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Bensalem PennsylvaniaThe Basics

Located just outside Philadelphia, Livengrin Foundation is an economical 28-day rehab that helps those who suffer from addiction gain a footing in the world of sobriety. Through detox, an introduction to the 12 steps and therapy, clients are able to get a jump start on their recovery journey.

Accommodations and Food

The 109-bed facility is split between men and women, with separate carriage houses for each. Each house contains shared bedrooms, featuring two twin beds and a small bathroom. The accommodations are pretty minimal and resemble quaint motel rooms. The living room features several couches and television to watch during free time.

As far as personal technology goes, cell phones and laptops are prohibited but a computer lab is available for use during free time. Time spent on the Internet is to be used for job searching and other life-enhancing tasks. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are not allowed. For those who wish to get in some reading, a library is open during the day, while clients who appreciate physical activity will enjoy the on-site gym.

Meals are shared in the dining hall. The food here is served buffet style and offers three choices per meal. While the food is nothing to write home about, clients will not go hungry through their 28-day stay.

Treatment and Staff

The treatment offered during a 28-day stay is pretty run of the mill. Detox is available for those who need to be medically monitored as they come off substances. The detox period lasts three days and costs an additional $1,500. After stabilization is achieved, clients are exposed to the 12 steps as well as traditional therapeutic experiences. A mix of mandatory on- and off-site AA/NA meetings take place on a daily basis.

In addition to following the 12 steps, Livengrin offers both group and individual therapy. Groups are held several times a day and include topics such as relapse prevention, working the steps, family dynamics, grieving, life skills and employment. While Livengrin does not offer an official trauma group or EMDR, individual therapy sessions once a week allow a client time to process past issues.

Family support and participation is encouraged at Livengrin, which offers a weekly enlightenment family program. This three-and-a-half hour evening class introduces family members to the disease of addiction as well as encouraging discussion among the group. Family members who attend are allowed visitation on Saturdays.

After a client has finished their 28-day stay, Livengrin offers a variety of step down options. A Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) takes place from 8 am to 4 pm five times a week while Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is held for two hours each day five times week. For those who just needs support a couple of times per week, general outpatient offers care three times a week for two hours. All outpatient programs include group therapy, educational lectures and time with an individual therapist.

The staff at Livengrin is a mix of nurses, a medical director, psychiatrist and licensed counselors.

In Summary

Livengrin offers good, no-frills recovery. With an introduction to the 12 steps and round-the-clock care, this facility is an appealing option for those who want a solid entry into recovery without a lot of the bells and whistles.

Livengrin Foundation Location

4833 Hulmeville Rd
Bensalem, PA 19020

Livengrin Foundation Cost

$11,200 (28 days). Reach Livengrin Foundation by phone at (800) 245 4746 or email at [email protected]. Find Livengrin Foundation on Facebook and YouTube

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    They don’t really care about the person. Payment is their agenda. They’re building and expanding because they’re all about the dollar. In fairness they have a few…very few…competent, compassionate counselors, but the vast majority are judgmental trolls who spend more time trying to trip you up, get you kicked out and if you’re there because of substance abuse problems compounded by legal problems they look for every and any opportunity to call your Parole Officer. How’s that for sabotaging someone struggling with addiction.

    • J Stefencavage on

      I take umbrage to that .I work at Livengrin, it’s not easy, and it’s not high pay. But I, as well as most of the staff there love our job. We believe in the fact that anyone who truly wants to recover can and will.

      We are trained on how to interact with our patients. We take abuse from patients who are scared, addicted, sick and desperate. But we know addiction is a disease and that the patient will begin to feel better in a short time – if they are willing. Please do not put the whole place down because, truly, we do care.

  2. This is the third rehab I have been to–and the FIRST to ever truly treat me like a valuable human being instead of number or dollar sign. They made me face some very difficult life issues, in addition to my addiction, and some that I did not want to have to face. But you know what? Better to do so there, in a supportive caring environment, than blowing it out on my own, or in front of people who don’t have my best interests at heart. I have been out of treatment for three months now, and I still get regular calls from Livengrin asking how I’m doing, and if I need anything from them. I am planning to go back there this summer and attend their Reunion picnic, and bring my parents–who were also treated with respect and compassion while learning about this disease that has impacted our family. I am very grateful!

  3. Livingrin Foundation is an unprofessional facility. They had a family member there and would not allow him to transfer out, they did this in a manipulative and controlling manner. First of they never informed him that an alternant program wanted to interview him on request of the family, they would not begin, nor discuss transfer proceeding with the other program. Staff also turned this young man against his close knit family! We have two weeks of unanswered emails to various staff members including Ms Saville, Ms Cohen and William J. Lorman, Vice President and Chief Clinical Officer. They did this by sharing private email complaints which were sent to the above mentioned individuals with the young man. These were sternly worded complaints which the staff went and informed the young man were “unprofessional”, even letting him read the emails. Who does this, and why?
    When I made a public complaint on a social media forum like this one, I was threatened by William J. Lorman with legal action!
    This is scary. This is a very cultish and scary place.

  4. Do not go there very insensitive staff make you two days for withdrawal medication plus of your detoxing your locked up in this small corridor with no phone privileges you have to beg to get a phone call to leave. The nursing staff is sloppy dressed and they make you pee in a Cup with a door open with men two feet away. For all the money they get donated get it together!!!!

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