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Mirror Lake Recovery is tucked away on 120 wooded acres in Burns, Tennessee, a small town of roughly 1,500 people. The setting allows residents to literally get away from it all and enjoy the tranquility of nature while they transition to life in recovery.

Mirror Lake Recovery originally opened in 1983 in response to a growing need for inpatient rehabilitation facilities in central Tennessee, where alcoholics were frequently turned away due to space limitations. The non-profit New Life Foundation operated the facility until it was taken over by CRC Health Group.

Accommodations and Food

A placid pond in the center of the Mirror Lake Recovery campus reflects towering pines and the expansive sky above. Residents can enjoy numerous quiet places to sit and reflect as well as paths around the sprawling grounds. Separate treatment buildings and housing cabins encircle the pond.

Medical treatment facilities have a clean, clinical feel, but group meeting areas offer comfortable, attractive lodge-style furnishings with minimal decor. A media room has a television that is available during limited hours daily. Group housing is offered in private cabins shared by up to 12 individuals, two per room. The facility includes a total of 70 beds.

Mirror Lake Recovery offers cafeteria-style food and accommodates special diets and food allergies as needed. Caffeine and sugar are allowed with complimentary tea and sweetened soft drinks are available during the day. Vending machines also are available to purchase soda and other snacks.

Treatment and Staff

Inpatient rehabilitation at Mirror Lake Recovery includes 24-hour medical and mental health care, varying in duration according to the needs of the individual client. Medical detoxification is offered on-site.

The treatment program emphasizes self-discipline, personal responsibility, accountability and spirituality for all clients and subscribes to the 12-step approach. Both group therapy and individual counseling are offered, and men and women are separated for group sessions.

A typical day at Mirror Lake Recovery begins at 6:30 am for wakeup, then a 7:15 am meditation session followed by breakfast and group and individual therapy from 9 am to noon. After a one-hour break for lunch, group and individual therapy sessions resume for the afternoon. That is followed by a short break during which residents may enjoy the on-site workout facility or free time before dinner. Physical exercise is also scheduled regularly during weekly afternoon sessions. Evenings include AA meetings followed by “10th step” sessions where residents take personal inventory, with in-room time at 9:30 pm and lights out at 10:30 pm. On Friday evenings, there are also alumni meetings for graduates of the program.

No form of technology is allowed, including cell phones, tablets and laptops. During the first seven days of treatment, residents may not make or receive phone calls. After that, limited telephone use is allowed during the afternoons.

Mirror Lake Recovery also strongly encourages families to attend special sessions on Sunday afternoons. Along with optional one-on-one counseling, these sessions help families understand addiction and its effects and how they can support the recovery of their loved one, providing opportunities to address personal issues with the addicted individual in a safe and supportive environment.

Thirty days of treatment at Mirror Lake Recovery, with or without detox, costs $10,000, half due at admission and the remaining half due the second week. Clients paying for the entirety of treatment upfront get a reduced rate of $8,000. Private rooms are available for an additional charge.

Mirror Lake Recovery’s medical director, Dr. Bernard Gottschalk—“Dr. G” as he is known—worked for years as a medical oncologist before becoming an addiction medicine specialist. A director of nursing and a staff psychiatrist oversee a team of medical and mental health professionals.


Yoga and other forms of exercise are part of the therapy. Other recreational options on site include volleyball, basketball and a pond for fishing. Dogs are also allowed for companionship and to create a casual family-style atmosphere.

In Summary

Mirror Lake Recovery is an attractive facility with highly-trained staff who, by all appearances, are dedicated to helping clients achieve recovery.

Mirror Lake Recovery Location

999 Girl Scout Rd
Burns, TN 37029

Mirror Lake Recovery Cost

$10,000 (30 days). Reach Mirror Lake Recovery by phone at (800) 365-3899. Find Mirror Lake Recovery on Facebook and Twitter

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  1. Horrible!! A visit was planned 2 weeks ago. We both had been looking forward to this visit for a while…. I drove an hour to get there, a very close friend of mine, nothing was spoke about a “family meeting” before the visit…. so we went ahead with the plan of me getting there 1ish, and spend some time together…im assuming after they found out I was not a family member, and just a freind, I wasn’t allowed to visit anymore. He called me, upset, while I was sitting in the parking lot, and said the staff would allow me to come in, see him for 1 second, literally, with his counselor… not to metion the front desk girls, mugged us so bad. We both felt very uncomfortable, and like I was a bad person, who needed to be watched. We hugged, and away he went . If freinds are not allowed to visit then it should be posted so.eehere, or brought up, so one knows. BTW the receptionist are very rude. And stuck up. Thanks for nothing, a disappointing drive home, and more than a few ppls feelings hurt. Peace out.

