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MARR Recovery CenterMARR Recovery Center Review

MARR Recovery Center is a 40-year-old organization that understands addiction treatment. A private, non-profit treatment facility in the Atlanta Metro area, MARR offers long-term residential programs for men and women over the age of 18 with substance use disorders. A spiritual (but not a religious) program, MARR stands by 12-step philosophy as the central ingredient to recovery.

Accommodations and Food

Whereas some treatment facilities make a big to-do about gender separate treatment but house men and women practically on top of one another, MARR separates the men’s and women’s treatment facilities completely, as in by 20 miles. Men live in Doraville, and the women live in Lawrenceville, Georgia. At MARR, residences are also separate from the clinical facilities where clients meet for group and individual therapy. The women’s program can accommodate about 20 women; up to five women live in a townhouse together. The men’s program is slightly bigger, but has the same set-up. Each townhouse has several bedrooms and bathrooms, a living area and a kitchen.

Clients make grocery lists, go grocery shopping and are responsible for making their own meals. Breakfast and dinner are taken at the house. Staff members shuttle clients from the residences to group; in the morning, clients can pack and bring their lunches with them. Smoking and caffeinated coffee are both allowed.

Treatment and Staff

MARR asks for at least a 90-day commitment from each incoming client to ensure that he or she will gain the most from his or her therapeutic community. The organization accepts people with co-occurring disorders. This is a clinical and not medical program—there is no detox offered here.

There are three key elements of MARR’s sobriety solution: working a 12-step program is critical, cultivating relationships with other addicts is essential and treating men and women separately is incredibly important. There are two phases of treatment at MARR: one in which to learn the principles of living sober, and the other to begin practicing those principles in everyday life. In Phase One, for the first 30 to 45 days, clients attend groups and educational classes and lectures, begin 12-step work and meet with an assigned individual therapist weekly. In Phase Two, clients secure part-time employment or begin volunteering, and settle into their AA work (finding a sponsor, building a recovery network, and begin working the first three steps). During this phase, clients continue to attend groups in the evenings.

There is a special track at MARR at its Women’s Recovery Center for women with severely disordered eating or body image issues. There is also a “Shame Resilience” group for women with sexual trauma which uses DBT and EMDR among other treatment modalities. Clients of the Men’s Recovery Center may qualify for anger management, trauma education, sex and intimacy and corrective thinking. Both men and women discuss grief, post-traumatic stress, depression, anxiety and family dynamics.

MARR also treats recovering professionals, men and women alike, who may have to report to licensing boards or monitoring programs. Recovering professionals have additional weekly groups and participate in what the facility calls its Mirror Image Program where clients volunteer at other local treatment centers with individuals in early recovery. If a recovering professional client is not sure that inpatient treatment is a necessary step, MARR offers a 96-hour substance abuse assessment, where the person resides at MARR and participates in a several day rehab test run.

Family members of MARR clients ages 14 and over are invited to participate in a three-day family program, held every seven to eight weeks; there is also a one-day family seminar every month that addresses the basic issues around self-care and coping with a loved one’s addiction.

The staff members are all licensed and well versed in addiction, and many have been involved with MARR Recovery Center for years. It should be noted that there is also a trend to promote from within. This pattern bodes well for potential MARR clients, as it suggests a basic interest: investing in people.


MARR clients have access to a lake home: Camp Donnie Brown, on Lake Allatoona. Every week, clients get the chance to retreat to Camp Donnie Brown for some R&R.

In Summary

MARR has been in business long enough to know what works. It relies heavily on the principle that an addict has no better resource than another addict, whether it’s through 12-step fellowship or their therapeutic community. MARR believes that if clients are willing to surrender to at least 90 days of treatment and try patterning their lives on sober principles, they will be more likely to maintain their sobriety. It’s not cheap, but for those who can afford it, these 90 days would be bang for your buck.

