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lighthouseThe Basics

Located in Lafayette, Indiana, Lighthouse Recovery Home offers sober living for adults recovering from substance abuse. This facility takes a mind, body and spirit approach to recovery; rather then placing residents in a strict 12-step based program, the house teaches life skills, uses evidence-based therapies, incorporates family into the process and opens clients up to the idea of a Higher Power.

Accommodations and Amenities

Residents live in comfortable, gender-specific homes in a quiet residential area. The houses feature dorm-style bedrooms and bathrooms shared between two clients at a time. Each room has bunk beds with all bedding included. Houses also have resident lockers, large kitchens and food storage areas, dining rooms, living rooms with cable TV, laundry rooms and outdoor areas with fire pits. Smoking is permitted in designated areas only.

There are shops, 12-step meetings and recreational activities within walking distance of the homes. To stay active, clients can attend the nearby Lafayette YMCA free of charge. In Columbia Park, residents can visit the zoo, a water park, a baseball stadium, playgrounds, duck ponds, stocked ponds for fishing and picnic areas/shelters. Entrance to the zoo is free. Murdock Park is just down the street, offering a free disc golf course and a sledding hill in winter. Billiards and bowling can also be found close to the home. The facility also hosts a range of sober events such as dances, dinners, picnics, bowling, workshops, mini conferences, retreats and conventions.

Clients are expected to prepare breakfast and lunch for themselves, though the staff prepare a home-cooked meal for residents every night at 5:30 pm.

Rules and Regulations

During their time in the homes, clients follow a structured schedule. Time spent in the program can vary, ranging from a month to a year. All residents must be at least 18 years of age and employed (or seeking employment). Detox must be completed before entering the program and no one with outstanding warrants, violent criminal records or history as a sex offender can be admitted into the program.

For the first two weeks in the house all residents are on restriction. This initial period limits clients’ off-site access as well as their visitation and house phone use. No personal cell phones are allowed for the first 30 days.

All residents receive a weekly chore list and must complete it on time. In addition, 17 hours of recovery work must be completed each week. This includes a mixture of 12-step meetings, therapy, step work and house meetings. Therapy is a blend of meditation, 12-step philosophies, CBT and addiction education. When it comes to AA/NA, a minimum of two outside meetings per week is required and a sponsor must be obtained within the first 90 days in the house.

Clients must be working, volunteering or attending school to stay at Lighthouse Recovery. Jobs in bars and liquor stores are prohibited. Residents are also required to sign in and out of the house when coming and going. From Monday to Thursday, clients have a curfew of 10:30 pm that extends to 11:30 pm on the weekends. Sunday is intended to be an earlier night, with a 6 pm curfew.

Daytime and 24-hour overnight passes are granted at the discretion of the staff. Overnight requests must be submitted in writing 72 hours in advance, though day passes require 24 hours’ notice. All chores must be completed to receive passes.Visitors are only permitted in the common lower-level areas and outside grounds. Intoxicated guests are not allowed on-site.

Transportation is not included in the program. Residents who own a vehicle must provide a copy of a valid driver’s license, vehicle registration and proof of insurance. All vehicles must be parked in designated parking areas only.

All prescription or non-prescription drugs, vitamins or herbal supplements are reviewed and inspected upon intake, as are all personal hygiene products. Anything containing alcohol (such as mouthwash) is not allowed.

The facility is gender-segregated; as such, men are not allowed to go into the women’s home without staff permission and vice versa. There is a strict zero tolerance policy for relapse. Clients are not permitted to be in the presence of alcohol and drugs when off-site. Rent must be paid on time, any failure to do so resulting in a $10 late fee.


Court advocate services assist clients who are facing criminal charges due to their substance abuse issues. Lifetime alumni support is available as well.

In Summary

Lighthouse Recovery Home definitely falls on the stricter side of sober livings, though the structure may be beneficial to the newly sober. Those who attend this program need to be serious about their sobriety and willing to follow guidelines. Through a mixture of working in the real world, therapy, the 12 steps and the application of life skills, this program can help residents turn their lives around.

Lighthouse Recovery Home
2525 Kossuth St
Lafayette, IN 47904

Lighthouse Recovery Home Cost: Call for cost. Reach Lighthouse Recovery Home by phone at (765) 250-5809 or email at [email protected].

