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Lord Fairfax House


Lord Fairfax HouseThe Basics

Lord Fairfax House is a sober living facility founded in 1976 in Winchester, Virginia. The non-profit organization provides a sober living environment for adult men and women who have recently completed a residential treatment program.

Accommodations and Amenities

Lord Fairfax is a five-bedroom house in a quaint Winchester neighborhood. It can accommodate up to eight possible residents but usually only has around five or six at a time. The house is co-ed with the men’s bedrooms on the top floor and women’s on the main floor. There are three men’s bedrooms and two women’s bedrooms, with two clients per room. Each floor has a bathroom with a shower that all the clients on the floor share.

The main floor has a large living room with a TV as well as a full kitchen and dining area. The house has a washer and dryer in the basement, but clients are required to provide their own laundry detergent.

The house provides 24/7 support and has a staff member who lives on-site in one of the downstairs bedrooms. Most of the staff are recovering alcoholics and addicts themselves and some have even gone through Lord Fairfax’s program.

All of the groceries and food are provided by the organization and staff. Residents are responsible for the preparation of meals, and each resident is assigned one day a week to cook dinner for the rest of the house. The residents work from a set menu prepared by the organization to ensure a healthy diet for the residents while living in the house.

Rules and Regulations

The program lasts for 90 days and aims to help provide residents with the life skills and support systems to successfully transition back into life outside of treatment.

When residents enter the program, they sign an agreement that goes over all the rules and expectations of the house. They are required to attend one outside AA or NA meeting a day and find a sponsor as soon as possible. Lord Fairfax also requires residents to find a job and offers resume help as well as some job placement services.

Residents must sign in and out when coming and going. Unless they have work at the time, all residents are required to return to the house at 6:00 pm every day for dinner. Residents are allowed to have cell phones as well as personal laptops, and the house is equipped with Wi-Fi throughout. Residents are allowed to smoke outside the house.

Lord Fairfax has a house meeting every Monday and Wednesday night for the residents to catch up and discuss any roommate issues. Residents also discuss their progress and growth during this time, and aim to build each other up and encourage other residents’ good behavior.

Lord Fairfax strongly encourages learning financial responsibility, and residents are required to turn over their paychecks every week to the house secretary. The secretary helps the residents budget out their expenses and sets aside $80 each week from the resident’s paycheck. This saved money becomes available to the residents when they leave the house.


Once residents have established themselves at Lord Fairfax and are living up to the house’s expectations, they are allowed to have weekend passes to see their families.

In Summary

Lord Fairfax House provides an affordable and supportive sober living house for adult men and women in the Winchester area. The house’s requirement of clients needing to find a job allows them to begin building a sober life outside of treatment. The focus on saving money and learning how to budget helps clients not only leave the house with some money but also with the skills to properly support themselves. Also, clients attendance at outside AA and NA groups while in the program helps them create a solid, and hopefully effective, outside support system.

Lord Fairfax House
512 S. Braddock St
Winchester, VA 22601

Lord Fairfax House Cost: State Funded. Reach Lord Fairfax House by phone at (540) 662-8877.

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