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The Basics

Liberty House is a collection of sober living facilities located in central Fort Lauderdale, with a house for women and apartment-style housing for men. Both spaces provide structured environments where clients in early recovery live after they have completed 30-day treatment at a residential, outpatient or Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). Clients follow a “12-step lifestyle,” which requires them to dedicate themselves to a solid support program. There is a curfew, though clients may have more freedom further along in recovery.

Accommodations and Amenities

The residential director hand-picks clients for each property. A “house dad” lives on-site with the men; an assistant manager stays with the women. The director helps clients find jobs once they are settled in. There is a 12-step clubhouse within walking distance, as well as 12-step meetings on-site. Meetings are also held during the week at a nearby church. Both properties are located in a quiet neighborhood two minutes from the beach.

The women’s house is a small, ranch-style home, with a relaxed feel. There are spaces for 10 women where clients live two to a room. The rooms are spacious enough to fit full beds, while also being a comfortable fit for two people. The house is fully furnished, with plush couches and a patio/sunroom. A laundry service and a kitchen are available at both locations. Clients have access to an outdoor gym and a barbeque area. Both living spaces are walking distance to the beach, dining areas and ample shopping options. Public transportation is easily accessible for clients to take advantage of the active social scene in downtown Fort Lauderdale.

Rules and Regulations

Fifty percent of residential clients stay over six months. There is extensive oversight, with on-site staff available 24/7. Clients must do a “90 in 90,” attending 90 12-step meetings in 90 days. They are also required to find a sponsor and a home group, a regular meeting that serves as a kind of weekly check-in. Curfew is 11 pm for the first 30 days. After clients have completed “90 in 90,” they must maintain a course of four meetings per week for the duration of their stay.

Clients with 30 days or more under their belts are permitted to have “overnights” to go to events, be with a sponsor or visit a significant other. Each overnight requires a mandatory $10 drug test. Random urinalyses are free—albeit mandatory—throughout a client’s stay. A client’s emergency contact is the only person to whom a manager will talk about the client. Managers and staff help clients with obtaining food stamps and employment opportunities.

The director enforces a relapse protocol for both men and women, in addition to random breathalyzers for accountability purposes. If the client who relapses has a sponsor and does step work and is part of the recovery community, the director will have him or her do 90 meetings in 90 days again, as long as the client is honest about the relapse. Relapse prevention education and services are available. Individual counseling sessions are also available per client request.


Liberty House sober living spaces do not require credit checks or security deposits. Everything but food is included in the monthly rent. Liberty House does not accept insurance, but the cost is reasonable.

In Summary

The most significant rule at Liberty House is that the client should be dedicated to working a strong 12-step program. Liberty House reinforces the need for a stable lifestyle, but clients are free to explore Fort Lauderdale while enjoying the safety and comfort of a quiet neighborhood.

Liberty House
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Liberty House cost: $740 (30 days). Reach Liberty House by phone at (954) 523-1167 or by email at

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