    • Camille Clayton on

      Mirror lake is completely disorganized and does not provide as they claim. Even this site says you will be detoxed as comfortable as possible. I sat for literally 10 hours in the detox unit before being addressed by a nurse, tech or anyone. I watched young adults with UTIs being told they just had STDs, tested for neither and told to go on with their day. Once out of the “detox” portion you were only allowed to see the dr if you waited with others for hours regardless of your illness (and it was flu season when I was there). Not the place for adult, professional people who seek help!

  2. While there are some exemplary staff members that are skilled, caring, and helpful, their efforts are overshadowed by the general lack of managerial oversight, inexperience, and rudeness of many staff. Despite the attractive photos of the lake and surrounding cabins, this is a bare bones facility at best. Accommodations are sleepaway camp style. The facility was once a Girl Scout camp. The food is atrocious and will make one remember their school cafeteria fondly. The clientele is predominantly comprised of post adolescent opiate, meth, and heroin users, several of whom cycle through the center as an alternative to homelessness or jail. While they do effectively teach the twelve steps of AA in both a traditional and faith based format, there is no real individual psychological counseling nor is there a psychiatrist on staff. This is not, by any stretch of the imagination an environment that a person from a professional background that suffers from substance abuse and attendant psychological issues would be comfortable at for voluntary rehabilitation.

  3. The admission lady Lynn was so rude and unprofessional. My husband was admitted for 5 day rehab insurance approved. Every time I called they said he was in group doing well they was going to give him my messages. He got one of the 15. He never did any groups and saw a physician once. When I spoke to them on Friday and was setting a time to pick him up for release all was great. On my way there they decided to change and say he was leaving against medical advice. What the real reason was they had gotten insurance to approve 3 more days and tried to bully an extra stay. They refused give him his phone and keys they had locked up saying he couldn’t get until Monday they didn’t have keys. However, when we dropped him off late almost 9 someone had those same keys to lock it up. Just another bully tactic. I am filing a dispute with our insurance and they agreed that they had only approved 5 days. So they lied. Lynn and tha make security guard are a joke. Rude unprofessional and I had hit record on my phone by accident so I would love to see how they deny what is in video. My insurance loves that I have that

  4. Nicole Blackmon on

    My dear friend needed treatment asap. I called on Saturday afternoon and we were in by the evening when all others were full. The receptionist always answered and Laurie greeted us with warmth and confidence. The facility is gorgeous. The clients expressed loving it there and each staff member that passed us actually said something to her about seeing her in the morning and it’s going to be ok. Having experience in this field, on both sides, I have to say I’m impressed. I’ve read the reviews and it appears that alot of those issues have been addressed, which is all they can do. Just my humble opinion so far. The rest remains to be seen. Thank you.

  5. THIS PLACE IS A JOKE!! ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!!!! If you’ve had success here then Praise God!! My daughter is on 2 medications, one for anxiety and one for Bipolar. The Monday I dropped her off I told them she only had one dose of her Bipolar medication left. I ask should I have it refilled an bring it back, they said no, they could have it refilled through their pharmacy, not to even worry about it. She didn’t get that medicine until Saturday!!!! Everything they say just doesn’t happen! I didn’t even want to comment on here, but to get a hold of someone here that knows anything or can help you is just freaking IMPOSSIBLE!!! I’VE BEEN HERE OVER 40 MINUTES RIGHT NOW JUST TO PICK UP HERE 2 MEDICATIONS!!! When my husband picked her up on Sunday night they didn’t give them to him!! I’ve called the last 3 days trying to see if they can mail them to me, but I was as usual transferred to every department and NO one could simply give me an answer!! McKensey, my daughter told me it really was ridiculous there!! She said so many people snuck in there cell phones and other things!! They barely search you here. When my husband came to visit here, he could have had anything on him and gave it to her!! My daughter is 18 and there is some 38 year old pervert man here that wouldn’t leave her alone!! They are sooooo unorganized!! To talk to someone in charge is like pulling wisdom teeth!! I’m serious, this place is a JOKE!! And yes, I’m still sitting here waiting for her medications!!!!

