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Lakeview Center Opiate Treatment Program


The Basics

Lakeview Center is a comprehensive substance abuse and behavioral health treatment facility in Pensacola, Florida. It offers a number of treatment services including an opiate program that uses Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) via Methadone. Within the program, clients are evaluated for co-occurring disorders and receive individual therapy and continued support throughout their time in treatment.

Treatment and Staff

New clients can go to one of the three clinics that Lakeview Center provides in Pensacola, Shalimar and Century and receive an assessment by one of the staff members. This includes a full medical exam and psychological evaluation. In some instances, clients are looking to rid themselves of their addiction to a pain medication, like Oxycontin, but are still dealing with chronic pain issues. In that case they may be referred to a pain management physician prior to beginning their methadone program, though there are instances when an individual can be on both a pain management regimen and Methadone at the same time.

Within the program clients learn how to foster a positive lifestyle and make healthy choices while continuing to be abstinent from any mood altering drugs of any kind. At the beginning of their treatment cycle, clients come to their local clinic on a daily basis to receive their medication dose. The facilities are open every day from 6 to 10:15 am to receive their doses, and at a different time for weekly individual therapy. As the client moves through their program, they are able to receive take home doses and step down to therapy once or twice a month. The amount of time that clients can expect to be in the opiate program at Lakeview Center is completely reliant on how long they have been using, how committed they are to the recovery process and their personal support system. The staff also recommends that the clients seeks out an additional support within the 12-step or SMART Recovery communities.

During their counseling sessions clients discuss methods to avoid stress and triggers, along with tips on relapse prevention. In the case the a client needs to miss an appointment at their home clinic, they are able to receive “guest” doses at another facility if they are contacted beforehand to set up the service 48 hours ahead of time.

In order to be treated through the opiate program there are some criteria that the client must meet. For instance, the individual has to have evidence of a physical addiction for at least a year, however there are cases that are exceptions, like if the client is currently pregnant or was incarcerated for at least 30 days within six months of them starting the program.

The staff of these clinics are operated by nurses and medical staff who are permitted to distribute Methadone, and are overseen by medical doctors.


The opiate program offers family counseling.

In Summary

The opiate program through Lakeview Center uses MAT in addition to the behavioral health component of counseling to provide clients with a supportive treatment plan. In addition, there are facilities throughout this region of Florida, allowing clients access to treatment even they aren’t close to home. With its multitude of programs and services, Lakeview Center offers a viable resource to the recovery community at large.

Lakeview Center Opiate Program
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Lakeview Center Opiate Treatment Program $30 (per dose); call for details regarding counseling fees. Reach Lakeview Center by phone at (850) 466-3400. Find Lakeview Center on Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube

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