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Located in Charlotte, North Carolina, McLeod Center is an affordable program for adults and adolescents suffering from substance abuse. With more then 40 years of experience, this facility provides a full continuum of care, ranging from detox to residential to outpatient treatment. Over the course of 28 days, clients participate in a range of therapies, as well as being immersed in daily 12-step meetings. Through the recovery-based community and supportive staff, clients gain a solid foundation for sobriety.

Accommodations and Food

McLeod Center took an old hotel and converted it into a treatment space. The 36-bed adult program occupies the fourth floor, with semi-private rooms shared between two clients. The 28-bed adolescent unit has a similar layout, although it is located on a different floor. The rooms are quaint, resembling a bed and breakfast setuptwo full-sized beds, dressers and a desk can be found in each. The facility also has a cafeteria, an exercise room, a common room with a TV, a meditation room, therapy rooms, lecture halls, offices and an outdoor patio.

Residents are given three meals a day, served cafeteria-style. Breakfast may be a choice of grits, eggs, biscuits and turkey bacon, while hamburgers, hot dogs, soup or an entree like chicken and broccoli may be served for lunch and dinner, although dinner tends to be more substantial. Residents also have access to a salad bar daily. Caffeine is permitted in the mornings and dietary requests can usually be accommodated. Smoking is permitted in designated areas on the property.

Treatment and Staff

Treatment at McLeod Addictive Disease Center is holistic, individualized, evidence-based and 12-step oriented. This facility has a methadone clinic on-site for those needing help detoxing from opioids, but does not offer detox for other substances. Detox typically lasts for two to seven days and is included in the cost.

During treatment, clients meet with their primary counselor at least twice a week, although more sessions can be added. The majority of the client’s time is spent in group therapy, working on relapse prevention, life skills, nutrition, trauma, processing and anger management.

The 12 steps are a major part of recovery in this program. Each day, clients attend an AA/NA meeting; these occur both on- and off-site. While residents are not required to obtain sponsorship during their stay, they are expected to participate in the meetings.

A typical day for the adult residential program begins with an early morning wake-up, followed by meditation, breakfast and a short amount of free time for exercise—specifically yoga on Tuesdays. After that, residents attend group therapy from 9 am to 12 pm and then head to lunch. Time for individual assignments is followed by group therapy at 2:30 pm, a bit of free time for exercise or relaxing and dinner in the early evening. After dinner, residents usually attend an outside 12-step meeting and start winding down for lights-out shortly after. Typical days for the adolescent program are similar, except that they feature less group therapy so clients can attend school.

The adolescent program treats males between the ages of 13 and 17 over a 90-day period. Clients follow the same therapeutic structure as the adult program in addition to attending the on-campus Charlotte-Mecklenburg Country School. Evidence-based methods such as CBT, DBT and the Adolescent Community Reinforcement Approach are used throughout treatment. In addition, clients participate in daily 12-step meetings to enforce a recovery-based lifestyle.

Staff includes licensed counselors, a medical doctor, physician’s assistants and administrative staff. The rehab is staffed around the clock, and the staff-to-resident ratio is about one- to-three or one-to-four.

McLeod Addictive Disease Center also offers both Intensive Outpatient (IOP), substance abuse comprehensive outpatient treatment and standard outpatient care. IOP involves a minimum of 24 group therapy sessions and also features individual counseling, relapse prevention, 12-step education and family therapy.

The substance abuse comprehensive outpatient treatment program is similar, although much more time-intensive. Clients attend a minimum of four hours of treatment per day at least five days a week—program duration depends on a client’s needs. Treatment includes individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, relapse prevention, crisis contingency planning, disease management, co-occurring disorders and case management.


For physical fitness, clients can visit the on-site gym, which has weights and cardio machines, in the mornings. In addition, a yoga teacher comes on-site once a week to lead a guided class. When the weather permits, clients are taken to a park. Occasionally, there are off-site activities such as bowling and the movies.

After clients leave McLeod Center, but before they graduate, they begin the aftercare phase of the program, which lasts six to eight weeks and includes weekly group sessions as well as referrals to sober living environments as needed. Residents may also be advised to continue individual therapy at this time.

McLeod Center holds a family group therapy session on Saturdays to help family members work on coping skills, codependency and communication. Family visitation is on Sundays.

In Summary

McLeod Center offers a highly structured, 12-step based approach to recovery. With affordable pricing and intensive support, this program could be an excellent introduction to sobriety.

