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Haven Chemical Health SystemsMargaret’s House Review

Haven Chemical Health Systems is a substance abuse treatment facility founded in 2000 by Bob Haven. With extensive experience running chemical dependency programs throughout Minnesota as well as programs in California and New York, Haven now runs a state-wide network of substance abuse treatment facilities. The first Haven component was opened in Woodbury, then three outpatient programs have subsequently opened in Shakopee, Cloquet and Waconia. Residential treatment is available as well, with three homes available for both men and women. Margaret’s House is a residential program for women seeking treatment for substance abuse located in Mendota Heights, one of the first suburbs outside of the Twin Cities.

Accommodations and Food

Margaret’s House is a two-story residence surrounded by sprawling grounds with grass and trees. The home accommodates 10 in shared rooms with anywhere from two to four twin-sized beds in each room. Residents share closet space as well as a small dresser. Linens and towels are provided but residents are responsible for their own laundry and keeping their space clean and neat. All treatment and housing is located under the same roof.

Three bathrooms are shared among residents as are a media room with comfortable seating and a TV. The living room also doubles are the meeting room where clients come together for group meetings and check-ins. The kitchen and dining area are an open floor-plan and all clients prepare family style meals on a rotating schedule. Meals are healthy but include some comfort choices depending on what is purchased on shopping trips.

Coffee and tea are available at all times, and women may get snacks at their leisure. An on-site laundry facility is available next to the garage and clients must care for their own washing. Supplies including cleaning and cooking are provided by the house. The residence also has a spacious backyard space with seating for recreation during warm months.

Treatment and Staff

Margaret’s House is fully-functioning residential treatment program. Before admission, all potential clients schedule an appointment for a clinical assessment to determine their needs and acuity of their chemical dependency. There is no detox or medication management through HCHS, but clients may be referred if they are in need of these services before entering the house. The treatment program is intensive and keeps residents busy throughout the day. Staff members and house managers are on the property at all times to assist the residents through treatment. Length of time spent in the house depends on the resident’s progress but typical treatment duration is six months or more.

Clients attend group therapy once or twice per day on-site. Individual therapy sessions are also included and typically scheduled once per week dependent on the client’s needs. Psychoeducation lectures and workbooks are used to help clients develop their knowledge about addiction. Audiotapes and adaptive assignments are available for clients with learning disabilities. Therapeutic activities utilize evidence-based practices to help clients heal with facts about addiction and practical methods to staying in recovery. Counselors also incorporate trauma-informed care practices.

The clinical staff at Margaret’s House include LADCs as well as Master’s-level clinicians managing the programs. Counselors often treat clients with co-occurring disorders that are manageable through talk therapy and outside resources. In addition to therapeutic activities, clients are required to attend 12-step meetings to support their treatment. Working the steps and getting sponsorship are also a required part of treatment. In the event that clients need additional treatment, they can receive additional support through vocational, medical, educational and other services.


A family program is also available through Margaret’s House. Families and other supportive individuals are encouraged to attend family night sessions.

Since clients are not working while in treatment, clinical staff work with residents to develop vocational skills and build on their personal strengths. If medical attention is needed, women are seen by a physician. Referrals for psychological health may also be provided.

In Summary

Margaret’s House is a residential treatment program for adult women who are willingly seeking treatment. Through intensive care and treatment, clients work towards their recovery. Involvement in 12-step programs and actively working the steps through workbooks is a requirement. Women are treated with dignity and respect as the clinical staff provide structure and professional care.

Margaret’s House Location

2535 Condon Ct
Mendota Heights, MN 55120

Margaret’s House Cost

Insurance accepted. Reach Haven Chemical Health Systems by phone at (651) 686-0518 or by email at [email protected]. Find Haven Chemical Health Systems on Facebook and LinkedIn

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