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Montrose Manor


Montrose ManorMontrose Manor Review

Located in Bishopscourt (a picturesque suburb of Cape Town, South Africa), Montose Manor specializes in the extended treatment of severe and enduring eating disorders. Though Montrose still acknowledges that these issues often go hand-in-hand with substance abuse, outright addiction treatment is limited here.

Accommodations and Food

In keeping with its name, Montrose is a turn-of-the-century manor which strives to create an environment that feels like home. There are a total of 16 beds at the facility, though it’s rarely at capacity (it also favors lengths of stay longer than the standard 30 days). Each bedroom comes with two beds, an ensuite bathroom, imported fittings and furniture and a panoramic view of the beautiful surroundings.

The facility’s internationally qualified team includes an occupational therapist, expert counselors, a consulting psychiatrist, a clinical psychologist, psychiatric nurses, a biokineticist and an art and drama therapist. There’s also a dedicated chef who prepares meals consistent with a healthy and nutritional meal plan and a 24-hour nursing staff.  Shan Biesman-Simmons is the on-site dietician, and she designs all the nutritional plans for clients. Biesman-Simmons is the director of Nutrition and Education at the Heart and Stroke Foundation in South Africa, and has a private practice that specializes in eating disorders and lifestyle diseases.

Treatment and Staff

While the accommodations are relaxing, the daily program is a busy one. Residents at Montrose participate in three post-acute phases of treatment. The initial phase is devoted to stabilizing clients’ disordered eating, and features individual and group therapy (four sessions a day), DBT, sessions with a dietician and more. Phase two addresses the underlying issues and emotions which surface once residents are stabilized, and includes weekly restaurant outings, family-integrated therapy and supervised self-service of meals.

The final phase focuses on reintegrating into the outside world, which means self-service of meals now without supervision as well as weekly fellowship meetings. It ends with a transfer to a specialist who continues to work with alumni upon their return home. There are also off-site support groups and meetings for those suffering from addictions in concert with their eating disorders. Throughout treatment, clients work closely with specialists to create healthy eating and exercise plans; finally, Montrose offers a comprehensive program for family and loved ones, including counseling, psycho-educational workshops and an introduction to the treatment program.


In addition to the lush greenery and tranquil gardens of the campus itself, the Montrose Manor facilities boast a fully equipped gymnasium and swimming pool.

In Summary

Because extended care is the linchpin of Montrose Manor’s program (with a three month minimum stay), every effort is made to make the facility a comfortable and luxurious home. Overall, Montrose Manor has a uniquely beautiful setting that can be experienced for a relatively low price (excluding travel fees). Through the extended treatment model, Montrose is committed to creating healthy new lifestyles for its clientele.

Montrose Manor Location

7 Montrose Terrace
Bishopscourt, Cape Town 7708

Montrose Manor Cost

$8,600 (28 days; average stay 90 days). Reach Montrose Manor by phone at +27 (0)21 797 9270 or by e-mail at [email protected]. Find Montrose Manor on its site

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