McLeod Center Location

515 Clanton Rd
Charlotte, NC 28217

McLeod Center Cost

$5,185 (28 days). Reach McLeod Center by phone at (855) 824-9458. Find McLeod Center on Facebook and Twitter

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  1. This place doesn’t care about its patients who are truly in need of help. They only care about money. If you miss a day, you still have to pay for that day you missed. Having insurance doesn’t mean anything because even though it is against the contracts they have with the insurance companies, they still want you to pay full amount out of pocket. And they hold your reimbursement check as if the money is coming from them. The counselors are wonderful, but the finance department is very shady and borderline criminal….and if you are not careful, they will make you pay for all kinds of stuff. They know that not many people pay attention to their insurance benefits or are fully informed of what percentage their insurance pays, therefore, they take advantage. Keep in mind, if you have insurance, YOU DO HAVE A CO-INSURANCE PAYMENT. Meaning your insurance pays a percentage so that you don’t have to pay the full amount… pay a percentage and if you are to pay a percentage, McLeod Addictive Disease Center are not allowed to force you to pay full amount. I urge everyone to contact your insurance company and find out what amount you really should be paying. Don’t let MeLeod Addictive Disease Center take advantage of you and your money.

  2. The center in Charlotte on Clanton Rd., is more about money than the patients who really want to get better. They DO NOT CARE about the patients well being. McLeod is CONTRACTED with BCBS and when your insurance company calls McLeod and asks why if their member’s deductible has been met that they still have to pay full amount out of pocket instead of their required co-insurance, and McLeods (Angela Martin) response is “I don’t know what you want from me because this is the way we do business”, then something is wrong. And then they make you wait to be reimbursed with YOUR MONEY. My spouse’s counselor was EXCELLENT but the but the nurses and finance department are so rude and unprofessional.

  3. This place is more about money than the patients who really want to get better. They DO NOT CARE about the patients well being. McLeod is CONTRACTED with BCBS and when your insurance company calls McLeod and asks why if their member’s deductible has been met that they still have to pay full amount out of pocket instead of their required co-insurance, and McLeods (Angela Martin) response is “I don’t know what you want from me because this is the way we do business”, then something is wrong. And then they make you wait to be reimbursed with YOUR MONEY. My spouse’s counselor was EXCELLENT but the but the nurses and finance department are so rude and unprofessional.

  4. Katlyn Robert on

    I’ve been going to the McLeod Clinic located in Gastonia for about 2 months. The service there is excellent and on a normal day I get in & out of there in about 10-15 minutes. The staff is nice and don’t treat people disrespectful like I have read in the previous post. I guess u get treated like you are treating other people, some people don’t realize that the nurses & counselors don’t make the rules, but the ”higher ups” do. For future reference when you treat the nurses like crap or you yell at them because you are late remember you had 4 hours some have 5 hours to dose EVERYDAY things do not change & also remember that the people that you showed your butt too your gonna have to see them daily until your done with treatment.

    The counselor that was appointed to me (Donita/Denita) is very understanding & helps me with pretty much any problem I have encountered, & has went out of her way to help me. The price for the clinic is also very affordable, I pay $12.00 a day. For the person who wanted to bash because of you having to pay when you don’t come a day or miss a day the clinic makes you pay because the drug test that they have to give you is costly and the use a certain amount of money every week to pay for your drug test. And for this type of treatment to really work you need to come every day & you can front up too 3 days if you pass drug test with only what you are supposed to get methadone/suboxone so in the long run that is your own fault for not being able to get your medicine on front.

    Also the clinic I attend is usually very clean, I recommend anyone that is looking for help with an addiction to give this a shot, everyone is different with their recovery but at-least this is an option that we have in the state of North Carolina.

    For the person who said they would owe their drug dealer $36 well obviously you are still in an addict mind set & you don’t wanna change, people like you giving bad reviews on this program ruins it for people actually looking for help and wanting to get off their drug of choice. If you want to know how to front your medicine read my post again. And I am pretty sure if you can afford a heroine addiction, then 12-18 Dollars a day ain’t gonna burn a hole in your pocket. Maybe you should try & apply for Medicaid also.