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  1. concerned father on

    Do not move into this recovery home. Unfortunately there are not a lot of options in Lafayette, Indiana but Home with Hope at least has structure. I was told they would administer my daughter’s medication and it would be locked away. Within days she had her own access to it. They promised twice a week trips to get groceries then forced me to drive an hour from Indianapolis to keep her fed. The manager on the men’s side had less than two weeks sober. Do not waste your deposit at this home. Try Home with Hope or else there are a lot of homes in Indianapolis and further north. Additionally, the home is co-ed and Beth(the owner) will consistently give privileges to the men over the women. Its truly not a positive environment for anyone trying to better their lives.

  2. My experience with the L.H. was similar.My son was admitted and the next week discharge. There are no refunds, because the director has it set up on Pay Pal as donations. She had a manager call me( someone that has been sober for a short period.)Depending on the individual it’s like “giving a fox the key to the hen house.” I left her a message that I would of appreciated a call from her, not very professional. She said I was harassing her? When I questioned the policy of co- ed, meetings, activities and shared transportation. She became very defensive! These people are trying to get well! They don’t need added distractions with the opposite sex. Addicts are self centered, impulsive and make poor choices. For some reason she can’t grasp this. After talking to her she made me feel like my “son was nothing more than a dog going after a bone!” THINK ABOUT IT! He is now walking the streets of Lafayette. If I don’t pick him up he’s stranded. Now I’m thrown in with the co-dependency again.If they are to be discharge they should have a back up facility. I was also told she was not a babysitter. That would be impossible because she is hardly there! She also told me she had to give up her family time to return my call. THAT’S HER JOB!, not the managers. Very sad!

    • Dear Mrs. Svitko,
      I am very sorry for the frustration you experienced. I too had a son that no matter what just simply could not nor would he obey laws, nor follow the basic rules of society or organizations including several sober living homes , when he was still in and out of his addiction. He was always getting arrested or discharged or fired or kicked out of every where he went including our own home.I had to forbid him even coming to our home. I believe you had this same experience. The bottom line is addicts get themselves arrested or fired or kicked out of places. Your son nor mine is not any different.

      I sincerely feel that a if a co ed facility was not the best fit for your son and had too many distractions – that you and he had other alternatives to select from before coming back to Lighthouse in the first place? Every client reads and agrees to our rules and regulations upon arrival. They know what is expected upfront. Your son especially knows our rules because he was here 5 years ago and was discharged then for the same fraternizing rule.

      So Mrs. Svitko the fact that your son decided to walk off grounds while on restriction and with out signing out or have any permission by staff to go have lunch with an unapproved female has nothing to do with the Lighthouse or staff which is what I tried to explain on the phone?

      If you remember I did make arrangements for him to be accepted into an all male facility in Indianapolis and called you to please pick him up and take him and I let him stay an extra two days to do so but, you felt you could not or should not do this.

      The upfront cost for everyone includes a non refundable one time $250 admission/administration fee ( this includes the bed hold we give clients that are needing us to secure a bed while in treatment) we also collect the first week service fee of $160 and the last week service fee of $160 for that purpose. We provided all these services therefore no refund was granted and had nothing to do with a donate button?

      I decided to take the time to reply because I really do care about you and your son. I am very sorry things did not work out. My son will be celebrating 7 years of sobriety come this January 2018 and I just celebrated my 30 years in February of 2017. I understand deeply how active addiction really plays havoc on families and their emotions and on their finances. Addiction really does bring the worst out of us. I will continue to pray your family’s recovery!

