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Las Vegas Recovery CenterLas Vegas Recovery Center Review

For the price of an entire weekend at The Bellagio, potential residents can enjoy one full day of addiction treatment at the Las Vegas Recovery Center. Part of this pricing strategy might be risk management—namely, that clients might skip out to hit the tables if sobriety isn’t dealing them a hand they like.

Accommodations and Food

Las Vegas Recovery Center sits on nearly two acres of green and pristinely landscaped land which has a beautiful backyard garden offering clear views of the Spring Mountains. It favors the aesthetics of a well-maintained corporate hotel more than the glitz and glamour some may associate with Las Vegas. But in fitting with suburban Vegas, everything is new and very utilitarian. Even the center’s website reflects its no frills vibe. The good news is that while some residents may not feel pampered at Las Vegas Recovery Center, they will get solid treatment.

Upon arrival, each client is assigned a bedroom to share with a roommate, although it’s not unheard of for people to get their own private room if attendance at the 41-person rehab is low. Daily chores consist of keeping bedrooms clean; everything else is taken care of by the staff.

The food, which is served cafeteria style and sugar is allowed (dessert is available after scheduled meals and coffee and soda are offered until noon each day while water and juice are available 24/7). It also prepares and provides all meals for their residents, which is more than some comparable mid-level rehabs offer.

Treatment and Staff

The facility’s on-site detox is medically supervised and provides 24/7 care by nurses and a qualified staff, who have been described as well-informed, disciplined and professional. It accommodates a wide variety of cases—ranging from basic to complex—with clients kicking everything from opiates and benzodiazepines to marijuana. Las Vegas Recovery Center is also the only medical detox in Nevada that is fully licensed and equipped for supervised methadone withdrawal.

The program at LVRC is 12-step based and the daily schedule is jam packed with recovery—starting promptly at 9 am (after breakfast) with one of three group therapy sessions of the day. In between, clients are assigned 12-step work and other recovery-focused writing assignments. There are AA and NA meetings held at the center as well as transportation provided to off-site meetings during the week.

Some TV is allowed at night and clients can make calls on the house phone if they pre-schedule it with their sponsor. No laptops or cell phones are allowed but there is rumor of very limited Internet access.


Clients of Las Vegas Recovery Center won’t have a lot of down time, which can be a blessing in early sobriety, but when they do, yoga and Pilates are available at a nearby gym. Also, Chi Kung, a Chinese rhythmic-breathing discipline (similar to Tai Chi) and weekly Reiki, acupuncture and massage therapy are offered on campus.

Another special quality about LVRC is its pain management program, designed and facilitated by Dr. Mel Pohl, the center’s Medical Director, who is also a Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Nevada, and co-author of several books on chronic pain management. With pharmaceutical abuse on the rise, it is difficult to monitor if those suffering from conditions like fibromyalgia or rheumatoid arthritis actually need the medication—or, at least, the amount that they’re taking. The program at LVRC is structured in a way that will help clients get back on track managing their pain in a healthy and functional way.

In Summary

The program at LVRC is designed to keep residents on track and focused on their recovery goals and not to provide them with an over-priced, under-pampered place to dry out and get a tan. Overall, LVRC is definitely a place for addicts to go to take care of the business of recovery.

Las Vegas Recovery Center Location

3371 N. Buffalo Dr
Las Vegas, NV 89129

Las Vegas Recovery Center Cost

$22,500 (30 days). Reach Las Vegas Recovery Center by phone at 800-790-0091. Find Las Vegas Recovery Center on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn

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  1. LVRC was and is a dangerous place and a serious fraud. The chronic pain program they have there is nothing more than a placebo effect. Massage and Reike? Quack treatments, all of them. The doctors, if one could call them that, were mentally abusive towards patients and labeled everyone a heroin addict despite the fact that most chronic pain patients are only “clinically addicted” to opiate pain pills and just require safe, supervised detox and proper physical therapy.
    Criminals awaiting trial, and handcuffed to wheelchairs etc. are there to mix in with true medical patients. They will take anyone in. My room was ransacked and I had articles stolen. The staff said tough cookies. Its an insane asylum and everyone is treated like a criminal with no human rights. Its no wonder celebrities go back to rehab so many times–it doesnt work at all…

    The rest of the so called “treatment” was just the usual rehab nonsense: religious and cult-like meetings and the notoriously bad 12 steps. The “family outreach program” is just more of the same shame-based, superstitious spirituality, and guilt nonsense they use to treat a hereditary genetic condition.

    Beware the staff (Spanish Inquisition anyone?) since most of them are just recovering addicts bent on giving a patient a hard time in order to further their own recoveries. Human nature at its worst—they get their “high” from doing this.
    The owner Stuart Smith and his henchman Dr. Mel Pohl are both mental cases, (according to many) and dont care they are running a sham show. The book shop Mr. Smith owns at “The Rooms” is full of quack books and trinkets for any idiot to buy. He does indeed make a profit. He drives a blue Ferrari, typical.

  2. April 15

    I spent 65 days at LVRC for a neck injury in a car accident.
    I can tell you the staff was weird and religious, some were friendly, some were crazy.
    The food is fit only for chimps in a zoo, which this place definitely was.
    The silly shame & guilt based 12 steps and AA meetings are all they cared about. They punished me because I was an atheist. Why was I supposed to feel shameful and guilty for having an accident and getting addicted to painkillers?? That’s BS.
    We only got 90 minutes of physical therapy a week. That’s all! Some pain program. I could have gotten better faster & on my own. They need to add more time & my doctor at home said so. No pool therapy either.
    I liked the lectures on the brain and addiction though, very cool stuff.
    Still it was a weird experience, & expensive as heck.
    It was all nonsense and they lied about a lot of things. I felt like a prisoner at a jail—guilty and with no voice. My husband divorced me after he had enough of the Family Outreach Program. They said he was an addict too. He wasn’t.

    Principal drug rehab philosophy in the USA:

    “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.” –– A famous politician.

  3. The place needs remodeled bad. Once you get past the outside & front entry the place is very dirty. The food is awful the beds suck, the furniture & TVs need to be thrown out & replaced. The towels & pillows need to be tossed in trash & replaced. To many 20 year old punks watching your every move & reporting to your counselor.
    The rooms are tiny for 2 people. lvrc website looks great but it looks nothing like that in person & is very misleading. Way over priced for what you get. Like a mini prison.

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