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Morningside specializes in addiction treatment of people who suffer from dual diagnosis—addiction with a co-occurring mental health disorder. It is a sober living facility with an outpatient program. Clients reap the benefits of a diverse range of treatment options, no matter what their addiction, co-occurring disorder or attitude is towards 12-step programs.

Accommodations and Food

Amenities may not be as opulent as some coastal rehabs, but they still offer plenty of comfort. The Clinical Building looks the way it sounds and serves to hold meetings and therapy as well special areas for yoga, Tai Chi and acupuncture. The residencies themselves are charming apartment buildings and small houses, all with shared bedrooms.

The overall vibe at Morningside is sober living with a considerable amount of independence. For example, residents are given grocery gift cards and must purchase and prepare their own meals (with staff accompaniment); Morningside’s transitional care facilities also allow residents to bring their pets with them.

Treatment and Staff

While everyone must follow a structured schedule, there is a good amount of flexibility available. Residents can choose from a combination of co-ed and gender-segregated groups, and special programming is also available for LGBT clients. Specialized treatment options can target chronic pain, trauma and attachment, nutrition and eating concerns, grief and loss and various mood disorders. There’s also support for 12-step and alternative recovery methods, such as SMART Recovery. An individual’s program may also include treatment for process addictions, like sex, gambling, video games and cell phone addictions. Morningside also offers an intensive outpatient (IOP) program for high-powered executives who want to tackle their addiction but don’t have the luxury of taking time off of work.

Therapy is solution-focused and may include a combination of CBT, DBT and EMDR. Clients are matched with primary therapists who are a good fit for their specific treatment needs, and one-on-one sessions usually occur once a week. Some 55 groups are available each week and usually comprise between eight and 10 people. Holistic treatments and alternative therapies, like equine therapy, art therapy, rock climbing and dance—are also available. Morningside offers a BioSound Healing Program (which combines meditation with biofeedback) as well as a psychodrama specialist. They introduce clients to both AA and SMART Recovery meetings but there is no pressure for clients to adapt a particular philosophy for aftercare.


In addition to the numerous waterfront activities Newport Beach offers, there are plenty of cookouts as well as trips to movies, sports games or amusement parks. And clients who have completed their first 30 days have the option of participating in the Morningside Adventure Program. These four-day outings to Big Bear, the Grand Canyon and other regional nature retreats help clients break through their fears and practice interpersonal skills such as asking for help. Of course, a primary therapist goes along.

Clientele at Morningside skews more towards the 20-something crowd and so the program really aims to provide residents with a path forward in life. For those who would like to finish their GED, enroll in a community college, or even begin a four-year degree, there’s the Morningside Academic Institute. Additionally they offer Launchpad, a vocational training and job search program available to all clients. A solid course of treatment through primary, extended, transitional and aftercare keeps clients on track for several months of sobriety before and after they leave Morningside.

In Summary

Morningside accepts some insurance plans, and their tapered fee structure encourages clients to stay a few extra months through extended and transitional care. By trimming some of the resort-like frills and concentrating on providing something for everyone, Morningside Recovery might just qualify as a best buy.

Morningside Recovery Location

3421 Via Oporto
Newport Beach, CA 92663

Morningside Recovery Cost

$28,000 (30 days). Reach Morningside Recovery by phone at (888) 675-3980. Find Morningside Recovery on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google+

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  1. Caroline Havens on

    It’s an upscale facility and they give you a lot of freedom which is good because lots of other treatment centers shelter you so much from the outside world that when you leave treatment it’s a lot to handle all at once. Morningside allows you to be involved with the real world to a certain extent while still in treatment. It’s an accommodating place, they take people’s individual circumstances into account and make exceptions for people which is great, lots of individualized treatment. Has lots of awesome staff members. It’s great that they give second chances to people if they relapse. I love that it has a 12-step alternative option and that they allow animals. It’s biggest downside is that it’s a huge place, lots of clients, you don’t get that connected, family-like vibe like in other treatment centers.

  2. Hazel Veliz on

    Morningside is one of the best treatment centers i have been to. Their classes are extremely helpful because they focus on you as an individual rather than a whole. They also focus on teaching you skills you will need to have to maintain your sobriety once you are out. The alumni sessions are also very helpful.

  3. Staff is very caring; your not closed off in a bubble you actually get to see the outside world. Many different groups and specific treatment available. The most important thing was I was able to bring my dog!!

  4. Riel Stephenson on

    My experience at Morningside was beyond life changing. My life before reaching out with a grim and lonely place. Not only did I learn coping skills to last a life time but I made friends to last a life time as well.

  5. Hazel Veliz on

    I really enjoyed my morningside experience. They did everything they could to help me stay sober. I am really grateful for this program.

  6. Brooke McMillin on

    I love the staff and the psychological help they have to offer. Morning side really changed my life around.

  7. I really enjoyed my time here at Morningside it was by far the best experiences of my life and honestly gave me back my life. I can’t thank them enough 🙂

  8. This place saved my life! Amazing staff and facilities are brand new. The sober houses are nice as well. Great community and very thorough treatment.

  9. Elisha Torres on

    Morningside Recovery saved my life and helped me get back on track to sobriety. They offer individualized treatment plans and alternatives to the traditional 12 step recovery model. My therapist and the rest of the staff, including support staff, truly cared about my well being and success in sobriety.

  10. Brooke McMilllin on

    I love Morningside recovery. Relapse was apart of my story after I got a year sober my first time rolling through MSR, but after a few months out, I knew where home was when I was ready to pick myself back up. My favorite part about MSR is the groups they have to offer. EMDR saved my life with Michelle, and brad and Kelly are the best therapist ever. The staff is incredibly professional here and am so thankful and blessed to be alumni to such a loving family.

  11. Hailong Tran on

    So where to begin…..the staff was great!!! my therapist open so many doors for me. I always knew i had issues but figure so did everyone else.And thought…. they dont affect me(but actually they infected my very being). this place help me so much!!!!!!

  12. Chris Wright on

    It was absolutely amazing, it changed my life so much! I am now back better than absolutely ever. I literally would describe my recovery as nothing short of a miracle and it really all began when I entered morningside this time one year ago.

  13. Riel Stephenson on

    My experience at Morningside was life changing. Was it the end of my journey and struggle? No. What Morningside did give me however, was the strength to keep fighting it. I was broken, lost and close to giving up before walking through these doors. I have gained skills, mindsets and support here that I will carry on with me for the rest of my life. Morningside gave me hope towards my future.

  14. This place is all about their money, not your recovery. They will tell you that they are not 12-steps oriented, that they treat dual-diagnosis (psychiatric as well as addiction issues), that they are concerned for your well-being…in other words, they’ll tell you anything to get you in the door and the money rolling in. But the reality is far different. They don’t hire enough staff to run their groups so they shuttle people off to AA meetings, no matter what their addiction or mental problems are. Their therapists are only comfortable with handling drug or alcohol issues; anything else seems beyond them. In my time there, they moved me to three different apartments in one week so they could stuff more clients in, and did so without any concern for how upsetting or unstablizing that was. When i complained, they decided they couldn’t handle me, and kicked me out…but kept my money. I wasn’t the only one having problems there; tales of their incompetence, hearlessness and profit-grubbing were rife among the people there. Oh, and don’t be fooled by the pretty pictures on their website; their living and clinical buildings are grubby and crowded. If you are having problems with addiction or mental issues, don’t add to your problems by wasting your time or money here!

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