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lincoln-trail-behavioral-health-systemLincoln Trail Behavioral Health System Review

Located in the relatively small city of Radcliff, Kentucky, Lincoln Trail Behavioral Health System offers multiple tracks of recovery services for both psychiatric and chemical dependency issues. Its 28-day inpatient program offers intense, 12-step based and dual diagnosis treatment in a hospital facility. While this is the longest possible term of care, many also choose to use Lincoln Trail’s detox services only.

Accommodations and Food

Lincoln Trail is a sprawling one-floor facility with 140 beds, but there are never more than 60 clients participating in their program at a time. The rooms are dormitory style, each with two twin beds, a dresser, a desk and a sink in each room, as well as a private bathroom. All are shared with another resident. Men and women are housed in the same unit, though psychiatric clients are kept separate from those seeking help for chemical dependency.

There is a cafeteria in the facility where residents eat three hot meals a day; the staff also provides snacks and drinks throughout the day.

Treatment and Staff

As mentioned, Lincoln Trail offers a medical detox on-site. During this process, clients meet with a medical doctor and are supervised around the clock by Lincoln Trail’s nursing staff; those participating in the detox program only typically stay for five-to-seven days. These residents are housed in a separate wing of the facility, and are also given a basic introduction to the 12 steps. Lincoln Trail’s aforementioned medical staff are also available to those doing the 28-day program—their on-staff doctor makes daily rounds and their nursing staff are always available as well. One of the reasons for this constant care is that Lincoln Trail is a lockdown facility, meaning clients do not leave the premises for any reason other than a medical emergency.

Days at Lincoln Trail are filled with group therapy and individual counseling, with breaks for meals and free time. All clients receive a copy of AA’s Big Book upon entry, and are expected to begin working the steps during their stay. The psychiatric track is formatted largely the same way, except with an emphasis on specific issues such as depression, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, PTSD, bipolar disorder and other mental illnesses. Lincoln Trail also works with residents to create individualized dual diagnosis care plans, when necessary. All 12-step meetings are held on-site.


Though clients remain on the premises throughout their entire stay, Lincoln Trail does offer a handful of recreational opportunities on-site. There is a gym on the premises with basic equipment such as exercise bikes, treadmill and a universal weight set. There’s also volleyball and basketball courts and even an activities room, where residents can play ping pong, pool or even video games. Still, much of each resident’s downtime is expected to be spent doing assigned 12-step homework.

Because of the proximity to Fort Knox, Lincoln Trail offers a special program for military members suffering from either psychiatric disorders or chemical dependency issues. The facility tailors this program to allow for easy admission, working in concert with the military to “pre-approve” potential clients in need. It’s also worth noting that much of the staff at Lincoln Trail has either military experience themselves, a family member in the service or just a deeper understanding of the military lifestyle as a result of the proximity to the Fort.

In Summary

Lincoln Trail’s specific strength may lie in its specific care offerings for military members and families. In all, those who would benefit from smaller client rolls and lower cost may do well to seek out other options.

Lincoln Trail Behavioral Health System Location

3909 S Wilson Rd
Radcliff, KY 40160

Lincoln Trail Behavioral Health System

$22,400 (28 days, no detox); $28,000 (28 days, with detox). Reach Lincoln Trail Behavioral Health System by phone at (270) 351-9444. Find Lincoln Trail Behavioral Health System on LinkedIn

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  1. The VA sent my husband to this place. Both us are veterans and disabled. I am trying to navigate through some major bills and problems he left at home for me to deal with. He was sent with three calling cards and has ran out inspite of only being able to talk for five minutes to ten minutes at a time. Now, that he is out of time, the nurses will not tell me how to get him more phone time or allow him to call me back. I am fed up. I think they may just helped ruin this marriage. I had to put up with his selfishness while drinking and now that he is sober; we need time to talk and I need information only he has to pay some bills and verify his ID for tax monies. I am the one at home dealing with his choice card rejections with 20 days to respond. I had enough before he left and I have really had enough now and with this place. I will not call them anymore. They are useless. He just may not know where to find me when he gets out of this place. I did not choose to live like this or have an addiction agency treat me like a prison wife trying to call. If he wants this to be his world-fine.

