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Copperopolis CaliforniaThe Lakes Treatment Center Review

The Lakes Treatment Center opened in Copperopolis, California, in 2013, but most of its staff came from the Bay area, bringing 65 years of collective experience in substance abuse treatment. The Lakes offers co-ed inpatient treatment. What used to be a rural 5-star lakeside resort, has been converted into a large rehab facility.

Accommodations and Food

At The Lakes two clients share a room along with a private bathroom. Each client gets a queen size bed, a dresser and a closet. Rooms are hotel-style, equipped with TVs and phones. The Lakes does have some extra space set aside for a private room in case a client snores, at no extra cost. The center is licensed for 70 beds and averages 20 to 22 clients per month.

There are washers and dryers available on-site. Clients are also encouraged to also use the on-site gym four to five days a week. The Lakes offers a nutrition, health and exercise focus in addition to its treatment options. All meals are included in the cost of stay. The food is healthy and dietary restrictions can be accommodated.

Treatment and Staff

The Lakes’s inpatient services start with detox, which happens in a clinical setting off-site, under the supervision of a physician. It may take up to 14 days, after which clients can transition to the inpatient program. Residential treatment at The Lakes typically lasts 30 days and is made up of two phases. The treatment phase consists of group and individual therapy sessions administered according to each person’s individualized treatment plan. During this time, The Lakes gives clients a basic drug and alcohol education, relapse prevention classes and an introduction to the 12-step concept.

The transition phase shifts the focus to individual goal-setting, essentially setting the stage for discharge. During this time, the discharge coordinator works with each client to address housing, medical, legal, education and employment issues and help resolve them. Clients continue to attend group and individual therapy, as well as CBT, CPT, anger management, self-esteem building and co-dependency workshops.

Meditation, recreational therapy and dual-diagnosis support are available throughout both phases. While the 12-step modality is available, it is not the primary mode of treatment at The Lakes. Outside meetings are encouraged.

The Lakes employs a psychologist, several LADCs and two Registered Alcohol and Drug Trainees (RADT I).


The Lakes clients enjoy lots of off-site recreational time, such as walks along the lake, going to the movies and having lunches in town. Clients take communal trips to Walmart on a weekly basis as and have access to puzzles, games, and art supplies in the clubhouse.

In Summary

The Lakes Treatment Center offers full service treatment and a variety of modalities in a beautiful location. For clients who need the hustle of city life or a strict 12-step protocol, this is not a great fit. However, men and women seeking affordable treatment in a comfortable, natural setting with an experienced staff will love this program.

The Lakes Treatment Center Location

7260 O’Byrnes Ferry Rd
Copperopolis, CA 95228

The Lakes Treatment Center Cost

$19,500 (30 days); $20,000 (90 days). Reach The Lakes Treatment Center by phone at (888) 672-0880 or by email at [email protected]. Find The Lakes Treatment Center on Facebook, YouTube and Google+

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  1. Any inpatient facility will have looney ppl who get angry over dumb things and then write outlandish online reviews but if you’re at least a little sane and willing to work for a better life this place really can give you a new start. When I came here I was at my lowest and was as ready as I’ve ever been to get help and I think that made a difference but either way, the staff was kind and professional. I got the feeling that almost all of them really enjoyed their job and wanted to get to know us. I also liked the family run feel of the place and I thought the owner Bernadette and her family were genuine, down to earth, and big hearted. The location and facility were great in my opinion. The overall environment the staff and the program created just worked for me because it wasn’t too rigid or too lax. I mean its pet friendly for God’s sake! I think thats pretty rad. All in all, hopefully because of this place I wont ever be back in another rehab but I would for sure recommend this place to anyone ready to get clean.

    • How much did they pay you to write that load of crap? Did they drug you without even seeing a dr during detox? Were you allowed to use the phone from the very first day? Were you allowed to have women in your room with the door closed? Did ya get laid? They let my kid get away with all this, and more, with no consequences, KNEW he had a warrant out for his arrest, but called the cops on day THREE of his detox when he said he sometimes felt like he didn’t want to live anymore, so they arrested him on the spot, Great facility, huh? Incompetent, but rich AF. Hope you’re still sober after a year, but I credit you, not this joke of a place.

