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Magnolia Behavioral Hospital of East Texas


Magnolia Behavioral Hospital of East Texas Review

Located in East Texas near the border of Louisiana, Magnolia Behavioral Hospital of East Texas specializes in the care of clients struggling with alcohol and substance use disorders, as well as co-occurring disorders. Founded in 2017, Magnolia Behavioral Hospital of East Texas offers a warm and supportive atmosphere. It takes a holistic approach to care that addresses emotional, spiritual, social and physical needs. The curriculum spans detox and residential programming. 

Accommodations and Food

Magnolia Behavioral Hospital of East Texas is a 76 bed facility situated on four acres of private land. The hospital is equipped with several spacious therapy rooms and common areas with comfortable couches and TVs. Bedrooms are semi-private with clients sleeping on twin-sized beds. Rooms feature basic furnishings, ensuite bathrooms and art on the walls.

Clients enjoy exercising at the on-site fitness centers. They eat all meals in the hospital cafeteria. The meals are healthy and nutritious. There are plenty of options for individuals with dietary restrictions and preferences.

Treatment and Staff

In addition to addiction, Magnolia Behavioral Hospital of East Texas treats a wide range of mental health conditions such as bipolar disorder, panic attacks, OCD and PTSD. Before beginning treatment, clients undergo a comprehensive intake assessment. This helps determine the most effective personalized treatment program that’s designed to identify and heal the underlying cause of conditions. The Magnolia team not only clearly outlines treatment goals during the intake evaluation but also makes discharge plans.

When necessary, clients transition immediately into the hospital’s detox program. The medical detox process includes around the clock supervision as well as medication to curb painful withdrawal symptoms. Upon completion of detox, most clients transition into inpatient care.

In addition to psychiatric assessment and medication management, the facility implements evidence-based therapy and 12-step. Clients engage in individual and group sessions with therapists that utilize CBT. In addition, participants can expect psychoeducation courses that focus on an array of topics such as nutrition education, addiction as a disease and coping strategies for relapse prevention.

The hospital believes in the importance of family involvement to the success of a successful recovery. To this end, they encourage families to participate in therapy with the client in order to learn how to best help them successfully sustain sobriety. Families learn coping strategies, communication skills and how to establish healthy boundaries. Twelve-step recovery meetings are also available, as is spiritual education.

The Magnolia Behavioral Hospital of East Texas employs a diverse team of board certified physicians and psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, case managers and nurses. 


Recently, Magnolia Behavioral Hospital of East Texas started a recreational music program for clients.

In Summary

Magnolia Behavioral Hospital of East Texas is a treatment facility that provides comprehensive detox and residential programming for clients with alcohol and substance use disorders and co-occurring mental illnesses. The hospital utilizes an integrative approach that includes medication management, evidence-based and recreational therapies as well as the 12-step recovery model and psychoeducation. For area clients seeking a safe haven to recover, stabilize and receive top notch individualized treatment, Magnolia Behavioral Hospital of East Texas is an excellent resource.

Magnolia Behavioral Hospital of East Texas Location

22 Bermuda Ln
Longview, TX 75605

Magnolia Behavioral Hospital of East Texas Cost

Call for details; accepts most insurance. Reach Magnolia Behavioral Hospital of East Texas by phone at (866) 977-3456 or by email. Find Magnolia Behavioral Hospital of East Texas on Facebook

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  1. This place is a complete joke. They get your hopes up telling you, yes they can & will help you and will admit you after an evaluation. Then when you get there, they spend quite a bit of time asking questions to set you up to fail from meeting their “criteria” to be admitted. Oh but wait, after they have grilled you endlessly they inform you they will ONLY accept you if you are physically healthy. They don’t tell you this up front, EVERYONE – (there were NUMEROUS calls made) that I spoke to initially on the phone was made aware of particular health issues concerning this patient. So then my brother & I were sent on a wild goose chase for “medical clearances” that certified physicians at a bonafide hospitals sign off on. When the staff at Magnolia was faxed the MEDICAL clearance, they over rule the hospital Dr’s “clearance” and tell you NO! And this particular staff member – night house supervisor- did it extremely rudely! AFTER we were told, by a different person at Magnolia – go get the medical clearance, come back here and we will admit you!
    Quite honestly, the fact they are allowed to get away with getting a person’s hopes up, (a person who already has intense behavioral issues and desperately needs help), and then putting that person through the wringer, making them jump through hoops to be told NO after that patient does everything they can to comply, does NOT appear to me to be any kind of place that sincerely wants to HELP anyone. That fact alone should disqualify them from the status of “behavioral health” facility.

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