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Montana Psychiatry and Brain Health Center


The Basics

Located in Billings, Montana, Montana Psychiatry and Brain Health Center is a private behavioral health practice owned and operated by Dr. Erin Amato. Montana Psychiatry offers a number of cutting edge treatment options including Ketamine Therapy for those struggling with depression, OCD, bipolar disorder, substance abuse disorders and more. Services are offered for adolescents and adults using evidence-based approaches during individual sessions.

Treatment and Staff

Prior to their first in-person appointment at Montana Psychiatry, incoming clients fill out forms that detail what they are looking for in terms of treatment. Depending on what the client in coming in for, there are a number of different avenues that can be taken. There are also pharmacogenomic testing services for those who are recommended to begin medications. This tests the individual’s ability to handle certain medications making it easier for the doctors to determine what medicines would be the most effective and conducive to the client’s health and wellness.

TMS, or Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, is one of the science based approaches that Montana Psychiatry offers clients with severe depression, as an alternative treatment method. This process is fairly intensive, with the client committing to five sessions per week for four to six weeks. Ketamine therapy is also for clients with depression, though it is also used for anxiety, PTSD and postpartum depression. This treatment requires approximately six sessions over two or three weeks with maintenance treatments a couple times a year. Ketamine is an IV infusion medication, and TMS is non invasive. In both cases clients are thoroughly examined prior to the process and are monitored throughout to measure how they are responding.

There are also counseling services offered at Montana Psychiatry. The main method of treatment with therapists is CBT in an individual setting. Other modalities can include Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), DBT, mindfulness and trauma-ocused CBT. This facility also provides treatment for insomnia, autism and general stress disorders.

The staff of Montana Psychiatry is led by Dr. Amato and made up of a medical doctor, double board certified psychiatrists, psychiatric physician assistants, PMHNP and LPCC.

In Summary

Montana Psychiatry and Brain Health Center is the perfect place to go for those who have dealt with the struggles of living a life with a mental illness, and have tried traditional solutions. This facility offers cutting edge alternatives that have been proven to significantly improve clients’ lives through the miracles of science.

Montana Psychiatry and Brain Health Center
3737 Grand Ave, Ste 6
Billings, MT 59102

Montana Psychiatry and Brain Health Center Cost: Call for details; accepts some insurance. Reach Montana Psychiatry and Brain Health Center by phone at (406) 413-9342. Find Montana Psychiatry and Brain Health Center on Facebook and LinkedIn

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