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Mission Pacific Coat Recovery Outpatient


The Basics

Mission Pacific Coast Recovery provides detox and outpatient treatment in Laguna Beach, California. The programs are situated in Mission Hospital Laguna Beach, a large acute-care center that has served the residents of Orange County for decades. Its outpatient programs are offered at the Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) and Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) levels of care.

Mission Pacific began as an independent facility; its programs have been operating in their current form as part of the hospital for the last eight years. Mission Pacific also provides residential treatment, though that program is only accessible to clients with Tricare, the insurance for military personnel and their dependents.

Treatment and Staff

PHP clients attend group therapy Monday through Friday from 9 am to 3 pm and most treatment plans are 21 sessions, or approximately three to four weeks long. IOP clients attend group therapy either three nights each week, or in morning or afternoon groups that meet five times each week.

Therapy groups are led by LMFTs, psychologists and CADCs. They use CBT and the 12-step framework to help clients manage triggers, develop coping skills and learn to create healthy boundaries.

Individual therapy is not offered at Mission Pacific, though clients in need of dual diagnosis support can access the services of the hospital’s behavioral health team. However, psychiatric support is not included in the cost of outpatient treatment.

Mission Pacific encourages clients to use the 12-step framework and requires them to attend AA/NA or SMART Recovery meetings, the frequency of which is decided in their treatment plan. Mission Pacific holds daily 12-step meetings on its grounds.


Family therapy is available upon request. Clients periodically meet with a case manager to discuss recovery progress and make aftercare plans, which may include on-going group or individual therapy and peer support meetings.

In Summary

For nearly a decade, Mission Pacific Coast Recovery has been providing comprehensive outpatient treatment that supports clients using the 12-step framework. With two treatment tracks and morning, afternoon and evening groups, Mission Pacific can accommodate many schedules and respond to clients’ varying levels of required care.

Mission Pacific Coast Recovery
31872 Coast Highway
Laguna Beach, CA 92651

Mission Pacific Coast Recovery Outpatient Cost: Accepts insurance; fees vary by treatment plan. Call for details. Reach Mission Pacific Coast Recovery by phone at (866) 633-6787. Find Mission Hospital on Facebook and Twitter

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  1. My honest opinion this hospital and staff were the worst place & doctor(s) I’ve ever encountered in my life. Staff did not do anything positive to help my unwilling stay at Mission Laguna Beach Behavior Unit. I was charged for products I did not receive but not limited to such as nicotine gum & other services that I’ve never even tried in my life. This Doctors & staff made many serious medical report errors even such as my gender in his falsified & very untrue medical reports he reported false words defaming my character & seriously damaging my life. He reported total lies about me. He stated in his false & very untrue hospital daily report but not limited to social worker(s) and others very damaging false information that stated untrue words I never stated.

    Under his care I was put In a room with a disgusting mentally ill offender who came towards me doing a terrible disgusting act. I was put into a shower that was used as a toilet by others with only cold water while the door was pounded on by a nurse. A video camera was in my room over looking my bed. Staff walked into my room every 15 minutes made noise waking me up all night. When I was there violence was not uncommon with yelling & screaming all the time.

    I was told various times they were releasing me but when the time came they started they had changed there minds. My family came to hearing to have my released they all wanted me released everyone of them. Staff member lied & tricked my family in my 3 day court hearing with untrue statements. Beware of this scam they are called (Patients Advocates) this system this staff used tricked my family totally. The hospital staff lied and would not let my family see me before or during the 3 day court hearing. Staff stated to my family I’d be out in a couple days if the made a untrue statement about myself. I have prof of this. Beware advocate this hospital provided was not on my family’s or my side at all.

    I was physically hit by other patients more than once, it was very dangerous at this hospital and was interrogated & fully tortured. I was over drugged by this Doctor that gave me a dangerously high blood pressure levels, the hospital falsified writing on various admission documents that I was forced under treat to unwilling sign. I could not read because hospital would not read the print. I wrote notes on paper work that were removed by staff when I ordered copies. That cost over $60.00. I was forced to do more than one AKG service I didn’t want or ordered.

    The staff at night would remove blanket(s) from some patients beds they wanted to torture and put the cold air system on making patients freeze & this was done to me many of the nights. I filed a writ & l had been in the awful terrible asylum for 17 days and a God sent real OC Judge from the Santa Ana Orange County Court & My court appointed attorney. Outside the Laguna Mission hospital. I was released by this Judge and my life was saved from certain death. Note: If you have medical insurance or even Medicare you maybe in this awful system way longer than ever needed or wanted to to be in then those with no insurance who are out in most cases I saw very quickly before 3 days.

    Beware of this system that involves dishonest doctors, hospital & others. I could hear staff talking about various air-bore diseases not limit to TB, (MRSA) because of the urine, feces & other bodily fluids that are put in the carpet floors by sick persons. Carpets were not cleaned regularly when I was there. I saw hazard warning tape put in door ways more than once.

    Any persons who writes anything good about this place are making profit in some form or another or are friends with employ(s) or enjoy torturing the poor victims that are being abused in this awful place. Legal hold patient(s) are by far treated the much worse.

    Because the laws make it nearly impossible for the hospital staff to be held legally accountable for how they treat legal hold patients. So this hospital totally abused me & acted anyway they choose even physical, psychological torture & worse. This really happened to me & I never needed or wanted to be there. The medical bill is over $72,000 and growing. This is a “Massive Scam” Beware staff at this mental unit can not be trusted at all listen to your own doctor(s) outside this place. Staff is a very dishonest at this Laguna Beach hospital.

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