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Michael’s House started in 1989, when Arlene Rosen founded the center in Palm Springs, California after her son Michael was found dead of a drug overdose in a hotel room in the Fiji Islands. The family had grown up in Bel Air, and Michael had become a racecar driver. He was only 25 years old when he died.

But it’s worth mentioning that Michael’s House isn’t the same 24-bed center it was when Arlene founded it. In 2006, they merged with the Foundations Recovery Network (based in Nashville, Tennessee) and now have four facilities in Palm Springs—one a residential detox center, two for treating men and women separately, and one for their outpatient program.

Accommodations and Food

Housing here is middle-range—efficient but not fancy—with twin-sized beds and anywhere between one and three people to a room. Both men and women’s facilities are similar in amenities—each has pools, hot tubs, basketball hoops and volleyball nets. Chefs prepare all the meals and the focus is on nutritious and fresh food designed for gradual digestion rather than the quick highs and lows of carbohydrate and sugar-derived energy.

Treatment and Staff

Their recent merger with Foundations means adapting to the conglomerate’s new (and, federal studies show, more effective) “Integrated Treatment Model” of recovery. Mostly what that means for residents is that in addition to the 12-step philosophies of AA, NA and DRA (Dual Recovery Anonymous), Michael’s House also embraces a three-step level system that determines how much freedom residents are granted to participate in certain activities.

Treatment takes a holistic and moderately individualized approach with support for dual-diagnosis, and even offers LGBT-friendly program tracks for both men and women. For inpatient, residents check in first at the Stabilization Center for detox and orientation before being transferred to either a male or female facility (complete with all male and female staff, respectively). Outpatient clients, on the other hand, do their treatment at their own facility.

The Michael’s House staff includes psychologists, psychiatrists and medical doctors, as well as a nursing staff that’s on-call 24 hours a day. Therapy groups are held daily and led by any one of the trained professionals on staff. Clients’ term of treatment can last anywhere from 30-90 days, although the programs are designed for 45 day stints, which is the recommended minimum stay.

Everyone at Michael’s House receives a minimum 20 hours of group therapy a month and two individual therapy sessions per week. All treatment modalities used here are evidence-based, including motivational interviewing, CBT/DBT and life skills training. There are also some gender-specific aspects to their recovery program, such as body image groups for women and a greater focus on opening emotional expression for men. Overall, residents’ daily schedules are full and fairly structured, typically kicking the day off with a 6 am wake-up call.


An added perk to treatment here is the offering of horticultural therapy, which is therapist-led gardening and plant-based activities that have shown to yield specific therapeutic healing.

Exercise is also a priority at Michael’s House and their program includes several physical activities like yoga, hiking and adventure therapy—a psychological treatment expedited through games, trust building activities, problem solving scenarios, wilderness expeditions and various outdoor pursuits.

In Summary

Overall, Michael’s House is a better-than-average mid-range rehab with a solid balance of traditional and alternative therapies, and they make an effort to ensure all their methods are scientifically sound. It’s not the most luxurious spot Palm Springs has to offer, but what it lacks in luxury it makes up for in quality.

Michael’s House Locations

Women’s Center:
430 S Cahuilla Rd
Palm Springs, CA 92262

Men’s Center:
1910 South Camino Real
Palm Springs, CA 92262

Michael’s House Cost

$23,500 (30 days). Reach Michael’s House by phone at (866) 872-6780 or by email at [email protected]. Find Michael’s House on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

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    This is fucking haunted. It is an old hotel built on top of Nativ American grounds. I was talking about my experiences and two counselors came out and asked who was telling ghost stories? I said me and they said to stop talking about, which I replied well you need to call Ghostbusters because this is horrifying. Then they said we already had some come and cleanse the area 3 times. They told me to stop talking about what I am seeing because people won’t come here and can’t focus on their recovery. There is also a creepy ass cat with rabies that they let roam the property.

