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Mirmont Treatment CenterMirmont Treatment Center Review

Just outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the small suburb of Lima, the Mirmont Treatment Center takes the one day at a time philosophy even further by helping drug and alcohol abusers regain their health and sobriety with a mindful focus on one moment at a time—all with a compassionate mind, body and spirit approach to treatment. Operating under the blanket of Main Line Health (a Pennsylvania network of non-profit hospitals and health facilities employing over 2,000 doctors) for over 25 years , Mirmont Treatment Center began solely as an inpatient rehab. It has since expanded to include myriad programs and treatment specialties.

Accommodations and Food

The campus itself is 33 acres of rolling green hills and beautiful trees. Clients have access to an athletic field, meditation garden and vegetable garden (which they tend alongside Mirmont employees). The 111-bed facility allows for plenty of natural light in addition to a fully equipped gym, on-site bookstore and comfortable lounge halls for recreation.

It aims to have an equal balance of male and female clients, all housed three to a room in warmly furnished bedrooms with views of the outdoor greenery and private bathrooms attached. The communal dining hall serves up nutrition-conscious meals; in addition, snacks, juice, coffee and other beverages are provided at no additional cost throughout the day. Residents dine in waves, with residential clients following those in detox. Participants also get complimentary access to a supervised fitness program as well as nutrition counseling.

As far as what to pack, clients are allowed alcohol-free toiletries as well as self-help, spiritual and 12-step reading material. Detergent and laundry services are provided, and clients should not pack electronics of any kind, including cell phones. Finally, residents should bring extra cash for the payphones and vending machines. 

Treatment and Staff

On-site detox is provided at Mirmont for those who need it (five days minimum), after which clients can opt for one of two inpatient tracks or outpatient care.

In the primary inpatient track, Mirmont residents can expect comprehensive treatment geared for addressing every aspect of addiction. Clients engage in daily educational and therapy groups, all with a serious emphasis on mindfulness. Each stage of treatment also incorporates the aforementioned MBSR and a combination of yoga and meditation.

Mirmont also offers a separate, dual diagnosis track as inpatient treatment. As the name implies, this is reserved for clients suffering from co-occurring disorders like anxiety, bi-polar disorder and depression. Upon entry, each client is screened by a psychiatrist who then meets with them and manages their medication throughout the program. Mirmont also offers treatment tailored for pain management, relapse prevention and trauma recovery. 

A typical day begins with a 7 am wake-up followed by breakfast at 7:30, community activity, yoga or pain management treatment (the latter can include acupressure, body scan meditation, Reiki, Emotional Freedom techniques, reflexology and CBT) and lunch. After that comes specific group therapy based on gender, trauma recovery or other specific dual diagnoses and dinner.

At 11 pm, clients must retire to their rooms, but are free to stay up; they may also go outside to smoke, though it remains strongly discouraged. AA and NA facilitators visit occasionally, but since Mirmont is at its core a holistic program, 12-step recovery is not necessarily the base of their program. Mindfulness and meditation are the preferred tools for long-term sobriety.

The maximum stay is limited to 28 days. After that, counselors make sure each client leaves with a discharge plan tailored specifically for their needs, whether that means further inpatient treatment or outpatient counseling at one of Main Line’s many affiliated clinics.

The staff at Mirmont includes doctors, psychiatrists, nurse practitioners (usually only available during business hours) and a 24-hour nursing staff. There are generally about 14 addiction counselors on site daily depending on client population; they also have housekeeping and kitchen staff as well.

Mirmont’s work force is unique in that almost all of them, from the clinical team to the support staff, have completed their own Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) training, a background that adds compassion and credibility to their approach.


In addition to specialized pain management treatment (including acupressure, body scan meditation, Reiki, Emotional Freedom techniques and reflexology). Mirmont provides a Family and Friends Program that includes educational speakers and film showings as well as stress management skill training and expert Q&A sessions for residents’ loved ones. They are also a facilitator of VIPER (Valor with Integrity Program for Emergency Responders), a nationally-recognized treatment program designed for those in the emergency-response field (police officers and EMTS, for example). Pet Assisted Therapy, in association with PAWS for People, is also an option at their facility.

