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Managed Health Network Addiction Treatment

Managed Health Network Addiction Treatment

Developing an addiction to drugs or alcohol changes your health and emotional state. By focusing on recovering from substance abuse, you gain the opportunity to improve your situation and start working on rebuilding a healthy lifestyle. Selecting an appropriate treatment program that addresses your concerns and complies with your insurance coverage allows you to feel confident about the future.

Coverage in your Policy

Managed Health Network addiction recovery options depend on your policy and the details outlined in the insurance plan. Generally, the insurance policies offer coverage for mental health conditions and substance abuse under the behavioral health section of the plan. The exact amount of coverage will vary based on the details of the policy that you purchased.

In most cases, Managed Health Network addiction recovery coverage pays for in-patient and out-patient treatment programs. Some policies will only pay for treatments if you work with an in-network provider, so make sure that you read and evaluate your policy before entering a treatment facility.

Options for Treatment

Addiction treatment facilities offer a variety of services and options that help you reach your recovery goals. Depending on your policy and your goals, the best treatment plan for your addiction will vary. Factors that you want to consider before starting a treatment program include:

  • Your goals
  • The type of services you want to obtain
  • The recommendations of your primary care doctor
  • The insurance policy
  • Your budget
  • The treatment provider

The National Institute on Drug Abuse explains that every individual has different needs and goals, so the best treatment program will depend on your specific situation. Generally, you can enter a residential program or obtain treatment from an out-patient facility, so you have several options to help you reach your goals. Managed Health Network addiction recovery begins when you compare addiction treatment centers and select a program that addresses your primary concerns.

Before you enter a treatment facility, make sure that you obtain any paperwork that the insurance provider requests. Some policies require a referral from your doctor and pre-authorization before you start a treatment program. Comply with the standards outlined in your policy to avoid denials when you seek treatment.

Managed Health Network addiction recovery allows you to start improving your lifestyle and regaining your health. When you treat an addiction, you regain an interest in your life and start working toward your personal goals. After completing a treatment program, you start working toward your career goals and your rebuild personal relationships with loved ones so that you improve your lifestyle.