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Lighthouse Care Center of Conway is a residential psychiatric hospital offering treatment for those suffering from mental health and substance abuse disorders. Located just outside Myrtle Beach in one of the oldest cities in South Carolina, Lighthouse Care Center of Conway offers medical detox and inpatient addiction treatment that follows the 12-step model of recovery.

Accommodations and Food

LCCC has a large campus with lush, manicured lawns and an expansive green a garden. The 72-bed facility offers simple but spacious rooms which are shared with two to three same-sex roommates. Cell phones and computers are not allowed during treatment but there is a media room where clients are permitted to watch TV and play board games.

Meals at LCCC are served three times a day, cafeteria-style, and the food is straightforward home-style cooking (though they do their best to accommodate any clients with dietary restrictions). Caffeine is not allowed but sugar and snacks are permitted.

Treatment and Staff

LCCC is first and foremost a voluntary program, which means that clients must actively want to recover in order to be admitted. Once this has been established, the staff at LCCC put together an individualized treatment plan that reflects the client’s personal goals for treatment which are monitored, reviewed and modified (if necessary) throughout their stay. There is a physician-assisted detox program that is $4,050 for five days.

While not all clients have the same treatment plan, all programs at LCCC are highly structured. Clients wake up at 7 am and set a daily goal before eating breakfast. The rest of the day is made up of some combination of individual therapy, group therapy and 12-step meetings. All therapy here has roots in CBT, so treatment is designed to be brief and solution-oriented. Clients are given different variables of time for reflection, weekly yoga, mediation and  journal keeping. In the evening, residents give a report on the achievement of their morning goal. There is also a dual diagnosis program at LCCC, focusing on addicts who also struggle with chemical imbalances and mental illness. This partially specialized program helps clients find more effective coping strategies through individual therapy.

Staff members at LCCC are MFT therapists, psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses and one general physician. The ratio of client-to-staff is approximately five-to-one.


The on-site gym provides clients a space to exercise once or twice a week, as well as weekly nature walks and yoga classes.

Once clients nears the end of their residential treatment, LCCC offers a relapse prevention program that helps prepare them to step down into less encompassing treatment that includes weekly meetings at the facility after inpatient discharge. For those who live out of state, LCCC will help clients set up a treatment team in their hometown.

In Summary

LCCC offers a safe and structure environment for healing. Although the hospital-like setting may feel sterile for some, LCCC’s practice of yoga, meditation and personal introspection help clients get the best of both world of treatment—medical attention and spiritual mindfulness—making the facility a rare and refreshing blend of modern medicine and connection to nature and self.

Lighthouse Care Center of Conway Location

152 Waccamaw Medical
Park Drive
Conway, SC 29526

Lighthouse Care Center of Conway Cost

$22,800 (30 days). Reach Lighthouse Care Center of Conway by phone at (843) 347-8871. Find Lighthouse Care Center of Conway on Facebook

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    Can’t believe this place is still in business! Insurance scam! No treatment just housing for thousands per day!!!

  2. There is nothing lush, manicured, or expansive about this place. The only time you see outside is through glass. I’ve been here a ridiculous amount of times and have never had less than 3 roommates and most of the time, 3 men would be in a room across the hall or beside you, so it’s definitely not a place from women with sexual abuse history. I wouldn’t feed what they call food at this place to my dog. For example, one night for dinner we had what they called a “bird dog” sandwich, it was a chicken tender on a cold hot dog bun. I have told them every time upon being admitted that I cannot have tomato based or spicy food because of a medical condition, and they have never made one step towards helping with my dietary restrictions. You do have a choice at meals but it’s mostly as unappetizing as everything else. You always have to watch what a select few want to watch because everyone else is too afraid to say anything to them, and the staff is no help. They are always severely understaffed, the nurses never have time for the patients. The med techs are the staff members who deal most frequently with the patients and most of these people only have a certificate, not a degree. They should not be chairing group discussions with barely more than a high school education. The only time I have ever seen the therapist is right before I leave. You see the psychiatrist once a day for 5 minutes,and they spend most of that filling out paperwork. You have zero privacy and they allow patients to disturb other patients at night, so you can forget sleeping. They do provide ear plugs, but I feel that is wrong because I’m not bothering anyone, why am I having to wear ear plugs when you should be dealing with the unruly patients and making them be quiet. I never feel clean when I’m there. The first thing I always do when I get home is take a shower. If you can find somewhere else to go, please do. I feel for the patients who have never been anywhere else and think that it’s the norm when it’s not. It can cause patients to get discouraged and not seek help when they think the Lighthouse is the only option available. I recommend MUSC Institute of Psychiatry, Charleston, SC or McLeod Behavioral, Darlington, SC.

