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Mandy Alexander Counseling Service


The Basics

Mandy Alexander is a therapist based out of the UK who mainly offers online counseling services through her practice, Mandy Alexander Counselling Service. Alexander’s services are designed for young adults and adults who are struggling with depression, anxiety or a number of other issues. She provides each of her clients an individualized treatment plan that utilizes evidence-based models. Alexander boasts a flexible and convenient alternative to traditional in-office therapy sessions that is entirely safe and confidential.


The way to obtain treatment from Alexander begins with an online intake form that can be found on her website. This details the initial need for seeking counseling and gives Alexander an idea of how to proceed with the first session. There are a few ways to receive these online services. First off, Alexander uses encrypted email to ensure the client’s privacy online, and offers a text talk option in addition to video services. Though the main practice does revolve around the online option, Alexander does offer face to face counseling sessions as well.

Alexander is able to address mental health concerns beyond the common issues that many people face. This includes helping clients get through domestic violence, OCD, facing a terminal illness, grief or loss, issues within a family or intimate relationship, and for clients who are exploring issues surrounding their sexual identity. The online text/talk option is also ideal for those who have anxiety disorders, such as agoraphobia and social anxiety.

The unique way that Alexander offers the text/talk services entails clients writing about the issues they want to work out or concerns they are having in an email that is 750 words or less. Within 50 minutes or so, at a time that is mutually agreed upon, Alexander responds with her thoughts and suggests some solutions to the problem. The first session of up to 30 minutes is free of charge, where Alexander gets information about the clients and their needs, and from there a treatment plan is introduced.

Alexander is a registered member of the British Association for Counselling, and an HCPC.

In Summary

Mandy Alexander Counselling Service is certainly a unique resource, but Alexander has really tapped in to what many people need nowadays—a convenient way to seek treatment that fits a fast paced world. While technology has certainly helped in a lot of ways, it has also led to a great deal of isolation for some, and this is a way that people can connect and get what they need emotionally that is completely within their comfort zone.

Mandy Alexander Counseling Service Cost: £30 GBP (per session). Reach Mandy Alexander Counseling Service by phone at 0755 135 0889. Find Mandy Alexander Counseling Service on Facebook and Twitter

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