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Chicago IllinoisThe Basics

Louise Landau Health Center operates as part of the Near North Health Service Corporation, which provides community health care, education and disease prevention regardless of ability to pay. Founded in 1966 in Chicago, Illinois, Louise Landau Health Center operates three sites around Chicago and offers outpatient substance abuse treatment to adult men and women.

Treatment and Staff

The intake process at Louise Landau Health Center begins with a phone call followed by an in-person meeting with a counselor to help determine the client’s potential level of care. If the individual is deemed a good fit for Louise Landau Health Center, the counselor helps determine a treatment plan. The organization operates on a sliding fee scale to accommodate people of all economic backgrounds. Clients who are unstable or going through withdrawal are referred to outside residential or detox facilities.

The outpatient program at Louise Landau Health Center consists of both group and individual therapy. The length and intensity of the program is based on the needs of the individual, and clients are allowed to step down at their own pace. Participants generally attend one to three group meetings per week, each lasting about two hours. The groups are small, with usually about five people per group. The counselors use a variety of treatment techniques in the group meetings including CBT, Motivational Interviewing (MI), sharing, education and relapse prevention. Individual meetings are scheduled based on the needs of the client. Counselors also recommend some individuals attend local AA/NA meetings.

Louise Landau Health Center provides dual diagnosis support and clients with co-occurring disorders are referred to on-site psychologists and mental health counselors. The staff consists of a mixture of CADCs and LCSWs.


Although Louise Landau Health Center does not have an official family program, clients can request individual meetings with their counselor and their family members. Family members are also encouraged to go to Alanon meetings while their love one is in the program.

LLCH also offers domestic violence outreach programs, case management and HIV/AIDS counseling.

In Summary

Louise Landau Health Center offers affordable and flexible outpatient treatment to adult men and women in the Chicago area. The small group sizes encourages clients to develop relationships with both their counselors and peers while also having their individual needs addressed. Additionaly, the gradual discharge process allows clients to transition out of the program at a pace that works best for their personal recovery.

Louise Landau Health Center
800 N. Kedzie
Chicago, IL 60651

Louise Landau Health Center Cost: Sliding Scale. Reach Louise Landau Health Center by phone at (312) 337-1073 or by email. Find Louise Landau Health Center on Facebook, Instagram, Google+, YouTube and Twitter

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