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Malibu Beach Recovery Center


Malibu Beach Recovery Center Review

Located on the beautiful Pacific coast, Malibu Beach Recovery Center offers luxury addiction treatment at several upscale homes. Founded by Russian actor Oleg Vidov and LA-based journalist Joan Borsten, and later acquired by RiverMend Health, the philosophy here is that nice weather and breathtaking vistas of Malibu make for an ideal environment for recovery. The Malibu Beach Recovery locations include a detox house, gender-specific residential houses for men and women and an outpatient facility.

Accommodations and Food

Malibu Beach Recovery Center’s four-bed detox facility is called Brentwood House, located in West LA. Brentwood House offers an intimate, homelike setting that contributes to a sense of serenity and peace, allowing clients to focus on healing. The women’s home is called The Latigo House and it boasts more than 6,500 square feet of opulent luxury, while the men’s home is called Corral Canyon House and it overlooks the ocean.

All the residents feature shared bedrooms to combat the addict’s natural tendency to isolate. Just because the rooms are shared doesn’t mean they aren’t fancy. The bedrooms are spacious, individually decorated bedrooms all have queen-size beds and private bathrooms. The houses also feature amenities like flatscreen TVs, commercial kitchens, formal dining rooms, pools, steam rooms and stone fireplaces.

Residents get three meals and snacks prepared daily by several on-site gourmet chefs. The menus follow a low-glycemic diet plan that omits sugar, caffeine and white carbohydrates, and focuses instead on building a reliance on nutrient-rich foods to naturally raise dopamine levels. While this approach may seem restrictive at first, nutrition is a major component of Malibu Beach Recovery’s program.

Treatment and Staff

Those who begin in the detox house are monitored 24 hours a day by an consulting physician who specializes in addiction. The process usually takes four to seven days and detox must be completed before moving into the residential homes. After that, clients generally stay for 90 days in residential care.

Schedules are full but not hectic; residents are busy from 7 am to 11 pm with yoga in the sand, gourmet meals, groups and self-care workshops. Clients receive two individual sessions a week as well as access to their personal therapists whenever necessary (in case of emergency, therapists are available by phone 24 hours a day). Malibu Beach Recovery primarily subscribes to its own treatment model, which guides clients through recovery using holistic, scientific and clinical principals to naturally raise dopamine levels. In addition to a traditional 12-step approach, group and individual and family therapy.

Malibu Beach’s unique “neurobiological approach” that takes clients through five specific interrelated programs. The first is an exercise regimen that uses daily yoga practice to focus on energy replenishment, enhancement and calming release. Next is the bio-active food supplement program, where vitamin and nutrient supplements enhance clients’ bodies to boost mood and calm the mind. Third is the recovery diet program that focuses on the power of nutrition with gourmet meals and education, and a clinical therapy program that touches on traditional recovery models with weekly family therapy and those two one-on-one sessions a week. Finally, the psycho-spiritual program uses the basic spirituality of the 12 steps in weekly group meetings led by addiction counselors.

The staff at Malibu Beach Recovery is a recovery team of therapists, psychologists, chefs, yoga instructors and counselors. Focused on nutrition, culinary arts, self-care and Eastern medicine, the facility’s program is fully staffed seven days a week with a staff-to-client ratio of one-to-three during the day and one-to-six overnight.


The diet at Malibu Beach Recovery has spawned two cookbooks, Dopamine for Dinner and Malibu Beach Recovery Diet. The facility also holds cooking classes each Sunday for residents to build life-long culinary skills.

In Summary

Malibu Beach Recovery Center is a comprehensive recovery program that offers unique treatment. Those who gravitate toward this specific treatment model could do a lot worse than a comfortable, luxurious facility surrounded by the natural beauty of Malibu.

Malibu Beach Recovery Center Location

23823 Malibu Rd
Malibu, CA 90265

Malibu Beach Recovery Center Cost

$40,000 (30 days). Reach Malibu Beach Recovery Center by phone at (310) 456-2026 or by email at Find Malibu Beach Recovery Center on Twitter 

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