  2. Charlette cobb on

    I was admitted there willingly last Tuesday after speaking with them over the phone and asking tons of questions… I asked them if I could talk to my husband and kids anytime I wanted and they said “ Absolutely “ as long as they have your I.d number but you can’t have a cell phone… then I asked them what is their smoking policy and they said you can smoke once and hour… then I asked if I could leave anytime I WANTED and they said absolutely! So my husband and I go and sign all the papers and they take me back and immediately I felt like I was in hell!!! They strip search you with the door open, they wouldn’t go threw my belongings till the next day so therefore couldn’t change into clean clothes, asked at bedtime to have two blankets because I was freezing and I have severe arthritis so when I’m I cold I hurt worse… but they said no, was up all night couldn’t sleep for coughing but they didn’t care… wouldn’t give me anything for it and every few minutes when they open you bedroom door to check on you she wouldn’t say a word to me just looked and shut the door… I continually tell as many workers as I could that I was freezing and they wouldn’t do anything… one of the other ladies told me I couldn’t wear my sweatshirt to stay warm because it has a hoodie so I asked some workers if the would cut it off so I could have it…. guess what… still ignored… even told a Doctor named Smith and the social worker and still nothing happened! When I got on the other side of the locked doors that’s when I found out they lied to me… they only have a short few smoking times a day and they lied and would not let me call my family… they said I needed a phone card so I asked how I get one and they said they needed to get my money , that they took from me upon arrival, and buy one so I asked them if they would please get my money and get me one… guess what… yep ignored again! They put everyone together no matter the severity… I was so so scared the whole time I was there… told the social worker about my whole experience and told her I wanted to leave and she said just give us a chance so I informed her I had given many chances but couldn’t any longer because if I can’t trust the very place I picked to go to for help and they won’t even help me with the bare necessities and lied to me how am I suppose to trust that they are capable or even willing for that matter to help me !!! I told her I wanted to leave and so she called my husband and put him on speaker phone and informed him I wanted to leave so he said he would be on his way to get me and she said NO I could not leave and he said if she wants to leave I’m on my way to get her… she hangs up on him and starts to storm out of the room angry and says I’m not letting anyone bulldoze ME… so I comforted her and wanted to say you were the one bulldozing lady and hung up on him but I didn’t, I just comforted her… notice the backwards care here… but anyways she told me I could not leave till the next day after I filled out a form and doctor signed off on it, I told her I was told before admittance that I could leave when I wanted so they need to get to doing whatever needed to be done because when my husband got there I was leaving… then they came up with another lie and said I had to stay until the 24 hour mark and I again informed them no I was not … I was leaving upon my husbands arrival… they would not allow me to stay in my room until my husband got there… I thought that would be best if they would have let me because I figured if the other patients saw me they would want to know why I was leaving and it might cause a stir up… but they wouldn’t allow it or allow me to get my belongings… so I stood right in front of the nurses station for about two hours until they got the paper work finished so I could leave… this review is only the beginning of this complaint… I’m taking it as far as I can go!!! Advice to you all if you have stayed at this abusive, neglective unsanitary place to call ombudsman and health department… oh also a lawyer who specializes in patient rights ❤️

  3. this place does NOTTTTTT care about others. when i was there in the beginning of the year 3 males ran away from there. u sit in the “day room” for HOURSSSSS and they watch u sleep. they put there hands on u!!! dont reccomend this

  4. My daughter got. Admitted. Here becsuse she smarted off ti s police officer. Si a judge sent her here , is ther any way i can sign her out if here im her mother

  5. You don’t get to go to the gym and walk the floor. Your confined to a room with all the other patients for 16 hours a day. They have to unlock the door for you to use the bathroom and do laundry. You cant go to your room AT ALL. If your sick, or tired, you are to either sit in the room, or lay on the floor in front of your bedroom door. I’m not kidding. I had a man sexhally harass me and watch me sleep and they never did anything about it. I witnessed another nure emotionally nattering the other nurses. Her name is Carrie. I signed myself out after 7 days of treatment, because if Carrie and the living conditions of the hospital. The day room (community room you stay in with up to 30 patients) has a leak in the ceiling. If you don’t go to the lunch room, you don’t eat and they don’t give you a tray. It’s awful there and they treat the patients like trash. I would never recommend this hospital to anyone.

    Feel free to ask me any questions considering this hospital. [email protected]

    • My daughter got admitted. Here fir cussing at police officer so the judge sent her here. She us 16 is there any way i can sign her out. Im here mother

  6. Joseph (joe) thomas on

    Welcome to hell!! Where human beings are treated like animals and the entire staff couldn’t possibly care less anymore.

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