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Lowell House, Inc.


Lowell House, Inc.The Basics

Lowell House, Inc. was founded in 1972 in Lowell, a small city in northwestern Massachusetts. The organization offers outpatient substance abuse treatment and sober living to adult men and women living in the Lowell area.

Treatment and Staff

Adults seeking help with addiction at Lowell House initially meet with an intake coordinator to help determine if they are a proper fit. If the intake coordinator believes their needs can be properly serviced at Lowell House, they are then referred to a counselor who helps design an individualized treatment plan. Individuals undergoing withdrawal symptoms or in need of a higher level of care are referred to outside residential or detox facilities.

Lowell House offers an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) that lasts for six weeks. Although the specific intensity of the program is based on the needs of the client, most participants attend group therapy at least three days a week. Clients have the option of attending a half-day, which lasts from 8:30am to 12pm, or a full day which lasts until 3:30pm. The treatment consists of both group and individual counseling. Lowell House offers a variety of groups including ones based on relapse prevention, education and sharing as well as gender specific groups. Each group meeting usually lasts for 45 minutes and consists of less than 15 clients per group. Individual meetings are scheduled accordingly, per client need.

Although Lowell House is not 12-step based, counselors do recommend clients to local AA and NA meetings. Counselors also strongly encourage clients to find a sponsor before leaving treatment. Lowell house is not dual diagnosis but is able to refer clients with potential co-occurring disorders to outside mental health providers.

The staff is a mixture of LADCs and CADCs.


Lowell House offers both a coed and female sober living houses for clients in the IOP. Lowell’s women’s sober house, The Glenice Sheehan Womens Program, is based in Tewksbury and is a large brick house where up to 40 women may reside. The co-ed option is The Recovery Home, which is based in Lowell and holds up to 75 people at a time with men and women staying in separate wings of the facility. With both programs, clients initially stay in a double room and then eventually transfer to a single room. Both houses provides food for clients to prepare on their own in the building’s kitchens.

Clients in both these groups must attend the IOP five days a week. The sober houses allow clients to stay as long as they need, however the average time is six to 15 months.

There isn’t a family program but clients can request individual meetings with their counselor and their family members. Family members are encouraged to attend Alanon meetings while their loved one is in treatment.

The organization  also doesn’t have an official aftercare program, but clients are encouraged to return to Lowell House for group and individual meetings with counselors if they are ever struggling in sobriety.

In Summary

Lowell House, Inc. is a comprehensive treatment option for adults struggling with a primary diagnosis of alcoholism and/or addiction. The sober living houses offer clients the flexibility of an outpatient setting within the infrastructure of a residential program. The intensity of the program is a great fit for clients who are transitioning from a residential program into an outpatient setting. Also, the small group sizes help counselors develop an solid personal relationship with each client, a crucial element to setting the foundation for long-term recovery.

Lowell House, Inc.
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