  3. In addition to my comments above, Dr. Shetty demonstrated no compassion for my daughter and spent the 5 measly minutes of therapy per day insulting my daughter, insinuating that she was a liar and drug addict which she is neither, and making derogatory remarks to her. This woman is unfit to be called a doctor of anything, much less a psychiatrist who is supposed to help patients who are in crisis. She refused to speak to our family about what was going on with our daughter, even though our daughter authorized this on her behalf. There were patients in the facility at the same time as my daughter who were allowed to urinate on themselves and were not attended by staff, left to remain in their soiled clothing, sitting on furniture used by all patients and soaking couches and chairs in their urine. Totally unsanitary! Even dogs in the animal shelter are attended better than this!

    • Dr. Shitty sucks!!!! She took me cold turkey off my anxiety meds!! As a result my doctor in town no longer will prescribe them. The black ghetto whore they call Big Mama is pure evil,grade a CUNT who stole my ATM info!!!! AND a handmade necklace of mine but I can’t prove it. Dumb bitch

  4. My daughter was recently supposed to be treated in this Horror Hotel for a severe anxiety attack. She was held there for 9 days because Dr. Shetty knew she had good insurance which she intended to exploit as long as possible. She refused to accept that she was not a drug addict and only had anxiety issues and bipolar disorder. Dr. Shetty withheld medications prescribed to her by her private doctor of 3 years which led to my daughter having a seizure which Dr. Shetty virtually ignored. She calls this “med-washing”, a dangerous and ignorant practice. Another patient in the same room suffered an even worse seizure which was entirely ignored, and my daughter was the person who took care of her after this terrible experience and was shamed by staff for doing so. My daughter was told directly by staff that she would be held there against her will as long as her insurance kept paying and was also told by staff that she did not belong there and should get out to a place of safety as soon as possible. While in this terrible facility there were several incidents of pharmaceutical mixups which is totally inexcusable and dangerous. In addition, women and men were housed on the same hallway with no ability for my daughter to close her door at night. Several times men, some naked and gibbering, came into her room and she woke with them standing over her, a totally frightening and unacceptable occurrence! This is a dangerous, harmful and unsuitable place for anyone, much less people who are seeking help. If you are considering this facility for someone you love don’t just walk away, RUN!


    • In continuing my research for patient advocacy, I found out today after speaking to my attorney, that if you have had a negligent experience in a mental hospital or other facility in SC, contact the licensing board and file a complaint. The SC LLR, South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation, investigates negligence, staffing, etc. A facility being grossly understaffed or not following the code of SC law (previously posted on my public FB page), will be investigated. Simply call 803-896-4470 and request a complaint form. For example, the LIghthouse Care Center of Conway, is not found on the LLR website, so a paper complaint must be requested. Be your own advocate – no one else will. We CAN get this place shut down and its license revoked! Give your voice!! God Bless!!