      Beth Snyder
      Executive Director

      Lighthouse Recovery Home
      for the Tri-County Area, Inc.
      2525 Kossuth Street Lafayette, IN 47904
      765-250-5809 Office Line
      765-250-5898 Fax Line

      • Dear Beth, according to some staff managers, they felt you were overreacting, taking something minor and making it out to be a bigger deal than what it was. As I was told, they didn’t want him to be discharged because you were treating him unfairly, not my words, theirs. The managers didn’t make him leave until you put the pressure on. As you stated “you had your suspicions” .” Also staph members told me he had permission to leave on several occasions. I’m not totally blind, and I am capable of seeing things as they are. You did not ever call me about another facility. I heard about this from my son. If you’re going to be selective about the clients you take in then you should be in another business. As far as picking him up, isn’t that being co-dependent. Isn’t that something that should be discouraged? As far as putting him in another facility why would I believe you? You can’t even state the facts correctly. I heard how wonderful Tommy S. was doing. He went to the hospital with cotton fever? I heard he was hoping for you to take him back. I wonder if you made an exception for him. Also, if I had known that this was a co-ed facility he wouldn’t of gone there. I wasn’t notified about anything except how much the payment was? I had a bad feeling about sending him there again, but since he had fond memories of you I accepted. Hopefully you and I have both learned something about ourselves and the mistakes we made. I also will pray for you to take some responsibility for you management of the Light House, it could be so much more!

  3. There is absolutely no structure, nor any “program” that they talk about. The owner threatens people daily with discharge. The people here have no where else to go, so they are forced to pay the owner money on an irregular basis. There are no “set” fees like they discuss when you come in. I feel stuck and cheated.

    • Dear Stacey,

      I’m sorry for a delayed response to your complaints and am very sorry that your stay at the Lighthouse did not work out favorably. I am very sorry that you felt ” stuck and cheated”.

      I would like to clarify that we are not a free mission nor homeless shelter and because we are a non for profit organization – we do not have an “owner”.

      I can only assume that the ” owner” you made reference to is myself – the executive director.

      Stacey, I do not understand what context of “no structure” and “no program” you are referring to? We have a very full enforced daily schedule with includes wake up times, curfew, mandatory daily NA or AA meetings which we provide daily transportation to and from each meeting. We also have my Sober school classes I teach every Wed and Sunday at 6pm , we always have a chore list, and provide each resident with a bag of books and 3 step work books, and a sober school binder to use during the daily scheduled recovery hour. We have mandatory dinner that we must all eat together everyday at 5pm. I know you were given a schedule and all your education package.

      It has never been my policy or our LRH corporate policy to look for ways discharge clients nor ” threaten to discharge” clients. In fact it is quite the opposite we are always looking for ways to give our hand up to those addicts in need of our services. I do know this was the case with you and because we are not a free program we are unfortunately very limited with our resources for indigent cases. I whole heartily disagree that people have “no where else to go” . There are free homeless shelters and also free programs(ex. Salvation Army) in Lafayette and all over the state.
      Again, we are very limited with free resources/services but, we try to help whenever we can! Which is why you were accepted into the Lighthouse in the first place! Residents are expected to gain employment within their first 2 weeks to secure their stay. They are also responsible to seek out their own outside funds with family support or with a Beacon Sponsorship if they wish to stay in our program.
      We do have a rate for $160 for weekly service fees. Once you advance to Sr. Resident or Team Leader and take on extra duties we give some reductions for that. I can only assume this might be what you are referring to.

      Stacey, I’m not sure why you left without discussing these concerns but, I would have gladly listened and offer any support I could.


      Beth Snyder
      Executive Director

  4. Today I celebrate one year clean off heroin and it was all because of the Lighthouse! The two girls that wrote these reviews were both discharged for using heroin. I have been attending Sober School on Wednesdays since my graduation and Beth Snyder, the staff and atmosphere are always happy and positive! If your serious about recovery this is the best place to be.

    • Dear Elaine,
      Congratulations on all your new life successes in recovery! I myself just celebrated my 30 years continuous sobriety off of all drugs and alcohol and consider myself blessed beyond what I can express in words. I’m so happy the Lighthouse worked out favorably for you!
      Personally I believe that any addict or alcoholic can get clean and sober anywhere – even living under a bridge or in a jail cell with God’s help – but, that can be a pretty hard road to recovery which is why the Lighthouse can be such a blessing for those that are able to respond to treatment. We have served over 2000 clients in the past 10 years and unfortunately there are still addicts in their struggle of active addiction.

      They say Recovery is for only addicts and alcoholics that want it- and willing to work for it – Recovery is not for those that need it.
      So what we do at the Lighthouse is plant recovery seeds and hope each resident is able to find what they came for. I’m so happy the recovery seed was able to sprout in you Elaine!!!


