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Laurel Ridge Treatment Center


Laurel Ridge Treatment CenterLaurel Ridge Review

Laurel Ridge Treatment Center is a state-of-the art psychiatric hospital located in San Antonio, Texas. Founded 30 years ago as part of the Texas Department of Mental Health, this facility’s mission to provide community-based mental health services for children, adolescents and adults. With over 18 acres and space for an astounding 252 clients, this program accommodates a large and diverse range of people.

Accommodations and Food

The lush grounds of Laurel Ridge form a central courtyard surrounded by low white stucco buildings. Bedrooms include two to four beds per room (private rooms are not available). The sleeping quarters are sparsely decorated, with white walls and twin beds. Clients are allowed to have caffeine, smoke cigarettes and watch TV, while perks such as phone privileges and outings are earned through a levels system based on behavior and progress.

Simple meals are served cafeteria-style three times a day. A salad bar offers vegetarian options. Residents are allowed snacks and off-campus food as long as it’s pre-packaged.

Treatment and Staff

Treatment and length of stay at Laurel Ridge are determined during the admission process. Clients can expect a psychological evaluation, medical history intake, physical examination, medication management and dietary consultations. Detox is included in the cost. Treatment includes an introduction to the 12 steps and CBT. Dual diagnosis support is available, if needed. Laurel Ridge also provides discharge planning and aftercare management to make the transition back into the home, school and community as easy as possible.

On a typical day at Laurel Ridge, clients are asked to be awake by breakfast, which is served at 9 am. A daily morning community meeting after breakfast allows clients to set goals and receive feedback each day, followed by individual and group therapy. The amount of therapy is dependent upon each specific treatment plan. Group therapy topics include relapse prevention, trauma and processing.

There are 400 staff members at Laurel Ridge Treatment Center. This includes psychiatrists, licensed therapists, nurses, Master’s-level teachers, special education teachers, physician’s assistants and support staff. The staff uses evidence-based therapeutic approaches to help create a more balanced life for their clients. Examples of this are teaching communication and social skills, as well as problem-solving and anger management.


This facility offers the ROPES program (Reality-Oriented Physical Experiential Services). This team-building challenge course helps create a sense of teamwork, trust and goal-setting in a problem-solving situation. The pool, gym and computer lab are also notable perks. There is an on-site school for grades K-12.

In Summary

Laurel Ridge provides comprehensive treatment for a high volume of residents with wide variety of psychiatric disorders. Patients are different ages and have different issues, but the core components of community-building and the 12 steps remain the focal point of substance abuse treatment in this comfortable, residential setting.

Laurel Ridge Location

17720 Corporate Woods Dr
San Antonio, TX 78259

Laurel Ridge Cost

$24,600 (30 days). Reach Laurel Ridge Treatment Center by phone at (800) 624-7975. Find Laurel Ridge on Facebook

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