        • I almost died in this facility. It not only deserves 0 stars, it needs to be shut down. I had been experiencing depression for a while and my family and I decided inpatient treatment would give me the best advantage. I came into this facility with depression and left with severe trauma. I have never been treated more inhumane and stigmatized in my life. The way I (and most every other patient) was treated by the techs, nurses, and doctors was completely demoralizing. The interactions between not only myself, but the other patients and the staff, were not only unprofessional, but shockingly immoral and unethical. Many of the techs speak openly about other patients. Some taunt certain patients for their sheer entertainment. On my second day here, I became ill. I immediately told my nurse and the techs on duty. I was told I was fine. No questions, no exam, but I was fine. Over the course of the following three days, I became extremely sick. My chest became tighter and tighter. I was experiencing extreme pain just to take a breath; I was becoming weaker and the patients around me, especially my roommate, were becoming extremely concerned about my health. Over those three days, I had told my nurse, the techs, and my doctor how sick I was countless times. I was ignored and told I was fine. Still no exam. I requested a med consult with my doctor and was told I would have one first thing the next morning. I never received one. My fellow patients began to express their concern for me to the techs and nurses. Nothing. My mother called the nurses station 32 times over those three days. They kept telling her I was fine and began to hang up on her. On the 4th night, I knew I wouldn’t live through it without medical care. As disparaged, but desperate as I was, I went to the nurses station again. And FINALLY, one nurse did his job. One nurse treated me like an actual human being. I didn’t know his name but he saved my life. He gave me a quick exam and an ambulance was finally called. My emergency contact, my mother, was not notified. My family had to figure out where I was the next day when I was scheduled to be discharged. The front desk told them I had been discharged the previous day, which was obviously not true. It was another nightmare getting discharged from that place while in the hospital. Upon arrival at the ER, I was diagnosed with respiratory failure, bilateral pneumonia, and sepsis. For the next 4 of the 7 nights I was there, I fought hard for my life. Every breath I took was excruciating. I couldn’t sit up, use the restroom, or take care of any basic needs on my own. Talking, rather whispering, to answer questions exhausted me for hours. I couldn’t eat at all during that time. On the 4th night I was there, we sent out a prayer request to my community back home, as I was making no improvement. The doctors kept ordering more tests day after day to no avail. And, for the first time I began to turn a corner. My stay at the Lighthouse was approximately 6 weeks ago. I am still seeing specialists relating to the severity of my illness, as everything is not yet resolved. I did overhear some conversations while in the hospital about the Lighthouse. There had been another patient brought in for a ‘mental episode’ that was also almost dead because they had not been treating his diabetes properly. Another man said he ‘would not even send his dog to that place’. I was even told by a Lighthouse staff member that ‘if I ever need inpatient treatment again, do not come to the the Lighthouse’. I have much more I can say about this place, but much of it has been said in previous reviews. Now that I have my strength back, I will be reporting this facility to all of the appropriate agencies. If you or your family member needs mental health treatment, stay far away from the Lighthouse!!

          This is my review I’ve been leaving on other sites. My name on Facebook is below. There is power in numbers and this place does not need to be in business.

  6. was in The Lighthouse for 6 days. I never saw a therapist one on one. I saw the psychiatrist once a day for 5 minutes. All he did was check boxes. Rarely spoke a word. Group therapy is a joke. It’s just “tech’s” running group therapy who just like listening to themselves talk. There was rarely any actual conversation in group. Instead they wasted our time arguing with a 19 year old patient coming off of heroine instead of sending him to his room. Sexual comments and innuendos by male staff towards female patients. Given my history of sexual abuse I never felt safe due to the fact that this is a male/female hall. 3 men sleeping directly across the hall from me. Not allowed to close doors. My parents and family were not able to get through to speak to anyone about how I was doing. My parents tried calling several times and no one ever picked up the phone. The food is horrific. If you do not like what they serve you in the cafeteria 3 times a day then to bad. There is nothing else available to eat. No fruit, snacks, nothing. The fruit they did serve was either not ripe or sour. Nothing nutritious about the food served. The only thing to drink, except when you are in the cafeteria, is water. Two pitchers of water sit on a table. If the pitchers run dry which they always did then you have to drink out of a 1980’s water fountain that tastes horrible. I was dehydrated when I finally got home. Understaffed! It’s like pulling teeth to get a nurses attention. Most of them walk by you and ignore you when you need something because they are too busy. When I arrived at The Lighthouse I was told I would be there for 3-5 days. I was there for 6. One of the techs actually said out loud to everyone in group “Most of you will get out in 3-5 days. Unless your insurance will pay for longer. If so you could be here for as long as your insurance pays. NEVER SEND A LOVED ONE TO THIS HORRIBLE INSTITUTION.

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