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Mike Duggan, Interventionist


[block]14[/block]The Basics

Mike Duggan is the founder of Wicked Sober and a Certified Intervention Professional (CIP) in the Boston suburb of Arlington, Massachusetts. Mike and his team at Wicked Sober offer free substance abuse consultations, intervention services and referrals for treatment and aftercare programming for adults, families and professionals.

The Background

Duggan grew up in a large, Irish Catholic family in Massachusetts and was an athlete all through high school, until he was injured and given Percocet for the pain. He continued down the path of addiction, abusing prescription pills. He tried detox and number of MAT programs before finally finding a group of others in recovery who helped him change his life. His experience eventually lead him into the recovery profession and to open his agency. His mission with Wicked Sober is to connect addicts and alcoholics and their families with the appropriate resources for treatment.

The Approach

Due to the individualized nature of addiction, Duggan and the intervention specialists of Wicked Sober don’t subscribe to a specific type of intervention, though they do believe in accountability, and hands on support. Duggan and his team perform direct interventions, family interventions and crisis interventions.

The direct interventions are usually accompanied by the family members and friends of the clients, but the interventionist does most of the talking. The family intervention is where the loved ones lead the process, in hopes that the individual will respond differently and more favorably hearing how their behavioral and addiction has impacted their loved ones. In the crisis intervention, clients are either in danger of harming themselves or others—often because of a co-occurring disorder. This can involve a variety of techniques, including providing an ultimatum, or in rare cases, utilizing legal services to persuade them to go to treatment.

There are some circumstances where the family members and friends consult with the interventionist prior to the intervention that they do themselves. They learn techniques and provide resources to inpatient facilities to offer to the individual. Wicked Sober works closely with recovery facilities throughout the state and are able to provide the client with the proper treatment options for their specific needs. These facilities can include detox, residential, Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) and aftercare services that can include counseling or sober coaching.

Post-Intervention and Summary

Duggan operates a no-nonsense agency that offers many different options for intervention services, in addition to counseling programs, with one goal in mind—get help for those who need it and let the healing begin. With the name Wicked Sober there’s also a sense of humor that most people who are experiencing this kind of situation with a loved one can probably appreciate.

Mike Duggan
468 Main St

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Reach Mike Duggan by phone (855)-953-7627 or by email. Find Mike Duggan on Facebook, TwitterLinkedIn and Instagram

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