      Beth Snyder
      Executive Director

  5. I would learn towards Amy’s review. my daughter was admitted on Sunday and gone the next, VERY poor management, the head of house had only been sober 79 days and was in NO way able to handle new addicts. Rules changed daily from phone use, to sleeping through meetings, to being left alone the first week. I think this could be a great place, but at the present time would look elsewhere outside of Lafayette! I do believe it is a lot about the money! Not one admin person called to check on my daughters well being after she was asked to leave, but they pocketed $500 for the week… WISH THERE WAS BETTER PLACES AROUND

    • Dear Aimee,

      I am very sorry that your daughter had to leave after only one week. I very much enjoyed meeting both of you. We have a zero tolerance for drugs delivered and of course any drug use once a resident is admitted. This is always unfortunate.

      I can understand your confusion with inconsistencies with phone, sleeping, meetings, etc. People that are still in acute withdraw symptoms simply can not comply with all our schedule and are excused and only participate when they can in that first week or so. Many times they need extra sleep and can’t eat nor attend classes that first couple weeks.

      I must clarify for those people interested in the Lighthouse – I am the primary supervisor of the Ladies Lighthouse and I have been sober over 30 years – not 79 days. We are not a locked down facility nor do we offer any clinical or medical services which is stated on our web page and reviewed during intake.

      Sometimes cravings and or detox is too much for addicts and they become overwhelmed and do need that extra supervision.

      I know we were able to provide all the services she was promised and paid for therefore, was not eligible for any refunds. I’m just very sorry things didn’t work out but, very glad she found the extra help she obviously needed.

      Beth Snyder
      Executive Director

  6. I am in very disagreement with the above review from Amy when it comes to my experience at the Lighthouse Recovery Home. The food was tasty and plentiful and their ” sober school program ” opened my eyes to a whole new world with out using. I found the staff extremely helpful and supportive. I whole heartily recommend the Lighthouse to any one that is serious about their recovery for sure.

    • Dear Elaine,

      Thank you for your kind and encouraging words!

      It works if you work it!

      Beth Snyder
      Executive Director

  7. I was a resident at this recovery home for 2 months and what you have written here is very far from what actually happens there. They do detox people off of everything from Heroin to Alcohol. People smoke spice on the property including the director’s own husband. The resident Managers take patients medications and money for their own personal use. You are not allowed to attend any outside meetings. You are threatened daily with being discharged for any reason if the resident manager or director is in a bad mood. Rules change daily based on who ever is in charge. The resident managers are not sober for more than 2 months and have relationships with the other residents. It is on a cash basis only. 2 people have recently died there due to negligence. I would not recommend this recovery home to anyone. They are only there to take money and have no desire to help people recover.

    • Dear Miss Amy,
      I miss you and always enjoyed you!
      I am very sorry that things did not work favorably for you at the Lighthouse back then and I’m sorry that I am just seeing this complaint for the first time today.( This complaint was from two years ago.) However, I must agree with you that there have been times that drugs have been brought into the Lighthouse by varies ways and is most disturbing when it does. It is true my husband relapsed. It is true the resident manager relapsed. If I remember relapse was part of your problems at Lighthouse . Relapse is very often a part of most addicts story and journey.

      Anyway Amy, alot has changed ,since that time – I have unfortunately had to divorce my husband and also had to replace some staff. I wasn’t aware about some of these complaints but, as soon as I knew I made some changes promptly. I feel Our drug epidemic in America and especially heroin and ,meth, and spice is so strong that drugs are everywhere. They get shipped into our country, and are in our schools, our work places, our homes, our military, sometimes places for treatment, and even our jails and prisons! Nothing or no one has the enough ability or power to keep them out. We are losing the war on drugs and we can get easily disgusted and discouraged.
      For anyone reading this post and thinking about Lighthouse for yourself or a loved one – if at all possible I encourage you to come tour and talk to some of the current residents because I like to think of the Lighthouse Recovery Home as a “Pocket of Enthusiasm” for RECOVERY!
      I do not claim to have all the answers and that neither me nor any of our staff never make mistakes nor have problems but, we are passionate about recovery and I invite you to come see for yourself! You will discover the truth that our only mission really is: to save lives!

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