In Summary

Mirmont accepts insurance, and costs can be reduced if clients are able to pay a portion in advance; detox is an additional $50 per day. All aspects of treatment mentioned above are covered under the program cost except for medication.

Overall, Mirmont seems to have something for everyone regardless of how or why clients have become addicted. Because of its utopian atmosphere, a caveat is that clients may have difficulty adjusting back to reality unless due diligence is paid to the foundations of recovery. An absence of the 12 steps may also be a concern for some. Still, the mindfulness-centered, holistic treatment will appeal to many, and could—when coupled with a firm aftercare plan—certainly do the trick.

Mirmont Treatment Center Location

100 Yearsley Mill Rd
Lima, PA 19063

Mirmont Treatment Center Cost

$16,800 (28 days). Reach the Mirmont Treatment Center by phone at 800-846-4656. Find the Mirmont Treatment Center on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube 

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  1. In response to Jillian. I was a patient here. Its curios that you were told it was an athiest program. It is equal parts holistic and 12 step based. Even this sites review is absolutely wrong about that part. If your husband is atheist that is absolutely fine. Your mention of “god talks”, unfortunately is a big misunderstanding that turns people away from a sucfessful program before it os attempted.


    It promotes 12 step programs. Within the 12 steps there is a few mentions of a higher power. It is verbatem “a higher power as you understand it”. It is a spiritual program. There is a big difference. In fact, in my experience a large number of people dont use god as their higher power even tho they are religous.

    It saddens me. Most people with no previous knowledge of the program misunderstand it. Thats understandable. Its sad tho that when some knowledge is gained. It is ignored and people think its a religious cult. 100% untrue. It is by far and away the most succesful program in fighting addiction. No other program is even in the same universe let alone the same ballpark in it level of success


      These programs are such bullshit that they would be LAUGHABLE if addiction were not such a destructive and lethal problem; but, it is.

      You can never be a RECOVERED addict; only a RECOVERING addict. Like any other religion; AA/NA (and the rehab industry) seeks out the WEAK, VULNERABLE, and DESTITUTE; and, sinks its’ CLAWS into them and NEVER LETS THEM GO!

      This is the WORST form of INDOCTRINATION that there is; PREYING on the VULNERABLE. Basically, if it does work; you are just substituting ONE addiction for ANOTHER.

      Does anyone know what the (real) SUCESSS RATE of AA/NA is?? I would bet that it is ABYSMAL!

      CHANGE has to come from WITHIN…

  2. I attended this rehab and proud to say it worked . Please dismiss all these ridiculous comments. It’s rehab and the routine is very strict. Barely time to use the bathroom and only certain times for phone calls. They cannot have family members continually calling. If they did they would have the patients on the phone all day . They are there for rehabilitation not to talk to the outside and have outside influences. This would cause people coming and going from classes disrupting them. There’s lots of meditation and yoga. It’s not about the chit chat. If they had listened maybe they wouldn’t be in rehab ? Let them be with the professionals and stop the medaling . If someone has a problem they are welcome to leave . And as far as the atheist , well good luck there ! There’s a higher up and that’s what they encourage but not enforce at all. It’s life or death . I have already list 5 friends from there in one year . Look st the real reason they are there and stop making it about YOU. Be happy the wonderful people there are saving lives . I couldn’t work there . You should see how the addicts treat them . The only rehab that allows 24/7 phone access is at home .

    • WHY should the OTHER comments be DISMISSSED!? Because YOU “say-so?” I attended this rehab too; and, it was like “Trump University for Junkies.” And, you are right; it is LIFE or DEATH which is why I would STAY AWAY from ANY of these places. Every “item” mentioned in “Patricia’s” review is just “conjecture” or a “hunch.” I believe that they do not want to be bothered with “loved ones.” Sadly, the “loved ones” could learn a lot from these “professionals” IF they were any good; but, they are NOT.

    • “If THEY had listened to whom; EXACTLY?” How do YOU know that is a “higher up;’ PROVE it. It is about the YOU; the addict- Mirmont claims that they provide “individualized treatment;” remember?? “You are welcome to leave.” Since the insurance companies were forced to start paying for this bullshit; there is another “sucker” right behind you to be “primed” for “indoctrination” in the AA/NA CULT.

