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Mary Hall Freedom House in the Atlanta suburb of Roswell, Georgia was founded in 1996 by Lucy Hall-Gainer. In recovery herself, Hall-Gainer named the facility in honor of her mother, whom she lost to alcoholism. Freedom House has grown since its humble beginning in one apartment to become a national leader in gender-specific treatment, recovery, housing and support services, with seven separate housing programs. All of the services are geared towards at-risk women—both with and without children. It offers outpatient and residential substance abuse treatment in addition to GED completion support, employment readiness programs, life skills guidance and parenting classes.

Accommodations and Food

Mary Hall Freedom House offers both community and transitional housing to women and children. It has a total of seven housing programs, each geared toward the needs of a different population. These run the gamut from 90-day transitional placements to permanent housing. All of Mary Hall Freedom House’s clients live in apartments. Through partnerships with apartment owners, Mary Hall provides units at various locations in and around Atlanta. The goal of Mary Hall’s community housing is to provide highly structured, monitored and supervised services for women in day treatment and IOP.

As part of learning independence, clients at Mary Hall attend classes on nutrition, shop for their own food and prepare their own meals. Local charitable organizations provide meals and food for residents frequently, too.

Treatment and Staff

There are several levels of treatment at available to Mary Hall Freedom House clients: residential, an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) and outpatient day treatment. All programs are very structured, in keeping with the requirements of state agencies that refer the majority of clients. After an initial assessment, clients begin a combination of group and individual therapy sessions. The length and duration of treatment depends on their needs. Most clients are assigned between 19 and 25 hours a week. Motivational Interviewing (MI) and DBT are among the therapeutic modalities used in both group and individual therapy sessions. Mary Hall has a strong educational component and clients learn about addiction, take life skills classes, nutrition classes and parenting classes.

All of the clinicians at Mary Hall are licensed and Master’s-level educated or above. Dual diagnosis support is provided and medical doctors visit clients once a week. Mary Hall also has visiting nurses who come in twice a week to answer and questions and educate the women on any prescribed medications.


The Mary Hall alumni group is made up of former clients. These women are able to provide support and act as sponsors for women in treatment, as well as raise the community awareness about addiction.

Mary Hall runs a number of programs that offer other services. Its “Work NOW” program provides vocational instruction and an on-site GED program. Mary Hall’s life skills classes cover topics like personal hygiene, job readiness, financial literacy and health and wellness. For families, Mary Hall offers daycare, family counseling, psychological testing for children, parenting classes and an after-school program.

The Mary Hall also runs a medical clinic that provides physic al exams, pediatric care, immunization, dental and vision care to women who are uninsured or underinsured.

In Summary

With its seven different housing and treatment programs that meet needs ranging from emergency, 90-day placement to permanent housing, Mary Hall FreedomHouse provides shelter and treatment to a wide range of women and families in various levels of crisis. Most of its clients are referred from other agencies, and many are attending treatment in order to regain custody of their children, so this is might be the right program for a woman in crisis who needs a path from incarceration to a stable lifestyle. The caring approach of Mary Hall Freedom House is evident in its adoption of the 12-step adage “we will love you until you learn to love yourself.”

Mary Hall Freedom House Location

445 Market Place
Roswell, GA 30075

Mary Hall Freedom House Cost

30% of income. Reach Mary Hall Freedom House by phone at (855) 851-FREE or by email. Find Mary Hall Freedom House on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn

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  1. MHFH needs to teach their participants how to behave at their residences. I have a condo in one of the communities MHFH has attempted to take over. Two of the condos adjacent to mine currently are populated by two women who are not familiar with the concept of “other people.” They hang out directly outside of my unit at all hours, all day, every day, smoking & hollering. These ladies shout at each other just to conversate & worse, they shout into their speakerphones when they’re alone. They shout because a loud highway is nearby as are the A/C units for our building. PLEASE, MHFH, teach your participants to respect their surroundings.

  2. Whatever you do, do not go to this program. Lucy Hall is a hypocrite who curses at the patients and belittles them by constantly reminding them that they will be discharged over TINY infractions like smoking in non designated, not making their beds, being late to class, etc. You will be in CONSTANT FEAR of braking a rule that has been made up yesterday. Lucy Hall forces clients to walk 2 miles a day on a busy street without a sidewalk as no transportation is given. You get written up for laughing in the med line and humiliated by staff by constantly reminding you that You shouldnt be laughing because your children are at home being raised by someone else. It takes 3 hours to get your meds because of the unorganization. Oh and by the way, there is no more housing for single women! You will regret ever coming here! Lucy Hall needs to be investigated for all the chaos she unnecessarily creates for these women who are unstable.

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