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The McIntyre House


the mcintyre house reviewThe Basics

Located in a 1920s era home in Los Angeles, The McIntyre House is a non-profit sober living home for men. Established in 2005 as a low-cost and modest facility, it insists that no man seeking recovery from drug or alcohol abuse should ever be turned away due to a lack of funds. As active supporters of the LGBT community, the McIntyre House has slowly built a trustworthy reputation—it maintains that after leaving, 80% of its residents continue to live sober, healthy lives.

Accommodations and Amenities

McIntyre House is a beautiful 5,000 square foot townhouse located in a neighborhood between Hollywood and Silver Lake, and can hold a maximum of 16 men. While Los Angeles can be a daunting city to live in, the McIntyre House is in a quiet, somewhat secluded pocket of the city, allowing clients to refocus themselves on sobriety. The house has eight shared rooms, communal bathrooms, a kitchen and a living space. There is an outdoor weight room and “recovery garden” hidden behind the house; cable and Internet are also available.

Enrollment at the McIntyre House entitles residents to three meals daily, including a family-style dinner every evening. Staff members and clients prepare all meals together, with groceries provided by the house. Contributing to these meals is part of each resident’s structured schedule, and helps reinforce a sense of belonging and responsibility—two integral parts of the McIntyre House’s successful program.

Rules and Regulations

The McIntyre House fosters a supportive and consistent home-like environment with an emphasis on honesty, integrity and the goal of becoming a productive member of society. Perspective clients must complete detox prior to the intake process. Once detox is complete, interested men are placed on a waiting list which can be anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, depending on availability. Residents stay in the program for a minimum of three months but can remain for up to a year; the average stay is about nine months. Visitors and phone calls are allowed after the first two weeks.

Daily schedules include house meetings, one-on-one sessions, chores, community service and mandatory attendance of AA meetings. The emphasis on responsibility and accountability is very strong, and a high standard for behavior is strictly enforced. Individual counseling and case management sessions occur between clients and therapists, with peer feedback sessions and focus groups occurring amongst the entire McIntyre House community. Treatment here is based on tough love, though it’s within a warm, family-like structure. Residents are required to commit fully to the mutual support system within the house, as well as participate in a daily 12-step program independent from it.

The McIntyre House operates with a small but very committed staff. The program director is on-site daily, with several house managers that rotate throughout the week. Counselors lead meetings and enforce the rules of “right living” set by the clients and staff members. The McIntyre House draws on the help (including monetary and material donations) of volunteers to drive residents to meetings and appointments to keep the house running smoothly. The minimal staff does not seem to be a detriment to clients, as the sense of family and community that is fostered at The McIntyre House is a powerful source of strength and guidance for sobriety. There are also no medical staff on-site.


The house’s close proximity to several hospitals, subway lines, churches and Los Angeles City College gives clients access to a vast number of low-cost or free resources, all clear benefits of being in such large city.

In Summary

Overall, the McIntyre House is a sober living with a relatively intense living environment—and a great reputation within the community. For those who are newly sober or fresh out of residential treatment, the McIntyre House could prove a great option.

The McIntyre House Cost: Sliding scale or $2,500 (30 days, insurance not accepted). Reach The McIntyre House by phone at (323) 662-0855, or by email at [email protected]. Find The McIntyre House on Facebook and Twitter

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