  3. If you expect progress reports, or even a phone call to reassure you and settle your nerves about the care a loved one is receiving in this facility, be prepared for disappointment. I had to call an average of four times per inquiry to receive a response back. Even then the responses I got were blow off feedback such as “no need is good news.”
    Furthermore I was completely misinformed by the admissions office about the way that the program worked, the treatment that my husband would be receiving, and the individualized care that would be taken to get around our unusual, although certainly notnunhread of situation. He is an atheist and has had OCD his whole life so I was initially reassured by the offer of a dual treatment program. The OCD was never addressed at all and they still subjected him to “God” like talks, even though I had warned them about taking that approach. They assured me that they “were not a religious facility.”they assured me he would receive individualized care. He did not. When I brought up these concerns his counselor actually told me that it’s not her job to “fix” him, and that if she gets tired when working with a patient then she is working to hard at her job, and them not hard enough. I’m sorry but I was under the impression that that’s exactly what rehabs were for and that work was supposed to tire you. I digress.
    I am grateful to the caregivers in dextox who probably saved my husbands life, however I am hesitant that if he relapses to ever take him back to facility like this. Anyone in my position knows the fear and mistrust situations like this create. After being mislead by the admissions attendant, those sentiments have been spread to the facility itself.
    That’s all. You have been forewarned.

    • I am having the same issues trying to get a hold of my loved one. It is very dissappointing. My spouses counselor Susan is rude and very unprofessional. If he relapses I will gladly take him elsewhere. How about the “mindfullness” they preach for the loved ones that are concerned?

      • Oh God, your husband had Susan, I feel sorry for you. Susan is probably the worst counselor there. There are really good ones like Nicole in relapse prevention, Alisa, Lori, Rachel and Darryl is awesome. If you ever have any problems with the counselors just contact Val Corabi the clinical supervisor, she has always been responsive with me.

        • lori is the best trust me eric p the staff there is gr8 pat and peg who run the place are really caring people the nurses there are the best becky and the whole crew saved my life the only problem i had was just dealing with punks and stupid stuff other wise the place is a 1000 percent if you want to start your recovery your in the right place

      • Susan is not rude at all. She suffered a couple massive strokes, her speech suffers a lot. She is actually extremely nice. Actually way to nice and trusting for her job.

        Mirmont, like other rehabs, first priority is the patient. There is always a place for family sessions, but they are protective pf the patients. People should consider themselves a bit lucky. #1 they are under absolutely no obligation legal or otherwise to even acknowledge someone calling to check on a patient.

        Also, every single close family member of the addict has played some role in their addiction. Consciously or not to different degrees. In addition, these family members also become “sick” and suffer a completely independant group of issues.

        Counselors know that especially in the beginning the absolute best thing to do is limit outside contact. More often than not, they see families as part of the problem directly or in directly

        • This sounds like bullshit… After reading “Jillian’s” post dated January 17; 2017; it is obvious that she had a “RELEASE” which legally entitles her to ACCESS; no?. It sounds to me that they do not want to be bothered with loved-ones calling all day. It may not be her job to “fix him;” but; it sounds to me that they just did not want to be bothered. I did not see (or hear) about anyone getting “dual treatment.” While at Mirmont; I was having a host of “serious medical (and Psychiatric) concerns” (that are DOCUMENTED) to be directly related to the withdrawal itself. I BEGGED and than finally DEMANDED to be seen by an MD. Instead, they simply “blew me off;” and, subsequently INVOLUNTARILY Discharged me for “Bad Behavior.” That must be THERE version “individualized care.” I ended in the E.R. that SAME NIGHT due to COMPLICATIONS from the WITHDRAWAL! Jillian is right, YOU are at Mirmont Treatment Center for THEIR convenience; NOT for the ADDICTS or their FAMILIES’ convenience. From what I have experienced; and, after reading your extraordinary ACCURATE review; it sounds to me that “counselor” just did not want to be bothered….

