What to look for when comparing luxury detox centers
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What to look for when comparing luxury detox centers

What to Look for When Comparing Luxury Detox Centers

Selecting a luxury detox center is not an easy process; the type of treatment programs, the level of privacy offered, and even the type of payment accepted may play a factor in your decision. The more luxury detox centers you consider, the more overwhelmed you may feel when trying to decide which program is right for you.

If you are feeling overwhelmed when comparing luxury detox centers, here are some criteria to keep in mind when making your selection:

Approach to detox. Medically supervised detox is the first step for recovery. When comparing different luxury detox centers, ask what type of supervised detox will be available, such as a medical doctor or 24/7 nursing staff to help you safely manage cravings and withdrawal symptoms. While there is no such thing as “painless detox”, detox medication such Suboxone may help make the drug detox process easier. Detox is both a physical and emotional process; for this reason, some individuals find that attending group therapy, for example, is too challenging during this period. Instead, you may benefit from access to a recovery library, Jacuzzi and swimming pool, steam room and sauna, yoga, and daily meditation. These options should be available throughout the detox process and fully supported by medical professionals.

Treatment options. Access to a variety of treatment options following drug and alcohol detox may lead to better recovery outcomes, especially if you have been diagnosed with a co-occurring mental health disorder. When evaluating treatment programs, consider whether holistic or alternative therapies are available, as well as cognitive-based behavioral counseling, fitness and nutrition support, and spiritual care.

Length of stay. Does the treatment center offer a 30-day or 60-day in-patient recovery program? While the idea of even staying in treatment for 30 days may initially seem overwhelming at the start of rehab, many individuals find that longer programs provide a stronger foundation for long-term sobriety. Additionally, the National Institute on Drug Abuse recommends longer treatment programs, whenever possible. After you complete the program, consider what type of continuing care options will be available.

Choosing between different luxury detox centers is not an easy task. You may feel pressure to pick the “perfect” center for recovery and worry how your choice of treatment programs will impact your ability to live a sober life. No matter which program you choose, remember that simply making the decision to enter treatment is a huge, life-changing choice and an important first step forward.