  6. Steve BRATTEN on

    I went there in 2006 and have been sober for 10 years now. You guys bitch about how much they charge?? You guys must have spent less on your booze and dope than I did. You bitch about the food?? I went days without even eating when I was still drinking and driving. Bitch about the people seeking in drugs??? guess you had never been around drug addicts before but they are not always the most honest people . If you want to get clean and sober take what ya need and leave the rest . If you think everything is some one else fault you may want to take a look at yourself! Thank you all at new life lodge for the life I have today!

  7. Dawn Mulder on

    Mirror Lake has a great 12 step program. However they will lie to you to get you to go to them. If you have any concerns prior to going in please don’t go here. My husband is on a prescribed controlled substance for panic attacks. There is a non controlled substitute, however my husband is in the 1% that has paranoia and hallucinations on that medication, so he can not take it. I spoke to 3 rehabs that all said they could not allow him to take the medication. I thank them for their honesty. Mirror lake told me 3 times that as long as its prescribed by the DR it would be fine. The registration team assured me that he would not be put on the substitute and could continue to take the medication. He only takes it maybe 3 times week for panic attacks. Less than 30 min from me leaving they had already told my husband that they would not give it to him. I got to see my husband 1 week later and he was in the middle of a full blown panic attack. It takes 24-48 hours to see a Dr after you ask. My husband has been hospitalized 3 times for minor heart attacks all doe to panic attacks. They offered him the substitute medication that he can not take as a relief. They will lie to you to get your money. It is a good program but their lack of honesty out weighs the program.

  8. Ok I got to new life on feb 1 high as a kite was told to be all my meds including Xanax waited for six hours to be seen was not the rehabs f Xanax waited for six hours to be seen was not the rehabs falt it was a nurse that was fired a couple days later when I got my meds there was no Xanax there were destroyed I was not there for that I was devastated but it was the best thing that could of happen to me this place is a godsend it’s saved my life I was a hard herion user I have hit rock bottom and turned my life over to them it’s treatment not a vacation you make it what you make it if you want sobriety you can find the start here I could of went to a better place has the best staff doctors and the head man in charge justin is one of the greatest people I have ever met if I needed something I would just go to him and it would get done to this day even as of today I needed paperwork sign and called him 10 min back I got a phone call you can smoke chew vape fish and even just sit and relax the people are there to help so just listen Detox is a madhouse but I’m sure anyone is once you get out and out in a cabin your recovery will start my best advice is go to every meeting they have and work it today I’m a 101 days clean and working the na program everyday #itworksifyouworkit..#keepcomingback..#walnutforlife….

  9. This place is horrible. All they want is your insurance money. I was hoping for my son to stay 28 days and get psychiatric diagnosis. He has yet to see a psychiatrist. There are people actively using at the facility yet they don’t get kicked out. While some of the staff is quite pleasant, my son is there for help which he is not receiving. There is no structure. If do don’t feel like going to group you don’t have to. My son is leaving after 14 days because it is pointless to stay longer and have more money and items stolen

    • Jason hollman on

      Dixie I am a alumni from her I was there for 19 days and it saved my life I was a hard user of Heroin Some of the comments that u made may be true people did sneak in drugs and cell phones I was one of them but all in all this place is what you make it they have a great staff and a even better leader of you do what they tell you to do you will be on the right path to recovery when you leave and that’s all that matters and as of today I’m 101 days clean #keepitup..

  10. new life saved my life I was on deaths bed when I came to them. I was so under weight that I had to worry them.all the staff took wonderful care of me .in the 28days I but back on weight an got a new outlook on life I am 54 an gave up.when anyone needs to know where to go for help I give them the number.

  11. Just wanted to confirm ALL negative comments about New Life Lodge, I just left there!!! PEOPLE, DON’T WASTE YOURS OR YOUR INSURANCE COMPANIES MONEY! GET THE HELP YOU NEED ELSEWHERE TO SAVE YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!