          • I’d be curious if they have run “studies” that demonstrate that “especially in the beginning the absolute best thing to do is limit outside contact.” How EXACTLY would the counselors KNOW this DEFINITIVELY? Every individual’s “journey” is so, so, so different (as well as every “family unit). HOW can you make a “blanket statement” that “every single close family member played a role in the addiction” if you are not even referring to THIS INDIVIDUAL FAMILY!? The counselors may “see” the family This statement alone CONTRADICTS the very notion that Mirmont Treatment Center offers “individualized care” (whatever that ‘exactly’ means). The counselors may “see” the family as part of the problem both “directly and indirectly;” but, that does not AUTOMATICALLY make it TRUE (although in MOST cases; it probably is). Does Mirmont even have a DEFINITIVE policy based on SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE vis-à-vis counselors, progress reports, and interaction with outside family members? And, if so; is it based on “scientific research” or just what the counselors SEE??

          • IF ANYONE HAS TROUBLE GETTING A HOLD OF THEIR LOVED ONES at this shithole; DON’T BE AFRAID TO CALL THE PA STATE DEPARTMENT OF DRUGS AND ALCOHOL AND FILE A COMPLAINT! They have to respond to complaints about these programs and enough people complain about this (or any other issue); it will put Mirmont on the state’s “radar.”

    • Yes, Mirmont is very good with the Mind, Body, Spirt approach. Yoga and meditation teachings are excellent and Charlie, Theresa and Nina are great yoga instructors. You will indeed get a good dose of 12 step and higher power talk but take that as you might. I was never opposed to the higher power concept but I take a few things that I like about 12 step and reject most of it in my recovery. I’m not a slave to AA meetings, in fact I find it sad that a lot of AA/NA members social circle becomes exclusively AA or NA members. My social circle comes around different groups I belong to, and my spiritual practice is independent, and I think the 4th step is a colossal waste of time which does noting to address the subconcious issues behind your addiction, and the 4th step only deals with was on your concious mind, and does an ass backwards approach with trying to resolve anger. You can’t really get forgivness if you don’t address whats behind the anger, either underlying fear, sadness, etc. Good therapy is a hell of a lot better than a 4th step.

      But that being said Mirmont doesn’t force feed you as much 12 step as a place like Seabrook house where its all big book 24/7. Mirmont actually gives you free time during the day, vs a Minnesota model based place like Seabrook where its non step lectures back to back with only a 10 minute break between them. Mirmont is the best rehab in the region and the only place where you are going to get actually therapy during small group vs a big book rehash at a place like Seabrook.

      • Can anyone tell me WHERE to find SCIENTIFIC studies/evidence that PROVES the “Mind, Body Spirit Approach” (Whatever that means) such as Yoga; Meditation; etc. are IN FACT effective at “treating” Addiction? I cannot. “Good therapy” is more EXPENSIVE than the “4th step.” And, if this is the BEST rehab in the region; I sure would not want to see the WORST!

    • Very accurate review. Except for 1 thing.



      • Would you kindly direct me to a LINK where there is SCIENTIFIC proof that attending AA/NA meetings (every night), yoga, meditation; or, any of the other “Holistic” modalities offered at this facility are in FACT successful at treating addiction?? Thank you; kindly.

    • Just a “Money Grab.” I believe that this “racket” is so PHONY that it would be “laughable” IF addiction was not such a destructive and lethal disease; but, it is…

  4. Be careful what counselor you are assigned after Detox. There are some exceptional consolers for the most part and at least one terrible one as of December 2016. Her name is Susan. Her small group sessions lag far behind the norm and the chance of you getting any meaningful treatment in her daily small group sessions are about zero.
    Avoid her, don’t be afraid to see Peg at the front desk and rotate out of Susan’s group. I am not sure why she is still in a position it became painfully evident she can no longer fulfill after her health issues.

    • I know a LOT of (bona fide) Psychologists… I went to Mirmont; and, the groups and the “counselors” both SUCK! I believe that the reason that Mirmont (or any other Mental Health facilities) have these “groups” is so that they have something to “show” to the INSURANCE COMPANIES that shows “progress” so the insurance will keep PAYING. THINK ABOUT IT, unless you ASK; how would you know WHAT those “counselors” are putting in their “reports.” And; I do not remember seeing nor meeting ONE “Clinically Trained” Psychologist (or any Psychologists) while I was at Mirmont!? Oh…I forgot; THAT would actually COST them money and (probably) be more BENFICIAL to the ADDICT!

