, with sessions on managing anger, recognizing high-risk situations and dealing with post-acute withdrawal syndrome.

Mountain Vista has a client-to-staff ratio of about two-to-one, with staff composed mostly of counselors with substance abuse and addiction specializations; additionally, all of the counselors are in recovery themselves. Unfortunately, medical care at Mountain Vista is somewhat limited. Though they have a day nurse on staff, there are no on-site doctors—only a consulting physician in case of emergencies. If anything goes terribly wrong, clients are ambulanced to the nearest hospital.


Days are fairly structured, with recreation integrated into the schedule as treatment. Mountain Vista includes recreation and wellness classes as part of their program, many of which are conducted in the outdoor pool. Other offerings worth mentioning are weekly process groups for women only to address uniquely gendered recovery issues, and “family day” family program on Sundays where significant others are invited to participate in educational and support groups; there’s also one family counseling session during inpatient treatment.

Aftercare is big on community and Mountain Vista offers weekly groups after inpatient treatment at their main facility and several other Bay Area locations free of charge; alumni reportedly sometimes attend as long as two years after treatment.

In Summary

For the most part, clients get what they pay for at Mountain Vista. It’s not exactly tech-friendly (residents are advised to bring change or a telephone card if they want to use public phones—no cell phones or computers are allowed). They also don’t allow books and magazines that aren’t recovery-related. Still, those who need discipline on a budget might find this to be a good fit.

Mountain Vista Farm Location

3020 Warm Springs Rd
Glen Ellen, CA 95442

Mountain Vista Farm Cost

Call for cost. Reach Mountain Vista Farm by phone at 800-300-6716. Find Mountain Vista Farm on Facebook and Yelp

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  1. I paid to have my daughter use this rehab and in the beginning it was agreed upon that I would be privy to all that was going on with her recovery. Through out the process i would call and sometimes get information and many times I was told they could release any information and I would have to tell them That I was allowed to get and still get rejected and then I would to make many calls to finally get briefed on what was going on with her. I was shocked when visiting the place if anyone wanted to bring alcohol or drugs that it would have been a cake walk to do. My daughters access to the outside was not limited and she could have called anyone she chose. When she was rel;eased they didn’t even know who picked he up or even took the time to find out. There were some conflicts between my daughter and I at the end on acct that she was not telling the whole story and when I when I would relay that to the staff they seemed like that it didn’t matter or wasn’t important. At one time towards the end of her treatment I confronted a counselor who seemed to think she knew everything and asked her many questions only to get hung up on by her. I knew right then that the outcome was not going to be pretty. Needless to say that since my daughter was released by whoever picked her up did not learn a thing there, she immediately went right back to her drug life and has even went further into her addiction which has included no contact with family. I really got what I paid for. Mountain Vista Farms was the cheapest and now I know why. I suggestion is before anyone uses this place is that you go there to visit on a Sunday and check it out and really see what I mean. Its a joke my friends.

  2. Hello,

    My name is Lisa Kidd, Operations Director at Mountain Vista Farm. We would like to change the verbiage on your description of our program (some of it is not accurate). Who would I sent the revised information to?

    Thank you,

    Lisa Kidd
    (707) 996-6716

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