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mountain-crest-behavioral-healthcare-centerMountain Crest Rehab Review

Located at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in Fort Collins, Colorado, Mountain Crest Behavioral Healthcare Center offers adolescent residential treatment for substance abuse, in addition to inpatient detox and outpatient services. The facility is part of the University of Colorado Health Network, employing a highly trained staff, many of whom specialize in addiction and mental health issues.

Accommodations and Food

The adolescent residential program occupies its own wing of the facility, holding up to 14 clients at a time. This is a psychiatric hospital, so it has an institutional feel. Modest bedrooms are shared between two clients, featuring twin-sized beds and wooden dressers. Residents attend the on-site school and use the gym that can be found in the building on a separate floor.

Three meals per day are provided for residents. The cafeteria-style food is served at a buffet in the dining room, with healthy options such as a salad bar and soups. Special dietary requests can be accommodated. Stimulants such as coffee are not permitted.

Treatment and Staff

The adolescent residential program typically runs for 90 days and costs $700 per day, consisting of individual therapy once a week, group therapy, family therapy and school. The clients spend the first portion of the day in group, discussing topics such as relapse prevention, anger management, processing, communication and self-esteem. Through the use of evidence-based techniques such as CBT and DBT, clients learn new ways of thinking and behaving. While this program is not necessarily rooted in the 12 steps, clients do attend occasional on-site AA/NA meetings. During the second half of the day, they attend school, which is certified by the Colorado Department of Education. The school staff works individually with clients, making sure their academic needs are being met.

The adult inpatient hospitalization program offers a short-term, medically monitored detox. During the three- to five-day process, clients are provided with round-the-clock medical care. This option costs $1,000 per day.

The outpatient services include a chemical dependency Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). Over the course of two months, clients meet three times a week for three-hour sessions. The group size varies, ranging from 10 to 12 clients at a time. The majority of the program is spent in group therapy, covering topics such as relapse prevention, trauma and chemical dependency education. Clients also meet with an individual therapist for one-on-one counseling once a week. While the clients are in IOP, they are not required to attend AA/NA meetings but suggestions  for local meetings can be made upon request. This program costs $6,000.

The staff at Mountain Crest Behavioral Healthcare Center includes registered nurses, psychiatrists, Master’s-level therapists and certified addiction counselors.


The grounds have a ropes course that is used to help promote group bonding. Weekly family therapy sessions with the individual therapist are part of the adolescent residential program.

In Summary

Mountain Crest Behavioral Healthcare Center offers evidence-based therapeutic solutions to chemical dependency for all ages. The adolescent inpatient program has an excellent education component, ensuring that youngsters struggling with recovery will not have to face the added stress of trying to catch up when they are ready to return to school.

Mountain Crest Behavioral Healthcare Center Location

4601 Corbett Dr
Fort Collins, CO 80528

Mountain Crest Behavioral Healthcare Center Cost

$21,000 (30 days). Reach Mountain Crest Behavioral Healthcare Center by phone at (970) 207-4800. Find Mountain Crest Behavioral Healthcare Center on FacebookTwitter and YouTube

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  1. Tammy Saracino on

    I thank God for this place…I have been there twice and both of my experiences was life changing. Thank you for serving those of us who need a mental helping hand. huge hug and much appreciation.

  2. My child was put there, and is now being held against her will and mine because they had her sign a document stating they would hold her involuntarily. She is 16 and at the time of signing, was not capable of making that type of decision. She is under the influence of intense psychotropic drugs, and when I visited her tonight, she hardly recognized me at all, yet they felt that is was ok to have her sign legal court paperwork forcing her to stay another three days. Tonight when I asked her about the document, she did not know what she signed, only that they told her she would get in trouble if she did not sign it. When I asked if I could pull her out, I was told no. as this document did not allow them to release her. They also lied and stated to me that if I did pull her my insurance company would not pay for any of her treatment. I called my insurance company, and this was a bald face lie. I am going to the courts tomorrow to get my daughter back. This is not only extortion, but I view it as kidnapping. I am completely in fear for my daughters safety and well being at this facility. Beware of letting your kids in, you may have to fight a court battle to get them out.

    • These are some very strong words to say against a facility that is trying to help and save a life. I think you need to step back and evaluate why your child was placed here in the first place, lots of children struggle with thoughts of suicide and have a lack of self worth. It is highly possible that your child shared thoughts with the staff here that caused them to act the way they did to protect her against herself!!

      I hope your family has found some peace and resolution to this situation

      • pretty sure u have no idea the situation. i am an adult and they were going to forcefully take me there because I went in hospital asking for depression meds because I was out. they took that as being suicidal. they also have held my daughter against our will so I know and understand the situation and your in my prayers . people should not comment unless they no fully what’s going on

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