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LifeLine For Youth in Salt Lake City is a family-based treatment program that helps adolescents with substance abuse and co-occurring mental health issues. A non-profit facility that has been operating for 21 years, LifeLine for Youth has found that evidence-based therapy modalities, education and recreation create a foundation for wellness. With treatment ranging from residential to Intensive Outpatient (IOP), clients are able to gain support and healing through each phase of recovery.

Accommodations and Food

The 40-bed facility provides a comfortable, home-like environment. Clients share roomy bedrooms with one other person. The bedrooms each include two twin-sized beds, two dressers and large windows. Television watching and reading can be done in the communal room during free time, but all other electronics and technology are banned.

The rest of the facility follows a similar cozy theme, with tons of comfortable seating in the group rooms, a large dining room and recreational space. There is a basketball and volleyball court on the campus, in addition to plenty of walking paths. For those who wish to stay indoors, the spacious recreation room offers daily yoga classes in the mornings.

Treatment and Staff

Instead of a boot camp approach to helping kids get back on track, LifeLine looks to evidence-based therapy to heal addiction and mental health issues. Upon entering treatment, each client undergoes an evaluation that includes a psychiatric assessment, a psychosocial history, a complete lab workup and optional psychological testing and medication management. Once the treatment plan has been created, a licensed therapist is assigned to oversee treatment. One-on-one sessions are held with this counselor twice a week in addition to more than 20 group sessions per week. Group topics include substance abuse, life skills, sexual abuse, sexual reactivity, pornography addiction, grief and loss, adoption and body image. Evidence-based therapies such as CBT and DBT are integrated into all therapy.

LifeLine for Youth also has a strong focus on education during treatment. An academic plan based on individual needs and educational goals is created for each client. The educational program is accredited by the Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges.

Recreation is another key to the client’s recovery, helping to build self-esteem. All residents can participate in daily physical activities such as basketball, volleyball, running and yoga.


In addition to on-site recreation, clients are also taken off-site to participate in activities such as rock climbing, river rafting, snowshoeing, hiking, camping and biking.

In Summary

For parents who are looking for a solid blend of therapy and education for their kids, this program offers a solution for each step on the road to recovery. The heavy emphasis on life skills and recreation can be less intimidating for youth than an intense 12-step based program.

LifeLine for Youth Location

1130 W Center St
North Salt Lake, UT 84054

LifeLine for Youth Cost

$3,254 (instate, 30 days), $6,000 (out of state, 8-10 months). Reach LifeLine for Youth by phone at (855) 968-8443. Find LifeLine for Youth on Facebook and YouTube

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  1. This information is false. This company’s practices are inhumane and violate laws. Being a survivor of this place, I know that they treat their patients like prisoners. I’ve seen patients attempt suicide and self harm because of the unethical treatments. Do not send your child here, ever.

  2. Given their practice methodology, it will be interesting to see if LifeLine will survive the increased scrutiny sure to come if congress outlaws conversion therapy ( The outmoded and discredited therapeutic model employed by LifeLine (isolate the child from the family, build a false sense of dependency on the organization through this isolation, attempt to tear down the child’s self esteem by making the wearing of shoes a “privilege” along with being able to speak, under supervision, with parents/guardians, etc. – the same techniques that have drawn such harsh criticism when employed in so-called “conversion therapy” programs) results in overblown statistics concerning efficacy of the program and mental distress for many of the children subjected to this program. Not knowing better, I put my child through this program. Each family needs to decide what’s best for themselves, but there is no way I would do this one again.

    • Thank you for this review. After interviewing this place and them being flakey and unorganized during the interview process along with telling my child they are not diagnosed correctly (my child is and was diagnosed and properly by a psychiatrist over a period of two years!!) and them telling my child everything they spoke about at that interview is secret from me I’m positive they are not honest and are very disorganized! They collect and bill your insurance also and a copay up front for that interview without any warning. Be aware of this is you go there! Very shady!

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