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A. Lujan Sober Living Homes


Fresno CaliforniaA. Lujan Sober Living Homes Review

Founded in 2007 in Fresno, California by Andy and Maria Lujan, a husband-and-wife team with double digit recovery, A. Lujan Sober Living Homes provide three sober living homes for clients in early recovery. The Lujans, who met at an NA dance, are strong believers in the 12 steps. Their mission is to help clients rebuild their lives through the 12-steps, and provide a nurturing environment, which boosts self-esteem. The organization is named after Andy Lujan’s father, Andy Lujan senior, who died of issues related to alcoholism.

Accommodations and Amenities

A. Lujan Sober Living Homes offers two male-only and one female house, with a total capacity of 40 beds. The houses are located in upper middle class neighborhoods, and clients are also expected to maintain respectable behavior towards neighbors. The male-only homes include a Mediterranean-style villa and a residence with a modern-style exterior, while the house for women is a single-story ranch house. Two houses hold 12 clients each, while the eight-bedroom villa has space for 18 clients. Residents are typically paired in comfortably furnished, double-occupancy homes with twin beds, dressers and closets. A few master bedrooms hold four clients each.

Amenities include Wi-Fi, cable TV, exercise and weight rooms, laundry facilities, and a men’s house has a swimming pool. Clients are responsible for their own groceries, and meals are prepared in fully equipped kitchens, which have extra pantries and refrigerators for food storage. Each house has live-in staff.

Rules and Regulations

The Lujans were also co-founders of a local detox center have extensive experience with detox. Clients are referred to this facility if they need help with withdrawal. Those on medication-assisted treatment taking Suboxone or Methadone for a limited time are permitted, provided clients are under a doctor’s care. Medication monitoring is provided. There is no minimum length of sobriety for entrance and clients are welcome to stay, as long as they want, provided that they are in good standing. Some residents have lived there for over four years.

Requirements include five weekly 12-step meetings, five in-house meetings, and maintenance of employment, or participation in an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) (if appropriate). Outpatient referrals are provided, and some clients attend Central California Recovery. The house meetings include Big Book and step studies. Clients on SSI are also welcome, and are encouraged to be of service, find a home group and get a commitment, even if it is making coffee.

Clients must provide proof they are going to 12-step meetings by having an attendance card signed. They also have to acquire a sponsor within two weeks of arrival. Performance of household chores is also mandated, and over the weekends, residents participate in Double Scrub, which requires vacuuming the house, and intensive cleaning. Typically, a Double Scrub event is 45 minutes in length. The curfew is 9:30 pm Sundays through Thursdays, and 11:30 pm Fridays and Saturdays.

Random drug and alcohol screenings are conducted, and residents who have relapsed must leave the premises. After five days, they are allowed to return, provided that they have undergone detox, and can pass an alcohol and drug screening. They are moved into a new house, if they are male clients. Upon re-entry, they must attend 90 meetings in 90 days, and follow other requirements designed to help them get back on the right track.


A. Lujan Sober Living Homes is a member of CAARR (California Association of Addiction Recovery Resources), which demands high standards from members.

In Summary

The Lujans truly believe in the AA fellowship and its principles. Andy was once a law enforcement officer, and Maria was once a criminal justice client. They often jokingly refer to themselves, as “the cop and the con.” They really believe that the 12-step approach leads to miracles, and often use their own stories as living proof. For men and women seeking a safe and 12-step oriented sober living where they will be treated as part of a family, A. Lujan Sober Living Homes is a wonderful match.

A. Lujan Sober Living Homes Location

A. Lujan Sober Living Homes
2183 W San Jose Ave
Fresno, CA 93711

A. Lujan Sober Living Homes Cost

$500-$600 (30 days). Reach A. Lujan Sober Living Homes by phone at (888) 788-0883, (559) 322-1010 or by email at [email protected] Find A. Lujan Sober Living Homes on Google+

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