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Mirmont Treatment Center


Mirmont Treatment CenterMirmont Treatment Center Review

Just outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the small suburb of Lima, the Mirmont Treatment Center takes the one day at a time philosophy even further by helping drug and alcohol abusers regain their health and sobriety with a mindful focus on one moment at a time—all with a compassionate mind, body and spirit approach to treatment. Operating under the blanket of Main Line Health (a Pennsylvania network of non-profit hospitals and health facilities employing over 2,000 doctors) for over 25 years , Mirmont Treatment Center began solely as an inpatient rehab. It has since expanded to include myriad programs and treatment specialties.

Accommodations and Food

The campus itself is 33 acres of rolling green hills and beautiful trees. Clients have access to an athletic field, meditation garden and vegetable garden (which they tend alongside Mirmont employees). The 111-bed facility allows for plenty of natural light in addition to a fully equipped gym, on-site bookstore and comfortable lounge halls for recreation.

It aims to have an equal balance of male and female clients, all housed three to a room in warmly furnished bedrooms with views of the outdoor greenery and private bathrooms attached. The communal dining hall serves up nutrition-conscious meals; in addition, snacks, juice, coffee and other beverages are provided at no additional cost throughout the day. Residents dine in waves, with residential clients following those in detox. Participants also get complimentary access to a supervised fitness program as well as nutrition counseling.

As far as what to pack, clients are allowed alcohol-free toiletries as well as self-help, spiritual and 12-step reading material. Detergent and laundry services are provided, and clients should not pack electronics of any kind, including cell phones. Finally, residents should bring extra cash for the payphones and vending machines. 

Treatment and Staff

On-site detox is provided at Mirmont for those who need it (five days minimum), after which clients can opt for one of two inpatient tracks or outpatient care.

In the primary inpatient track, Mirmont residents can expect comprehensive treatment geared for addressing every aspect of addiction. Clients engage in daily educational and therapy groups, all with a serious emphasis on mindfulness. Each stage of treatment also incorporates the aforementioned MBSR and a combination of yoga and meditation.

Mirmont also offers a separate, dual diagnosis track as inpatient treatment. As the name implies, this is reserved for clients suffering from co-occurring disorders like anxiety, bi-polar disorder and depression. Upon entry, each client is screened by a psychiatrist who then meets with them and manages their medication throughout the program. Mirmont also offers treatment tailored for pain management, relapse prevention and trauma recovery. 

A typical day begins with a 7 am wake-up followed by breakfast at 7:30, community activity, yoga or pain management treatment (the latter can include acupressure, body scan meditation, Reiki, Emotional Freedom techniques, reflexology and CBT) and lunch. After that comes specific group therapy based on gender, trauma recovery or other specific dual diagnoses and dinner.

At 11 pm, clients must retire to their rooms, but are free to stay up; they may also go outside to smoke, though it remains strongly discouraged. AA and NA facilitators visit occasionally, but since Mirmont is at its core a holistic program, 12-step recovery is not necessarily the base of their program. Mindfulness and meditation are the preferred tools for long-term sobriety.

The maximum stay is limited to 28 days. After that, counselors make sure each client leaves with a discharge plan tailored specifically for their needs, whether that means further inpatient treatment or outpatient counseling at one of Main Line’s many affiliated clinics.

The staff at Mirmont includes doctors, psychiatrists, nurse practitioners (usually only available during business hours) and a 24-hour nursing staff. There are generally about 14 addiction counselors on site daily depending on client population; they also have housekeeping and kitchen staff as well.

Mirmont’s work force is unique in that almost all of them, from the clinical team to the support staff, have completed their own Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) training, a background that adds compassion and credibility to their approach.


In addition to specialized pain management treatment (including acupressure, body scan meditation, Reiki, Emotional Freedom techniques and reflexology). Mirmont provides a Family and Friends Program that includes educational speakers and film showings as well as stress management skill training and expert Q&A sessions for residents’ loved ones. They are also a facilitator of VIPER (Valor with Integrity Program for Emergency Responders), a nationally-recognized treatment program designed for those in the emergency-response field (police officers and EMTS, for example). Pet Assisted Therapy, in association with PAWS for People, is also an option at their facility.

In Summary

Mirmont accepts insurance, and costs can be reduced if clients are able to pay a portion in advance; detox is an additional $50 per day. All aspects of treatment mentioned above are covered under the program cost except for medication.

Overall, Mirmont seems to have something for everyone regardless of how or why clients have become addicted. Because of its utopian atmosphere, a caveat is that clients may have difficulty adjusting back to reality unless due diligence is paid to the foundations of recovery. An absence of the 12 steps may also be a concern for some. Still, the mindfulness-centered, holistic treatment will appeal to many, and could—when coupled with a firm aftercare plan—certainly do the trick.

Mirmont Treatment Center Location

100 Yearsley Mill Rd
Lima, PA 19063

Mirmont Treatment Center Cost

$16,800 (28 days). Reach the Mirmont Treatment Center by phone at 800-846-4656. Find the Mirmont Treatment Center on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube 

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