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What is luxury rehab like?

What is Luxury Rehab Like?

If you or a loved one are considering luxury drug and alcohol rehab, it’s natural to have questions about what to expect. Like anything in life, the unknown can feel scary, intimidating and overwhelming. Entering luxury rehab is truly a life-changing decision and an important first step towards long-term sobriety. When compared to other options, luxury rehab offers more amenities in a comfortable, private and exclusive environment. Many luxury centers are located in secluded areas so patients enjoy maximum privacy and can focus on their recovery.

Luxury Alcohol & Drug Rehab Offers Personalized Care and Heightened Privacy

While rehab amenities may vary based on the specific substance abuse program, most include: private, comfortable bedrooms to support a good night’s rest; quiet space for relaxation, reflection, and meditation; private outdoor space for exercise; and healthy, gourmet-quality, organic meals prepared by professional chefs. These amenities are intended to create a safe, supportive environment where an individual’s basic needs are readily met, making it easier to focus on the recovery process. Additional exercise facilities may also be available, such as tennis courts, pools, a Jacuzzi, a sauna/steam room, and gym, which may not be available at all treatment centers.

Luxury drug and alcohol rehab centers may include one-on-one counseling and dual diagnosis care for co-occurring mental health concerns such as depression or anxiety. In addition to offering medical detox and 12-step programs, like Alcoholics Anonymous, luxury substance abuse centers may include additional innovative recovery therapies, such as holistic programs and adventure/outdoor therapies. Equine therapy, daily yoga and meditation, physiotherapy, deep tissue massage, and other holistic therapies may be interwoven with individual counseling sessions and group therapy. Some centers offer adventure-based therapy to build self-esteem and confidence; these activities may include rock climbing, archery, ropes courses, hiking and snorkeling, depending on the program.

High-level executive, public figures, and celebrities choose luxury drug and alcohol rehab centers for their exclusivity and privacy, the desire to be amongst their peers while in recovery, and the high-level of addiction treatment offered by the centers. If you are concerned about privacy and discretion during the recovery process, then a luxury rehab center may be the right choice for your treatment needs.

Luxury drug and alcohol rehab offers comfortable amenities and innovative therapies that may not be available at other treatment centers. For more information on what to expect, talk to an addiction specialist today.