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Utica New YorkMcPike Addiction Treatment Center Review

McPike Addiction Treatment Center is a 68-bed residential treatment facility in Utica, New York—a small city on the Mohawk River 45 miles east of Syracuse. McPike is operated by the New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS) and is housed on the campus of the Mohawk Valley Psychiatric Center (MVPC).

McPike began offering treatment in 1968 as a unit of the Marcy State Hospital. In 1986 it was moved to its current location and renamed in honor of Margaret and Mickey McPike, a couple on the forefront of residential treatment who treated over 4,000 men and women at their Saratoga County farm between 1958 and 1979.

Accommodations and Food

The campus of the Mohawk Valley Psychiatric Center is located at the foot of the Adirondack Mountains and features several acres of green space for recreational walks and outdoor activities. Residents are housed and treated in large brick Georgian home that features dorm-like accommodations. Clients have one roommate and share large bathrooms among every two or three rooms. Men and women sleep in gender-specific quarters, with one wing for women and two wings for men.

The facility provides common areas for TV and many residents use the house Wii gaming systems for exercise programs. There’s also a basketball court on the grounds. Since the facility is within walking distance to downtown Utica, many residents also take walks to nearby cafes and shops when time permits.

McPike provides a free on-site laundry facility and residents may use unit phones to call home. Residents take all their meals in the MVPC cafeteria and coffee is available throughout the day.

Treatment and Staff

The minimum stay at McPike is 30 days, though residents often stay up to 60 days. After an assessment, clinicians create a customized treatment plan for each client that combines individual and group therapy. Groups are both gender-specific and co-ed and care is taken to determine if a client’s recovery will be better-facilitated by gender-specific treatment. There is also a separate Women’s Program that provides therapy groups, peer discussion groups and classes that address concerns specific to women in recovery.

Groups do not exceed fifteen participants and clinicians use both CBT and Motivational Interviewing (MI) in addition to other evidence-based practices. The treatment team at McPike includes psychologists, physicians and recreational therapists. Clients are encouraged to attend community 12-step meetings which are available several times each day in Utica. McPike hosts two on-site 12-step meetings—one on Thursday evenings and the other on Sunday mornings.

McPike’s Dual Recovery track provides classes and therapy groups for residents with co-occurring disorders. Groups teach clients how to develop coping skills that address their mental health diagnoses. It also offers Dual Recovery Anonymous meetings to help clients apply the 12 step framework to dual diagnosis.


Families are encouraged to visit residents and can schedule appointments throughout the week. All clients have access to smoking cessation programs and co-occurring gambling disorder treatment. Nearing completion of treatment, counselors work closely with each client to make an aftercare plan and refers clients to nearby outpatient programs, halfway houses and sober living facilities.

In Summary

McPike Addiction Treatment Centers has provided effective residential treatment to the residents of Utica and surrounding areas for over thirty years. With gender-specific group therapy and a dual diagnosis track facilitated by the staff of the Mohawk Valley Psychiatric Center, McPike is well-equipped to address the trauma and mental health issues that lie at the root of many men and women’s struggles with substance abuse.

McPike Addiction Treatment Center Location

1213 Court St
Utica, NY 13502

McPike Addiction Treatment Center Cost

Sliding scale/insurance. Reach McPike Addiction Center at (315) 738-4465 and by email at [email protected] . Find McPike Addiction Treatment Center on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

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  1. I came to this McPike facility due to a domestic disturbance that involved alcohol; add in a pompous judge and an arrogant DA. I’ve never taken a narcotic in my life.

    Firstly, this was an eye-opening experience on all levels. Believe nothing you see on the OASIS website. It’s extremely outdated, and was confirmed by the counselors even.

    Secondly, the was almost a fight every single day there, to include the women as well. Then it boiled out of control. Two african american who were constantly talking trash ended up in a horrific fist fight. Nobody broke it up, people just cheered it out. Felons. The loser of the fight ended up on the ground getting his face smashed in. There were, wait for it…..3 female staff on at the time. Nobody else.

    After that, everybody was amped up and wanted to fight someone. I was standing in meds line and this 5’2″ 140lb punk who talked trash all day (I know because I sat next to him in the lunch room) for some reason start talking trash to me for no reason. I’m a Mastered Degree Environmental Scientist. I’m also 6′ 200lb ex decathalete. He tried to get in my face (he’s too short) and I said, ok, lets go to the bathroom (only place with no cameras), and he didnt say a word. So even I was threatened while I was there.

    The counselors: There are two very good ones, Maurice and Gary, they maintain control of the classes, the other counselors basically give and nothing is accomplished. Some people who are there for actual help are constantly disrupted by the drug court mandated/probation people who don’t give a crap. This root cause of this constant disruption stems from the detachment of the Director, which the counselors even complain about. He’s never around, doesn’t implement any hard rules or discipline for problem patients obviously. My roommate and myself went to the directors office to tell him basically what the hell is going on. He wasnt even there, the assistant was….she took down some notes, they probably went into the trash.

    Nothing is streamlined there and the staff does not communicate effectively. Although, they do try..they have a tough job.

    Medication: Just a warning, if you’re regularly prescribed anything that is controlled (like I am)…you’re not getting it.

    The food: not bad actually, and the servers are pretty nice. Just make sure before you sit down if that’s anyone’s seat.

    Aftercare: Many people in McPike have no where to go, so they wait for halfway houses. Legally McPike cant just throw you on the street. One guy was there 117 days before he got one.

    Insurance: I have insurance, but they’ll take you even if you dont have any. This draws many unsavory characters hence the extreme levels of dysfunction and lack of caring of the patients. Most of them dont give a rats ass about anything and just continually caused disruption and problems for other patients and the staff, again, with no repercussions. They wont even kick them out of the class.

    What to bring: Ignore what they say on the Mcpike/OASIS site. You can bring shampoo/conditioner/etc that are in non-clear bottles. YOu can bring money in. People are selling candy and cigarettes if you’re into that type of thing. Dont bring spray deodorant, has to be stick.

    BTW: THERE ARE NO 2 BED BEDROOMS, THEY’RE ALL 4 BEDROOM. Pray to your higher power you get decent roommates. This is a 68 bed facility.

    Your evaluation/discharge date. Basically if you have a place to go, and you’re not a complete basketcase, you’re out in 14. Normal stay is 14-28, unless you’re waiting for the halfway house. Keep in mind, EVEN if you’re court-mandated, you can walk out at any time. There are no outside walks…at least when I was there. There is NO EXERCISE ALLOWED. Yup, thats correct. State Policy.

    This place either needs a complete overhaul or to be shut down. Hear me OASIS?

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