  5. It is rehab and lets face it, who wants to be or expected to need rehab.. If one needs rehab, I highly recommend Mirmont. With very minor corrections, the review is spot on. The entire personnel are there to help and assist. Very caring people. A special note is for the nurses while being on detox unit, they are a wonderful group of people.

    Food is good and healthy. The café area with snacks and fruit is open until 10:00pm.

    The facility is clean and safe. Never felt threaten at anytime.

    The facility is designed to help the individual with an addiction and they do it with compassion towards their fellow humans. Many programs are designed to find wellness, ex. yoga. Never did yoga, but I found peace in that class. I would recommend Mirmont to anyone. Nothing is perfect, but I have few complaints. Do your research as I did prior to calling/going in. I glad I went.

    I was in the V.I.P.E.R program. Very useful for First Responders which includes former Military personnel.

  6. I just called for my son and talk to admissions guy named Joe he wasn’t very helpful . When I ask if they took Delaware Medicaid for my son he acted like we were cursed . They do take it they have limited beds . Then I ask if they gave methadone his answer was “No, ok. Bye” thanks for the help Mermont

  7. Mirmont relies heavily on the 12 step model and uses it it conjunction with holistic, mindfulness and meditation practices. Aa/na speakers are a daily part of the schedule (not occasionally). Also, the staff mentioned leave out the staff members which clients spend the majority of their time with and who facilitate lectures/workshops daily-often multiple times a day…the Clinical Aides. Any review that does not mention the compassion, care, knowledge, and hard work/dedication of these men and women is far from complete. In addition, the majority of these staff members are college educated with bachelors and/or masters degrees

    • RE: “CE’s” You must realize that the reason most of the staff works at these “Rehabs” have most likely (do to their own addictions/bad decisions) have been “black-balled” out of every other “line-of-business;” so, this is all that they can get (for work). OF COURSE they are going to be RUDE; COLD; INEPT; etc. Most of them are “low-lives;” what ELSE would you expect???

  8. Anna David on

    Tom: I’m sorry you had that experience with this treatment center but to clarify: we are not doing any advertising for them. If there is something untrue about this review, please let me know explicitly what it is ([email protected]). I will investigate and make the correction if one is needed. Thank you.

  9. “The length of stay for the dual program is based on the individual needs of the patient. ”

    This is NOT true, if the below is true. You can’t put up the two conflicting sets of information. It is misleading, confusing and false advertising, since you are selling something.

    “The maximum stay is limited to 28 days. “

    • This means that there is NO guarantee that your insurance will pay for the maximum stay. MOST insurances cover up to 28 days in one “stint.” They run everyone’s insurance every week; and, as long they PAY you get to STAY.

  10. Tom Harrison on

    When you call with information about a loved one there, no one calls you back. When you call again and say it is important, no one calls back. When another family member emails Mirmont, no one responds back. When another family member emails, no one, again, responds back.

    So that is $18000.00….. and NO ONE will talk to the family? You just take the money, take the person and give them back 28 days later with no input from the family or exchange of information to help the person?

    When will you let us have access to the psychiatrist? Time is running out on your present schedule of release for her. The Pyschiatrist in the Psych Ward said she would need months of inpatient time…..you disagree……why won’t anyone talk to us?

    • Did the loved one in there sign a release for your counselor to be able to speak to them? If someone calls and they do not have a release to talk to them, they legally cannot return the call to speak with them, its a HIPPA violation and they could lose their license. From my personal experience there if you sign the proper release your counselor will return your calls. If you are calling frequently like everyday they may not, as this is common and a sign of a codependency issue. If you are really having problems contact Val Corabi she will get back to you, if your loved on signed a release for them to be able to talk to you.

    • Because it is a RACKET! And, ALL drug/alc rehabs “operate” like this; not just Mirmont Treatment Center. All “smoke & mirrors.”

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