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Lifewell Behavioral WellnessLifewell Behavioral Wellness Review

Programs for substance abuse and mental health issues often come with hefty price tags, leaving many people without treatment options. Lifewell Behavioral Wellness, an entirely free program, was founded to serve such people. Located in Phoenix, Arizona, this facility offers all levels of care, ranging from women-only residential to a variety of outpatient and community living options. The residential facility welcomes children, allowing mothers to live safely with their young ones as they work on sobriety.

Accommodations and Food

Clients who attend the women’s only Pinchot Gardens residential program live in a 20-person apartment complex, which serves more than 350 women and children each year. The apartments are shared between two clients and their families, featuring everything a typical home would have: bedrooms with twin-sized beds, bathrooms, small kitchens, living rooms and TVs. Clients make these spaces their own, creating a comfortable and homey vibe during a turbulent time. All groups and individual counseling are done in the main facility, just a quick walk from the apartments. Women must agree to stay on-campus at all times; no off-site meetings, outings or visits are allowed. For those needing freedom or more time in the real world, this program may not be the best option.

Residents are required to participate in keeping the program running smoothly and efficiently. Each week, women are assigned to cooking or childcare duties. They have access to a fully stocked kitchen, located in the main facility, where three meals per day are prepared and served. Menu items are usually chosen ahead of time by residents. As a result of the family-style catering, it can be difficult to accommodate special requests.

Unlike many facilities, this program does not have a workout room or access to a gym. Luckily for the kids, there is an on-site playground.

The outpatient and community living programs have many locations, each varying in size and what they offer.


The 90-day residential treatment plan includes individual counseling once a week, health and wellness education, group counseling, stress management, interpersonal communication, coping skills, parenting classes, trauma-focused counseling, independent living skills, 12-step meetings and relapse prevention. All detox and medical issues must be addressed before admission as the staff consists only of counselors. Clients who take medication are allowed to bring their prescriptions with them; the program includes assistance in self-administering medication.

For those needing something a little less intense than residential, Lifewell Behavioral Wellness offers a variety of outpatient services at four locations for adults 18 and over. Treatment goals, frequency of services and length of time in treatment depend on the individual. The programs all involve psychiatric evaluations, medication monitoring, comprehensive assessments, counseling, health and peer services. Specialty groups such as anger management, trauma and women’s group vary at each individual outpatient facility.

When outpatient programs are completed, clients can continue on to one of the many community living programs, which allow clients to work or attend school during the day. Services include case management, transportation to outside activities, medication management and rehabilitative activities.

In Summary

Lifewell Behavioral Wellness’s mix of community living, therapy and 12-step work hits recovery from all angles, giving women a real shot at long lasting sobriety.

Lifewell Behavioral Wellness Location

202 E Earll Dr, Ste 200
Phoenix, AZ 85012

Lifewell Behavioral Wellness Cost

Free. Reach Lifewell Behavioral Wellness by phone at (602) 808-2822 or email at [email protected]. Find Lifewell Behavioral Wellness on Facebook and Twitter

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  1. Marco Antonio Jimenez on

    Good thing it’s time of judgment especially upon lifewell personnel as is evident that this mental health provider and it’s personnel get paid for practically doing nothing but getting payed of off the members like me. Good thing is that they will just disappear or just drop dead on the spot!!! I could be the judge of that for sure!!! They don’t even provide it’s members with all of there disability rights!!

  2. On June 13, 2018 a surprise phone call came into my office.

    A few weeks ago this organization was brought to my attention while asking for an organization to assist a person who is Deaf. I placed a phone call to the appointment line and was advised that an intake interview would be necessary. That was fine and expected and a call was promised to set it up. That call never came. Thus, I called again and left a message for the same person who took my original call. The person who answered said that someone would call to set up the interview. I mentioned that an ASL (American SIgn Language) interpreter would be necessary.

    That same person said she would check into that as she was unaware of the ADA law in such cases. I gave her the names of several interpreting agencies in TVoTS. I even called the owner of one to ask if he knew this organization called Life Well (one or two words not clarified). He said he did and that some of his staff interpreters were there to service people every week. As one would assume, there should be no problem. I even gave the owner of the agency the person’s name at Life Well. He said he would call them.

    Then the surprise came as I said in my opening sentence. They would not schedule the man for an appointment since Medicare would not pay for the interpreting service. I was shocked and I do believe that this is a violation of ADA compliance. I left a voicemail message for their president, Thoma McKelvey about 4pm on 6/14/1 as well as a person who he referred callers to in his absence on his outgoing voicemail greeting. Let’s see what happens from here.


    well I am truly disappointed with life well very overworked and rude staff who most are there for a paycheck
    I had a caseworker per my tx plan was suppose to be following up with me on a monthly basis and doing a home visiting every 2 months , I filled a complaint against him and life well they stick to their own and lied on complaint plus my medications where sometimes not called in to pharmacy so I requested a new caseworker whom was great but she’s leaving so I request to transfer to another mental health facility for treatment ALL THIS COMPANY CARES IS FOR MONEY

    • believe me they aren’t there for a paycheck, it’s one of the lowest paying non profits in arizona. And they are very focused on the upper management teams not those who provide services. This year the staff didn’t even receive a Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays Email from the CEO or any management. It just isn’t a great place to feel appreciated. So thats probably why they seems like they dont care/

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