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“Measures of Affect Theoretically Relative,” or MATR, is the driving philosophy at MATR Behavioral Health, which has been providing residential and outpatient alcohol and drug treatment for over 20 years. The word “matter” is particularly relevant because this treatment facility vehemently upholds the belief that what’s happened in someone’s life and their unique story matters in regards to why they became addicted to alcohol and/or drugs.

Accommodations and Food

The service’s first center for the adult population opened upon receipt of state mental health and substance abuse licenses in 1997. It has since been operating on the grounds of a former hospital in the small, mountain town of Mount Pleasant, Utah. MATR treats up to 31 men and women at a time generally between the ages of 20 and 70. The setting is clinical, but the living style follows the Family Model. Peers in treatment together are expected to engage and live as if they are family. They share all household responsibilities: cooking, cleaning and laundry.

Cooking classes are incorporated into the life skills training at MATR so clients plan menus and prepare meals together. The food is described as “home style” and clients can even attain their food handler’s permit while in treatment.

Treatment and Staff

The treatment track here is a highly individualized 90-day program, firmly based on the methodologies of CBT and psycho-behavioral therapy. There is an introduction to 12-step work and one NA meeting a week at the facility but otherwise, 12-step recovery is not a major aspect of this program. The team at MATR firmly believes in the importance of identifying life events in one’s past that might have created the need to abuse alcohol and/or drugs. When, they continuously ask, did the client begin checking out with chemicals as opposed to dealing with their problems? Residents receive anywhere from one to seven days of individual therapy per week (depending on need), including hypnotherapy and Neurolinguistic Programming and at least 36 hours of group therapy per week.

There are 12 full-time patient care staff members and a number of doctors, nurses and therapists in rotation. Detox can be provided if the patient needs it before beginning treatment.

There is designated family programming on Wednesdays and Thursdays but families are encouraged to visit and attend groups as often as possible even beyond those times. MATR wholeheartedly supports families playing an active role for loved ones in treatment. Additionally, clients who graduate the 90-day program are always welcome to return for a 30-day discounted refresher course.

MATR offers workshops about addiction and recovery to the general public. They also sell books, DVDs and CDs with recovery-related material.


Weather permitting, clients are able to take advantage of the scenic surroundings at MATR and enjoy hiking and running. There is no gym on-site but there is an indoor basketball court for those seeking physical activity in the winter months.

In Summary

MATR Behavioral Health accepts health insurance or self-payment. The founders and staff seem dedicated to getting to the root of each person’s problem so he or she can start healing from the inside out and fully treat the cause, not just the symptoms.

MATR Behavioral Health Location

265 N State St
PO Box 31
Mount Pleasant, UT 84647

MATR Behavioral Health Cost

$5,280 (30 days). Reach MATR Behavioral Health by phone at 435-462-2781 or by email at [email protected]. Find MATR Behavioral Health on Facebook and Google+

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  1. I’ve been to Matr twice and the both times they welcomed in to the family. I personally love what Matr has to offer if you are open to learning about thy self. I still use everything I had learned at matr every day. Janey Marvin is an amazing woman that was always very honest with me and wanted to see me be the best I could be and Lynda is an angel that always can make you smile. The all around staff there gets to know you and helps you along the way of becoming the real you again.

  2. I shopped plenty of rehab centers and talked to many therapists before I went and met the MATR team. I felt right at home, grabbed my suitaste and knew inmediately that it was the right fit for me. I was without hope, support, health, and had no spiritual connection going into treatment. The 90 day program was unlike anything I expected, and the family I adopted while being there are people I will never forget. MATR saved my life. What they teach you is phenominal. It has shaped how I view myself, and the world I live in. I have since completely made over my entire life. I am on my way to finally getting the degree I have dreamed of and am living the life I’ve envisioned for years. If you or a loved one suffer from addiction and want help, give the ladies at MATR a call.

  3. MATR Behavioral Health saved my life and gave my children their mother back. Since going to this facility I have 16+ years of sobriety. I would recommend this facility to everyone in need of treatment.

  4. Marchelle Brown on

    Matr saved my life once i started dealung with the issues that caused my addiction the 12 steps took care of themselves. You cant help but make a full recovery if you are willing to do what ever it takes to change your life. Thank you Matr, cause i mattered.

  5. I stayed ar matr for quite some time and my stay there was amazing. The unconditional love i felt from the minute i walked in the facility was so amazing. They dont believe in the moti “tear them diwn to bring them back up” they love you and help you to love yourself fron day one. When i got there i had almost a rwenty year adduction to pain meds and heroin. I am now six years sober. Also my brother was also able to go there and he has almost sx year sober. And still to this very day not only do i stay in contact with the amazing friends i made while there but the owners janie and linda still keep in contact with me. Matr truely is my second family. Its is the miar special place i could have ever went. Matr and everyone at matr along with the things they teach saved my life. I will firever and ever e grateful. If anyone is struggling you dont have to anymore. Go there i promise you will not be sorry. Much love.

  6. I stayed 90 days at MATR back in 2008. Linda, Janie, and staff made me feel right at home. Their methods of recovery helped me tremendously. I know if I went anywhere else it wouldn’t have measured up to MATR. I made life long friends there that I still talk to till this day. This place was very family oriented which helped me get through my stay there. I highly recommend MATR to anyone who has a substance abuse problem. I wish I lived closer to Utah so i could drop in and say hi on a regular basis to the ladies who saved my life.

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