  12. New Life Seemed great at first, but throughout my stay that spark about it slowly diminished. I waited for 3 days to see Dr. G because I was having extreme restless legs syndrome, and you have to fill out a “sick form” to see the doc to get any kind of medicine including over the counter meds. Guess what, I never saw the Dr. so I gave up and bared my teeth and took the agony of withdrawl induced restless legs. Also, this place was so understaffed we were deprived of hardly any of the outings and activities we were promised. My list of complaints could go on and on but one of my biggest complaints is many patients were caught using drugs while in new life and we’re never kicked out for it. So what do they do? They continue to bring in drugs and ruin many, many patients sobriety, mine included. The food was awful. I’ve never been to jail personally, but for those who had compared the food to one small step up from prison food, and one step down from cafeteria food. Don’t get me wrong, the people I met there were wonderful and the staff too (well some of them). But for the amount of money this place recieves from people, it is disgraceful the way the facility is upkept. There was literally nothing to do but talk and smoke cigarettes with your fellow peers. The weight room was only open once or twice a week due to lack of sufficient staffing. The sports equipment they speak of on this review and on their website was in shambles. Not a single fishing pole they provided was in working condition. The head tech stood in front of the entire patient community and gave a sadistic speech on how we shouldn’t care about our dead friends that overdosed or even go to their funerals because “It was their choice.” Not to mention that current group was supposed to be a clinical group instructed by a licensed proffessional, of which, the head tech was not. Some of the more educated, medically experienced patients and I had a list of HIPAA violations so long we could’ve shut that place down. The fact that they won’t kick people out for using and distributing drugs amongst the facility but the moment your insurance cuts off you’re gone no matter the condition you’re in. It’s a sickening cycle. NOT ALL REHABS ARE BAD, MOST ARE WONDERFUL! BUT CRC HEALTH CORP. IS ALL ABOUT PROFITS NOT RECOVERY. Even the methadone clinic I attended for 2 weeks while waiting for a bupenorphine/naloxone maintanence specialis WAS OWNED BY CRC HEALTH. And both entities, the rehab and the methadone clinic, were at completes odds with eachother say that the other one was the wrong way and blah, blah, blah. Something needs to be done about this broken system. I am very well educated and have done vast amounts of research on this subject. I have experienced addiction first hand. I have listened to the “proffessionals” and all their conflicting statements. I am 20 years old, I’ve been an opiate/heroin addict since I was 16. The pharmaceutical companies caught me when I was young and are trying their best to keep me in this cycle. I will prevail over this enemy of society. I will get clean and stay clean without spending $20,000 to do it. I know Ive been jumping subject to subject and rambling on but u have one last closing statement. Leaders are going extinct and followers are becoming overpopulated. Step up people; one voice may not be loud enough to bring change the world, but one turns to 100, 100 to 1,000, 1,000 to 1,000,000 and so on. Also, before choosing a rehab do your research, and check out some non-conventional methods like ibogaine or raw opium.

    • If you are still looking for treatment It would be my pleasure to help you find the best program. I only deal with quality, accredited facilities. Here to help 901-969-2445

  13. That place is a joke. I sent my husband there for heroine. Thy explained 2 me tht it would b 28 days and tht he would b focusing on recovery. His counselor called me 1 day to introduce herself n 2 inform me tht she wld b including me in a group therapy session by phone in the future 2 address my concerns n how his addiction has affected me as well. Tht phone call NVR came then I find out tht thy released him aftr 21 days with no after care established or initiated at all. Thy didn’t give him any meds 2 hold him ovr while he searched for aftercare resources in our area. Then thy wanna give us an 8000.00 bill like they did sumthing 2 earn it

    • Lauretta, I can overlook your misspelling of “heroine” (it’s heroin), but it’s really hard to give your review any credence when it appears you are unable to type actual English words and are using some type of Internet code that you think is the norm and that everyone uses. Have you no education? You wrote they didn’t give your husband any medications “2 hold him ovr…”

      So, the letters you wrote, “ovr,” apparently to indicate the word “over,” was it just too taxing on your intellect or fingers to add an “e” to make it an actual word? Was the one letter too hard to be included? “Tht phone call…” “Tht.” Really? The letter “a” just too much to type?

      I’m sorry about your husband’s addiction and your bad experience at this facility – I really am. But it might help your husband if you grew up and expressed yourself like an adlt.

      • Really! You’re correcting her spelling and grammar?!! Shame, shame on you from a retired English teacher. Her ability to write is not the focus of her message!

  14. New Life has gotten a bad reputation in the past, but I can say that they SAVED my life. The counselor I had, she was outstanding, top of her field. The Nursing staff were extremely kind and caring. The Technicians who work very hard at catering to everyone’s need on top of running most courses have my utmost respect. Even the food served is a 7 out of 10. I was a patient there in June, 2015. Thank you New Life Lodge for saving my LIFE. It’s great to be clean & sober.

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