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Latitudes LGBT Residential


St. Paul MinnesotaLatitudes LGBT Review

As one of Meridian Behavioral Health’s specialized residential substance abuse treatment programs, Latitudes LGBT Residential St. Paul, Minnesota has been around since 2013. While it is not a 12-step based program, Latitudes clients do get an introduction to AA/NA principles which they may follow more ardently if they so wish. Latitudes provides care for adult men and women, who are experiencing chemical dependency and substance abuse problems, along with co-occurring behavioral health issues. As is evident by the program’s name, Latitudes exclusively serves members of the LGBT community.

Accommodations and Food

The Latitudes home is found in an urban neighborhood of St. Paul. Twenty beds are offered in a red brick building with its own patio, front lawn and access to a nearby wooded area. The Latitudes house used to be a senior care home until Meridian bought it and converted it to a treatment center. Latitudes clients share a room with one other client of the same gender. No fraternizing is allowed between clients staying at Latitudes at the same time. All meals of cafeteria-style food are included and provide on-site.

Treatment and Staff

Like all Meridian residential treatment programs, Latitudes offers group therapy sessions throughout the day, during which clients may address a variety of topics, like substance abuse and sexual health education and health realization. Latitudes is methadone friendly, provides 24 hour medical services, CBT, DBT, as well as family services and trauma/loss counseling. Dual-diagnosis support, psychological and psychiatric services are also available.

Latitudes clients may leave the house with an accountability buddy also in the program. Clients are not permitted to leave premises alone or without permission. Apart from the program director and the admission coordinator, residents each get to work with an assigned counselor. Latitudes employs four to five licensed and LGBT-sensitive counselors. The house is cared for 24/7 by a licensed nurse. Latitudes shares pricing with Meridian’s other residential facilities: $700 per day ($600 for therapy, $100 for room and board).


Health realization is utilized by all the Meridian Behavioral Health locations. This therapeutic approach is focused on the role of “mind, thought and consciousness” and “innate health” on a client’s experience of their life. This is based on the premise that resilience and innate health is an unlimited, natural resource found within all human beings.

In Summary

While part of a health organization with over a decade of experience, Latitudes LGBT Residential is nevertheless a young program. What it lacks in track record Latitudes makes up for in specialization. Being one of the few substance abuse treatment programs in the US specifically designed for the LGBT community sets it apart. Being Meridian’s most well-realized and rounded residential treatment program makes it stand out economically, as well.

Latitudes LGBT Location

1609 Jackson St
St Paul, MN 55117

Latitudes LGBT Cost

$21,000 (30 days). Reach Latitudes LGBT Residential by phone at (877) 367-1715. Find Latitudes LGBT Residential on Facebook and LinkedIn

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