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Treating substance abuse for more than 42 years, Land Manor is a collection of non-profit treatment facilities located in Beaumont, Texas. There are three residential facilities with inpatient and outpatient programs. The residential centers are Franklin House North, a facility for pregnant women and women with children, Franklin House South, a co-ed adult treatment facility, and Melton Center, which serves adult male court-ordered clients.

Accommodations and Food

Franklin House North and South are Land Manor’s two residential treatment programs for voluntary clients. Franklin House North looks like a modern single-floor community center. The facility has six separate bedrooms with a total of 24 beds. Each room has four twin beds as well as a dresser for each resident. This facility includes a daycare program for residents with children—newborn to age five. The daycare room features toddler beds, bassinets and an outdoor area with a playground and is supervised by staff. Residents spend a majority of their time during the day in a large common room, where they participate in group therapy and watch TV in their downtime. The treatment center also has an outdoor basketball and volleyball court.

Three daily meals and two snacks are served in the dining room. The on-site chef follows a menu designed by a state dietitian. Although the menu is set, the chef can accommodate most special dietary needs.

Franklin House South is a 58-bed co-ed facility that looks very much like a large home. Residents at Franklin House South sleep in twin beds and share a room with up to eight other residents of the same gender. The facility features a common area for group therapy as well as private therapy rooms for individual sessions. The building has a back yard area with dumbbells and a weight bench. Clients are encouraged to regularly go outside for exercise and fresh air, but are required to have a supervisor accompany them.

Franklin House South has an on-site cook who prepares three meals a day as well as snacks. The cook can accommodate any dietary need and regularly provides vegan and diabetic options.

Melton Center, a 65-bed facility, offers treatment to adult males exiting the Texas Department of Criminal Justice system. Melton Center also serves as a halfway house. Meals are provided cafeteria-style by the staff in this barracks-style building.

Treatment and Staff

Franklin House North usually has a six to eight week waiting list—once a bed becomes available, new residents are brought in for a formal intake assessment where they are given an individualized treatment plan. Neither Franklin House North nor South has a detox program on-site. If residents are in need of detox, both treatment facilities refer clients to an ambulatory detox in Beaumont.

The inpatient program at Franklin House North lasts 60 to 90 days and consists of group therapy, individual therapy and educational classes. The therapy is CBT and residents are required to attend three group sessions a day as well as one individual meeting each week. For the educational classes, the program covers life skills, relapse prevention as well as issues specific to pregnant women. Residents can be driven to a local AA /NA meeting in the community. Franklin House North offers dual diagnosis support and has a mental health facility on-site for those with co-occurring disorders.

The inpatient program has three licensed chemical dependency counselors as well as daycare workers, house staff, a driver and program director. Although Franklin House North does not have a doctor on site, a nurse consults during the assessment to help determine the client’s treatment plan, based on  medical history.

After being discharged from the inpatient program, clients are referred to outpatient treatment onsite. The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) requires three two-hour group meetings and one hour-long individual session per week. The group meetings are lead by one of the three licensed counselors in the outpatient program, and usually have no more than 10 clients per group. The length of the outpatient program depends entirely on the individual and can last anywhere from six months to two years.

The next step down for clients is the supportive outpatient program, which requires significantly fewer group meetings so that clients can find a steady job. Franklin House North assists clients in finding a job and apartment if needed. Also, the treatment center has a halfway house that clients can stay in as they transition back into society after inpatient care.

The programs at Franklin House North employ CBT, relapse prevention, life skills, recovery dynamics, and substance abuse education in their curricula. The outpatient program is 12-step-based, but refers clients to AA and NA programs in the community for actual step work. Furthermore, both the programs offer dual diagnosis support.

The residential inpatient program at Franklin House South runs between 30 to 90 days. The inpatient program has both intensive and supportive phases. For the initial 30 days of their stay, residents are placed in the intensive program. The intensive program requires 20 hours of group therapy a week and the client is not allowed to leave the center unsupervised. If after the first 30 days the client is not ready for outpatient treatment, they can step down to the supportive inpatient program. The supportive program only requires 10 hours of group therapy a week and also allows clients to leave the building unsupervised to find work. The supportive phase can last up to 90 days.

When clients finish the intensive or supportive inpatient program, they are encouraged to step down to an outpatient program that best fits their needs. The outpatient program lasts anywhere from one to nine months depending on the needs of the clients. The program is relatively small and has a maximum of 17 clients at a time. The outpatient program employs one LCDC. The program consists of a mixture of group counseling, individual counseling and substance abuse treatment. Both the inpatient and outpatient programs utilize CBT. To successfully be discharged from the outpatient program, clients are required to attend 14 total meetings, with a minimum of one meeting per week. Clients are also required to attend an AA or NA group in the area while completing the outpatient program.

At Franklin House South has six to seven licensed chemical dependency counselors on staff. The program does not have a doctor on staff and does not provide dual diagnosis support. However, if the client does potentially need treatment for mental health issues, he or she is referred to a local MHMR.


Franklin House North has a family program in IOP in which family members are invited once a week for group meetings and educational classes. Franklin House South hosts “family focus Saturdays” – a group meeting in which clients’ family members are invited to participate and have a meal with their relatives.

In Summary

Land Manor offers a wide variety of treatment options and highly specialized care. The different treatment facilities are all united in their mission to help those in need in the southeast Texas area. This organization offer a high level of support for a very low price.

Land Manor Location

4655 Collier St
Beaumont, TX 77706

Land Manor Cost

Franklin House North inpatient $2,500 (30 days), Franklin House South intensive inpatient $2,550 (30 days), Franklin House South supportive inpatient $1,350 (30 days), Franklin House North and South outpatient group meetings $17 (per session), individual meetings $54 (per session). Contact Land Manor at (409)-838-3946, or by email or find them on Facebook

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