  2. I was at Michael’s House for less than two weeks and also experienced several questionable issues while trying to get myself well. I was sexually assaulted verbally by a staff member, but decided to try and continue on for the sake of my sobriety. I also was told to begin with, very little money out of pocket was needed, the next thing I knew they were contacting my husband for more money after I was already on the plane heading there. I could go on, I decided that I was not getting anything promised and the stress level was not worth it. I told them I was leaving they refused to give me my phone and I was escorted out though the back entrance. I had my suitcase and belongings no money and not phone after dark in Palm Springs streets. BAD Experience. I will say the food was incredible.

  3. Debra straub on

    My son just left this facility 2 days ago and was there for 30 days. He has good things to say about this place. But I have concerns about how they diagnosed him and the medication they gave him. Apparently he had to Skype with a doctor he thinks was in Spain. The doctor never got to actually meet with him. Also, he came home with a very large bag of medication they had been giving him while he was there. They definitely have him on too many drugs and high strengths! He falls in and out of sleep every 20 seconds. He is falling asleep standing up! His eyes are not right. Do they do this on purpose to keep the patients extra, extra calm and perhaps won’t be any trouble? If they do, shame on them! So now here we are trying to figure out what to do with this medication and what it’s doing to him. This is all very disturbing. Debra Straub

  4. My experience was exactly the same. They called my wife and told her they needed an additional $2500 or I would have to leave and would probably relapse if I left early. Scared her into paying before she could even ask me what was going on. They are fraudulent and would love to be involved in having them investigated and them have some sort of accountability for their lies and taking advantage of people at their lowest point.

  5. My daughter has a Meth problem. She was on the National Missing Persons list twice in the last 3-4 months. She ran away on Feb 13th, from my house. She contacted her sister, my other daughter at college, a couple weeks after being reported missing and said she wanted to go live at her Dad’s house to get clean. I didn’t know it, but he promised her no rehab if she moved in there. Well, she ran away from there too. Some of her friends here in town went and picked her up from there. Again missing for a couple of weeks. I finally get a call from her…she wants to come home, do rehab, and get her life straight. At the time I was down in LA getting intensive physical therapy due to being disabled by a car accident a year ago. I was told by Melissa at their 800# that I had such great insurance that my ONLY financial need was $350 for 30 days AND it was pre-approved! Now I”m told MY INSURANCE downgraded her level of care from inpatient to outpatient and I would have to pay her room and board for the rest of her stay at the rate of $239 per day. I’m on disability and cannot afford that. I finally get a call from my daughter today at 3, I told her the problem we’re having and she said she didn’t want to stay their either if they had lied to us….Melissa had spoken to my daughter, as well, and told her the same. I never got the call back from my daughter. Since 1600 today I have been trying to reach her to find out if she’s ok, if she needs to come home tomorrow, or what? I’ve just been told by a “counselor” named Ivy that I cannot talk to my daughter, that she needs to stay there and pursue a “calm” state and I have to wait till tomorrow morning. It’s hard enough to make a flight arrangement the day before. Same day is nearly impossible and very expensive. I’m calling the Palm Springs Police to have them do a wellness check. I left a vm for the center director Pete Short telling him I would be calling the police in 10 min if I did not hear from my daughter before that time is up. Don’t believe them…they lie…they tell you everything is covered and then you get the BIG BILL later! I’m going to see if I can start a lawsuit to make these people follow basic business practices. Check out the other complaints on Rip-Off-Report

    • Good for you in calling the police. I stayed at Michael’s house and I saw, experienced and heard things that are well just so wrong that it is amazing insurance companies like mine only cover because of the numbers provided that it is successful. The women’s treatment center is completely different then the detox facility so if she is out of detox and at the women’s center she is taken care of but if she is still at the detox get her out now.

  6. phill kane on

    I had an absolutely horrible experience here. The details are so many it is almost unbelievable. The bottom line is this place is far more interested in profit than caring for it’s clients. It is nothing short of a minimum security jail. I will share that when I chose to leave early, I was put out on the street with no way to get home and with only a 3 day supply of medications that I had brought in with me. It took 5 days to get them shipped to me

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