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A Mission for Michael (AMFM) is a substance abuse treatment facility that offers residential programs for adult male clients who require dual diagnosis support. With homes in Dana Point, California and the surrounding areas, AMFM uses the sober living and Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) style of treatment. Clients reside in off-site housing while attending outpatient treatment at the clinical facility in San Clemente.

A Mission for Michael was created by Tripp Smith, who lost his son Michael in 2007. Michael struggled with substance abuse and co-occurring disorders and took his own life. Inspired by a desire to help other young men, Smith joined forces with two of his friends, Richard Granese, MD, who was the Chief of Psychiatry at a local hospital and Drew Fisher, a CADC. They started A Mission for Michael to help men find sobriety, mental stability and rebuild their lives.

Accommodations and Food

There are three sober living facilities where the clients reside during their time in the program. The homes, known as The South House, Central House and North House, offer beach views and spacious quarters that give each client a sense of home. Each home fits about six clients in the two to three shared bedrooms. There are master bedrooms in each home with a private bathroom, and shared full bathrooms throughout. These facilities are large, two story, elegantly decorated houses with living rooms that are complete with leather couches and chairs, and entertainment centers. The kitchens have state of the art appliances and dining rooms with long, dark wood tables. Game rooms with books and magazines, breakfast nooks and balcony space round out these luxury accommodations.

Additionally the clients are provided with nutrition and cooking classes by the on-site chef that prepares three meals daily.

Treatment and Staff

Every client receives an individualized plan after the initial bio-psycho-social assessment. There are also weekly sessions with a staff psychiatrist in order to properly monitor progress and provide medication management. The programs offered at this facility last between 45 and 90 days, and consist of a structured PHP to Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) treatment schedule.

The first phase of treatment is the PHP, which entails six hours of group and individual therapy Mondays through Fridays at the main office. This usually lasts a little over a month and if the client progresses, the following phase is the IOP that meets three times a week for about three to four hours at a time. All the men are required to and participate in group and individual therapy and recreational activities. There are up to eight group sessions per week that cover relapse prevention, anger management and coping skills, and weekly family session that incudes counseling and classes.

Therapy approaches include CBT, DBT and Motivational Interviewing (MI), in addition to holistic and mindfulness techniques. The clients also participate in daily 12-step meetings on and off campus, and work to establish a support community and sponsor. In addition to the therapy modalities there’s is also a focus on the relaxation and meditation, and holistic options like art and music therapy.

There is an extensive staff at AMFM that offer many years of experience in the behavioral health and addiction fields. This includes medical staff, Master’s-level therapists that are LADCs, LPCs, a nutritionist, yoga teachers and meditation instructors, and even a therapy dog named Bailey.


Recreation and exercise are key components of these programs and the clients often partake in beach days or attend sporting events. There are private on-site yoga classes, and membership to a local men’s only gym.

There is an aftercare program through AMFM that includes ongoing group and individual therapy sessions, as needed.

In Summary

A Mission For Michael offers a home-like environment near the beach where men who are striving to obtain a new focus can get their thoughts together and start to work on sobriety. The program is run by medical professionals is a distraction-free atmosphere, with a special emphasis on co-occurring disorders. This is a great choice for men in Orange County struggling with addiction and mental health issues.

A Mission For Michael Location

647 Camino de los Mares, Ste 201
San Clemente, CA 92673

A Mission For Michael Cost

$31,000 (45 days). Reach A Mission For Michael by phone at (949) 489-0950. Find A Mission For Michael on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

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  1. It is late at night but I came across this Mission for Michael’s and felt the need to say that it does not sound like a very effective or unique way to “deal with” addiction.

    I like the emphasis on co-occurring disorders but doubt that most people including the staff truly understand how common this is and also just how much it complicates things.

    I am speaking from the perspective of a male who was thought to need addiction therapy due to opiate use. Why was I using opiates? Long story short I truly needed them for extreme pain after a series of very bad injuries. I never had an addiction and the day I didn’t need to take them anymore I stopped cold turkey (after finishing rehab).

    Additionally I had a seizure while under medical expert supervision because they decided that I was “addicted” (physically I was) to certain medications. I knew I was dependent on the medications, so did my normal physician, still they were the best treatment option. Although staff touted that they treated any “real” medical problems I found that they chalked everything up to me “wanting to take drugs”.

    Furthermore I was taken off my ADHD medication and performed poorly In school. Adderall is just speed anyways… True but people still need it.

    I was mad the whole time and not going through any withdrawal. Of course they told my parents amd everyone else that I wasn’t thinking clearly amd was going through bad withdrawal.

    I feel bad for people currently getting their brains washed at facilities like this one.

    I also say all that I have said as a medical professional myself now, and arguably one of the better “ones” if your child needs help treat the underlying medical issues then see if they still use drugs.

  2. After watching my 23 year old son bounce from one facility to another, we finally found out about AMFM from Dr. James Tracy, a national expert in dual diagnosis. The staff are trained, motivated, and offer a balance of support and expectations. The uplifting setting and healthy food, walks on the beach, etc have really helped my kid find himself again. As a parent I couldn’t ask for more.

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