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MissoulaThe Basics

Missoula Urban Indian Health Center is home to an outpatient chemical dependency program in Missoula, Montana that is designed to help clients achieve spiritual and emotional health through community support. The program  offers a standard course of outpatient treatment as well as alternative programs of recovery, such as Mending Broken Hearts (a subset of the Wellbriety White Bison curriculum), The Turning Point and JumpStart Recovery.

Treatment and Staff

After intake, clients’ histories with drugs and alcohol are evaluated to determine the extent of their dependency and disorders. Staff help each client to develop an individualized treatment plan that addresses their personal needs.

In Level One outpatient treatment, clients receive no less than nine hours of individual counseling and group therapy sessions per week. Individual meetings and groups last between 60 and 90 minutes. Groups include those with co-occurring disorders—counselors are trained to address mental health as well as substance abuse issues. There are no specific groups tailored to dual-diagnosis only, however.

Mending Broken Hearts is a culturally sensitive program for Native Americans that lasts six weeks. Its purpose is to address feelings of grief and loss and trauma. “Healing coaches” work with clients in a three-step process. Step one involves a professional staff person who has been trained in how to heal build healing spaces for communities that have suffered inter-generational grief. Coaches address social and cultural trauma, re-teaching life skills like parenting and communication based on cultural paradigms. They focus on how to raise children, how to build healthy relationships and how to re-connect to tribal culture.

During step two, staff organize “healing circles.” Elders, leaders and youth from the community take part in the circles, demonstrating to clients in a real way that they are not alone. Step three involves the creation of a “healing forest” where staff and members of the healing circles train the community at large. These trainings are meant to spread awareness about addiction and the need to heal in Native American tribes.

Clients in the Turning Point Program meet once a week. Its central focus is to reduce stress through “naturization,” or becoming one with nature. It was created by addiction specialists who believe that a person can develop coping strategies with the help of hypnosis. During hypnosis, a trained professional administers brevital sodium or sodium pentothal.

Staff include five CADCs. The head of the program is a certified counselor who directs interns and other certified counselors.


Missoula Urban Indian Health Center is planning to open an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). The IOP services will be available as part of a step-down course of treatment for substance abuse disorders.

A talking circle is available one day a week for individuals who require counseling support. The group is open to the community.

In Summary

Missoula Urban Indian Health Center offers extensive alternative programming for individuals in recovery from substance abuse. While the outpatient program is not 12-step based, staff help to build a similar recovery community for clients. Clients form relationships by participating in a recovery community whose primary purpose is to heal the individual—and subsequently the group—through human connection.

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