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Memorial Hermann Prevention and Recovery Center (PaRC)


Memoral Hermann PaRCMemorial Hermann Prevention and Recovery Center (PaRC) Review

Operating as part of Memorial Hermann Healthcare System, the largest nonprofit hospital in Houston, Texas, the Memorial Hermann Prevention and Recovery Center (PaRC) offers addiction treatment for adults 25 and older. It offers medical detox and easy access to psychiatric counseling, as well as similar programs at the facility for teens (13-17) and young adults (18-24).

Accommodations and Food

Despite the hospital environment, Memorial Hermann works at avoiding an institutional vibe by providing a campus-style atmosphere for clients. There is a well-stocked gym on-site which includes several elliptical machines, treadmills and free weights; there’s also a basketball court. As far as the facilities go, Memorial Hermann separates the different age groups of each program in different wings, though the rooms remain the same throughout. All are basic, dorm-style rooms, tastefully decorated and neat with two twin beds, a desk, a shared bureau and a private bathroom. There are occasional single bedrooms for some residents.

Meals at Memorial Hermann are cafeteria style, with three meals a day and snacks available in between. There is a chef on-staff who oversees all of the meals, with a nod to making them healthy and an emphasis on nutrition. There are also vending machines in the residential housing.

Treatment and Staff

The length of stay at Memorial Hermann PaRC is between 30 and 90 days, and the program offers numerous methods of therapy with a plethora of counseling options to make their clients’ daily routines meet their specific needs. Besides frequent one-on-one and group counseling every week, it also offers family counseling, process groups, gender-specific groups, grief and loss groups, spiritual development, relationship groups, meditation, goals and community groups and art therapy. There are 12-step meetings offered on-site through the week.

Like most recovery programs under hospital purview, Memorial Hermann PaRC offers a medical detox on-site in a residential unit, separate from the lodgings. The process takes between three and 10 days before residents transition into their 30-day recovery program. Memorial Hermann PaRC is one of few treatment centers in the Houston metro area that offers a medical detox for adolescents as well as adults. There is a medical doctor and psychiatrist on staff, as well as the counselors and therapists who make up the day-to-day staff.

Those staying at Bernard Hermann better get comfortable because much of their recovery occurs on the campus grounds. There are no group trips offered; some clients receive permission to leave the grounds for personal matters and local 12-step meetings, but unlike many other facilities, the work at Memorial Hermann is largely grounded and focused on recovery.


Memorial Hermann PaRC offers a comprehensive Pain Recovery Program which addresses the bio-psycho-social factors that contribute to chronic pain. The program assists residents with physical, mental and behavioral techniques to help them eliminate pain without relying on addictive medications—and the comprehensive nature of their program illustrates just how seriously PaRC takes their programming. To wit, the Pain Recovery Program offers physical therapy, behavioral therapy, nutrition for pain recovery, neurolumen therapy, meditation, sleep regulation, smoking cessation, stress management and coping skills, acupuncture, mindfulness and biofeedback, communication and interpersonal skills training, exercises for pain recovery, relapse prevention, substance abuse education and non habit-forming medications, when necessary.

In Summary

Memorial Hermann PaRC has a powerful association with the larger Memorial Hermann healthcare organization. This means major access to a professional medical staff, as well as a program that truly strives to offer a multi-valent approach to therapy. In short, Memorial Hermann PaRC delivers a no-nonsense rehab experience within the context of a well established organization.

Memorial Hermann Prevention and Recovery Center Location

3043 Gessner Rd
Houston, TX 77080

Memorial Hermann PaRC Cost

$23,500 (30 days). Reach Memorial Hermann PaRC by phone at (877) 464-7272. Find Memorial Hermann PaRC on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube

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  1. This place is awful and they just want your money. They charged us for a $550.00 consultation fee which was never mentioned nor talked about. They then again charged my husband another $1200 for staying the night and he instantly left that morning because he didn’t get a good vibe from the place or the staff and so he left the facility. Said they were giving him a lot of pills to take when he didn’t want to take any. They refuse to refund any money except for $32. This place is a scam and they are not there to help people at all, only take their money.

  2. Son was there 17 days. On a lengthy list of medications including suboxene. Suboxene for 17 days? He was discharged on day 17 because they found suboxene under the mattress of the empty bed next to his. Doors were kept unlocked. He denied knowledge of where it came from, he was called a drug addict and a liar. Yes he has been both but he was working the program and he did NOT obtain the drug found. He could have just walked out if he wanted to. In the 17 days he was there we never met his counselor, was not informed of the orientation until day 14 and our first meeting with the counselor was to be on day 18 of treatment. He was depressed and threatened suicide to me on phone. I called and left message for nurse to call me right away due to disturbing conversation with son. No one ever called. He was discharged needing detox from their medications and now will not give him a letter allowing him to return to work because of nature of discharge. He was turned out on the street with no proof of where the drugs came from, we never received a call, couldn’t get his list of medications they had him on in case of an emergency without begging for mercy. He had to detox himself off 17 days of suboxene treatment. Everyone on staff has little to say except” oh I’m so sorry” except for a mystery call from an unknown employee from facility 3 days after discharge asking personal questions, trying to convince me my son was guilty and questioning what we were going to do about it. Manager was to investigate right away and tomorrow will be one week and no return call. There is a bad apple in the bunch and this time it wasn’t my son. Now he will lose his job for trying to do the right thing by seeking help instead he is labeled a liar from those who have taken an oath to help those in their lowest point in life, alienate his family regarding his treatment and to suck the money out of the insurance company. True disappointment in a facility that came highly recommended. Of course their treatment was 9 years ago.

  3. My wife spent some time there last year, she really liked it but they are “Conform to the program”, she had some problems coming out of detox, she was on some meds for bipolar and having trouble concentrating on the workbook exercises and she had IBS diarrhea but was forced to attend a yoga class where they wouldn’t let her leave to go to the bathroom. Also she went outside at 2 AM to smoke and couldn’t get back in until they came looking. Basically she was kicked out because of that , the called me to come get her and said “they didn’t want to waste her insurance because she wasn’t getting benefits from the program”

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