MARR, Inc. Location

2815 Clearview Place, Ste 100
Doraville, GA 30340

MARR Recovery Center Cost

$8,450 (30 days). Reach MARR Recovery Center by phone at (678) 805-5131 or by email at [email protected]. Find MARR Recovery Center on Facebook, Twitter and Google+

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  1. Francis Erdman on

    MARR is first of all a SCAM where (at least one person that I personally know of) people died due to their incompetance (not an MD to be found within miles of their so-called “program”). Furthermore, equally disturbing, is their devotion to discredited 1940’s eugenics theories that said (incorrectly) that alcohol was over-determined by genes, and therefore public policy should be constituted so as to forcibly prevent alcoholics from reproducing. Accordingly, MARR forbids any interaction between genders and actively tries to destroy any existing romantic partnership that may exist in its clients. They will literally do anything and everything they can do break up any pre-existing relationship a client may have, be it a marriage or long-standing partnership, and will psychologically abuse anyone who shows the slightest interest in a future relationsip, even after becoming sober. I have been sober close to three years now (no thanks to this scam) and I have been in a happy personal relationship for about the past 2 and a half of those three years, and there is not a gd thing MARR and their fellow eugenics fascists can do about that. I am signing my real full name here to show I will not cower before these SCAM ARTIST FASCISTS EVER AGAIN. Sobriety is possible, and I am proof of that, but not from these unqualified, scam-artist, eugenics cultists.

  2. Year’s ago I was admitted to MARR dave is right you have to want sobriety to succeed there but on the other hand if you don’t have a degree in something and not a lot of funds to support yourself its like being a second class citizens just my opinion.

    • I’m wondering what you mean by, ” if you don’t have a degree in something and not a lot of funds to support yourself its like being a second class citizens just my opinion.”
      I’m looking into treatment here possibly but I don’t have a degree or money. So can you elaborate on your statement for me?

  3. It’s a money making, useless, AA ripoff. I was there, and I experienced nothing but neglect and humiliation. Treatment consists almost entirely of 12 step based meetings and counseling from ill-qualified former (allegedly) addicts and alcoholics. Arrogant, power-hungry creeps made up the rest of the staff.

    • You sound like an ungrateful, arrogant person who may never get/stay sober with that attitude. Try some humility and willingness.

      • Lawton Brewer on

        You sound like a shaming apologist for a greedy organization whose only claim to treatment status is an outdated religious cult – AA. Try using your brain.

    • MARR saved my life. It was my 9th rehab and the hardest I’d been to. I’ve been sober since October of 2014. Everyone I’ve heard speak of MARR negatively like this was either asked to leave or had a first step issue. I wish you where there when I was. I used to love exposing people like you in group. Keep coming back.

  4. Shelley wenum on

    My 23 year old son died while seeking treatment at MARR Recovery. This was the most unorganized place I’d ever seen. They had him living with a 44 year old dentist and a 33 year old physician. Upon his admission try saw what a bad addiction problem he had and should have known to have never admitted him to such a place that was not monitored. He was not being taken care of. Two days before he overdosed on lethally laced herion his social Milly Parker told me not to worry about my son he was in a safe place that nothing could happen to him when I called and requested to be able to send him his art supplies. I was denied. I guess MARR belies their clients should be able to use herion instead of their God given talents on a Friday night. This place is a nightmare!!!

    • I’m sorry to hear about your son. He was in my community. That happened right after I left. I came back for after care. MARR did everything they could for him. They program works and He just wasn’t ready honestly. He was a good kid. But he had not intentions of quiting. As a drug addict if I want to get high Im going to get high. Regardless where I am. Again I’m sorry about your son. I have children and I empathize greatly. Addiction is a disease and while I understand your anger. The comments you’re making are completely baseless. If someone makes a decision to break rules and seek out drugs when they should be using the tools MARR provides instead of being focused on recovery it’s not the MARRs fault. It is very unfortunate but MARR has meetings every week at the community and they always cover protocol for these situations or when red flags come up.

      • Lawton Brewer on

        Shaming again, Dave? This mother paid a huge amount of money to an organization that could care less about her son’s well-being. After they grabbed the cash, I’m sure they just left this young man to the mercy of mindless cultists like you. That’s why he’s dead.

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