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Living RebosThe Basics

Living Rebos is a two-part treatment facility based in Culver City and Santa Monica, California. Its primary offering is the eponymous Living Rebos Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), though it also has a luxury sober living complex called Rebos Village as an extended care option. Founded by Ross Remien after beginning his own journey to sobriety, Living Rebos is a structured yet still customizable recovery program. As such, it’s a good option for those who need flexibility and can’t leave their daily life for extended periods of time—or for those who simply don’t want to.


Since Living Rebos is primarily an outpatient program, those who elect it won’t be staying on-site while seeking treatment; their sober living complex, Rebos Village, however, is a gorgeous facility with no comfort spared. It is comprised of a three-bungalow compound in Santa Monica. Two houses are shared homes with private bedrooms, while the third is a totally private one-bedroom home. With 24-hour service staff, stylish décor, flat screen TVs in every room, fireplaces, outdoor gardens, patio space, gym memberships, meals and shuttles for transportation, there isn’t much left for clients to want for during their stays.

Treatment and Staff

Living Rebos believes that treating the deeper issues that cause dependency is the key to succeeding at a life without addiction. To that end, each individual’s life experience and goals are considered in formulating a treatment plan just for them—it’s not a 12-step based approach, but rather a blend of several styles of therapy. Within an individual’s schedule are eight private sessions a week of psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and spiritual counseling, as well as therapy groups focused on substance abuse education, goals and motivation.

Living Rebos focuses on the mental and physical aspects of chemical dependency while balancing the desire to maintain an otherwise “normal” life in treatment. Living Rebos also offers an executive program tailored to high-profile professionals seeking discreet care and like-minded group sessions.

Each resident’s treatment plan is tailored to their personal schedule; on average, clients are in therapy four hours a day, five days a week (though those entering after 30 days or more in one of their live-in facilities can elect to keep a three-day a week schedule). Despite their many different sessions available throughout each day, structured daily routines are still a major component of their program.

Living Rebos’ team is led by its founder and CEO, and includes specialists for every aspect of addiction and recovery (Remien himself is a life coach and counselor). His team includes clinical psychologists, an array of counselors (with experience in Gestalt therapy, spirituality, health and wellness), aftercare case managers, licensed MFTs and an accommodating administrative staff.


Perhaps most special about Living Rebos’ program is the varied experience of its qualified team. Each therapist on staff specializes in a different modality of treatment including psychodynamics, family systems, differentiation and hypnotism, to name a few.

In Summary

Unlike inpatient facilities, Living Rebos finds a marriage between treatment and real life.  When approached by the right individual, it might prove an effective way of teaching long-term coping skills.  Living Rebos is a mid-range choice well within reach (with insurance) for those looking to begin their journey to sobriety.

Living Rebos
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Living Rebos Cost: $15,000 (30 days). Reach Living Rebos by phone at (319) 694-5590. Find Living Rebos on Facebook, TwitterPinterest and Vimeo

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