    Best of luck for anyone trying to get help 🙂 (That’s the 1st step admitting you have a problem)
    Way to go you are on the right track, Try the clinic that is all you can do right? Please don’t give up there is light at the end of the tunnel I PROMISE

  5. Concerned on

    One in Statesville makes you tell them your Full Name, Birthday, and Dose before you get dosed, also most Nurses will say “[insert patients name] come on up”, calling that persons name to the window in front of EVERYONE in line! Plus a few times the police office has been behind the counter helping the nurses out on the weekends! It really upset me that my Full Name was called out in front of the police office along with the people who are in line daily. I want to file an official complaint but I don’t know to do that at this point. If you.value your privacy don’t go to the one Statesville, NC!

  6. Yeasurething on

    I attended the Gastonia clinic for 3byears, its a complete JOKE! I had 7 counselors in that time , 3 directors and the most recent is a tiny young girl no older than 25 who fired the cleaning lady for saying hello to us in passing. Yes, this is what a nurse told me actually. Then the newest director has also warned staff that the clients are DANGEROUS and they’re to have very little contact with us…the black staff members are rude, snappy and treat the clients, majority are white, like complete trash. I had a nurse say in my presence with a black counselor, who opened the trailor park gates?. That’s disgusting. I worked with a counselors husband, miss edna, her husband would tell me how his wife didn’t approve of methadone maintenance program she represented!!!! As he sold our co-workers opiates.
    I now attend the program in a different part of the state, marion… so far everything here is amazing… the entire staff are fantastic folks..they should be recognized for a job well done ! Ps: YES! THE WOMAN WHO HANDLES INSURANCE CLAIMS DOESN’T DO HER JOB. ITS AT HER PACE! AND LASTLY, IN GASTONIA IT WAS TOLD TO SEVERAL OF US BY VARIOUS STAFF MEMBERS THAT THE COUPLE WHO STARTED MCLEOD IS STRUNG COMPLETELY OUT and THEIR MONEY AS WELL AS STATUS ALLOWS THEM TO TANK UP ON METHADONE

  7. The center in Monroe, where do I begin, nonprofit, so they act as if they don’t have to answer to anyone and especially not a”previous drug addict” you didn’t know? NO MATTER WHAT, YOU AS THE CLIENT ARE ALWAYS WRONG, “YOU’RE SOBRIETY MEANS NOTHING TO THEM” They make you jump through hoops just to “try” to prove you’re right and to only be told there’s nothing they can do. Not to mention how the nursing staff discusses your personal information with each other. Violation of someone’s privacy. Dress code is NEVER enforced a woman came in there in her underwater with a robe on and NO ONE SAID A WORD AND SHE DOSED AND LEFT. LOOK I DON’T LIKE being a run and tell it… I’m not bitter, I just think someone should just take a look see what “we” see as a client I don’t go to the clinic to feel worse I go there to feel better about myself to get a sense of self pride again not for the counselors to make you feel worse.

  8. I go to the one in Gastonia and fuck this place they charge you even if you don’t go I had messed a day yesterday and I still hsd to pay I was about to walk out but I did not I should of it pissed me off so bad I told them hell my dope man would charge me if I did not see him that day she said I still have to pay I cant waited till my last 2 days I am not going to pay do them like I did my dope man leave owing money 36 dollars

  9. Lee Ann Bell on

    I go to Statesville clinic and I love it there. I’ve been to two of the other McLeod clinics and this one is by far the best. They all treat you like you are part of the family. My counselor Traci is awesome. Jim the director does his job very well. These two have played a huge part in me staying in recovery! If you need a place to go…look no further!

    • Lee Ann Bell I am glad you like the clinic that you attend. I have heard that the Statesville & Concord clinics are usually a little slower because they have so many people going there. Im glad that you enjoy talking to your counselor. Your right both the Counselor & Director play 2 biggies in recovery. Im happy too see someone not ”Bashing” places like this, because you worked the program the right way & used it for the right reason,”to get help”.

  10. It’s really helpede,I go to Concord clinic and the director is rude,want talk to the client when they need to talk to her, she makes us stand on the cold rather than let us stand in the lobby,we can’t get in til 6 but majority of the time work cards are gone by 5:30 and we still can’t go in. Since this director has been there things has went to h*ll.. The people that’s handicapped or disabled can’t hve a chair to sit in . things there need to be looked upon.

  11. I am a patient at the McCleod Center, and while it has helped me, the insurancee claim process is a complete nightmare. It takes moths to get your money back, and I have to constantly call the lady responsible for the insurance claims to get her to file. i don’t understand why they even accept insurance i they aren’t going to file it appropriately.

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