    • who wrote this? haha…………..this place is a summer camp of scandal and good food. Lot’s of watching movies and dong nothing

  2. The Lakes saved my life. I am 26 and have been struggling with addiction since I was 15, this was my second time in treatment but a far better and more beneficial experience than the first time around. Dr. R being so readily available at The Lakes made a huge difference in my recovery, he helped me understand and overcome my issues but also helped me understand and acknowledge my strengths and how to utilize them in my sober future. Beyond Dr. R, the staff was pretty great. They cared about our stories and would memorize our likes and dislikes… I didn’t feel like a patient number or simply a cash cow like I know some rehabs can make addicts feel. I felt like the staff cared about me and they also helped me care more about myself. I was able to stay pretty busy most of the time, the meals are great (I was eating better than I ever did out of treatment), and I especially loved art class and the art teacher Lindsey. I have been sober now for 5 months, which is the longest since I started using, and I really believe I can keep it up this time. I cant thank The Lakes and their staff enough for giving me and my family back my life.

  3. London Nilson on

    Two of my brothers went through the treatment program at The Lakes (not at the same time) and I’m quite certain it saved both of their lives (its been over a year now for both of them sober). One has even been inspired enough to quit smoking cigarettes since leaving the program! They both loved the down to earth nature of the staff and the beautiful location. They got to try a ton of things they had never gotten the opportunity to do before (surfing, paddle boarding, pottery) and their lives were changed by the caring and knowledgable staff in the process. I now have my brothers back, and for my oldest brother, his children have him back as well and that is something I can never repay The Lakes for. The owner is so sweet and my family felt she actually cared getting to know the residents and making sure they were happy and doing well. It is a small and somewhat new business but the staff is great, and again, they really care. I am so thankful this place came into our lives.

  4. This whole summer I was an activities director at The Lakes Treatment center. I am a college student working towards my BA in psychology and working at this treatment center taught me a lot. I gained so much experience that can only be gained hands on. In the summer the residents have access to the pool, table tennis, an on sight gym, yoga and meditation, card games, fishing, have the opportunity to go to the movies, board games, kayaking, art classes, tubing and wake surfing. At any rehab center your success is based on what you put into the program. If they are not participating in activities and groups while sulking around then they will not have the best time but that is of their own doing. I have seen many residents thrive here and put all their effort into making a new life for themselves and really enjoy their time. I have seen residents hate being here because they would rather be getting high or doing other things with their lives than getting sober. I can honestly say that every staff member wants the best for the residents no matter what anyone else says. Bernadette truly wants to help people and she tries to make every resident feel accommodated. On holidays we celebrate to make the residents feel at home and realize that they do not need drugs to have fun or supplement a social gathering. On the Forth of July we had a full carnival barbecue cookout with beach volleyball, slip and slides, wake surfing, a water balloon fight and corn hole. The residents also went and watched a boat parade to celebrate the occasion. The staff at The Lakes really do try to lake the residents experience as interesting as we can and we are constantly improving the way we operate. We always have a nurse or two on hand at all times. The food is really well prepared and residents can be accommodated. Our chef has been known to make different meals for picky eaters and he works so hard to make quality meals for the residents. There is always a variety of food to eat. As for groups they have multiple informational groups throughout the day and when they are not in informational groups-geared towards maintaining sobriety, anger management, and other helpful skills- they are relaxing or doing the activities that are listed above. The rooms that the residents are currently being remodeled and look amazing. The residents have expressed their gratitude multiple times and rave about how cool the new rooms are. Buddy and Bernadette put a lot of time and money into fixing this place up and it has really paid off. If i can say one thing about this rehab center I would say that the administration is constantly looking to improve and become more effective than it already is. Residents that have relapsed after their first time here have talked about how much more put together the center is now and how much better it is run. In the four short years this rehab has been open it has made leaps and bounds from where it started. I would highly recommend choosing The Lakes if you are looking to get sober and be around staff and administration that truly care about your well being.

    • Bernadette Cattaneo on

      Thanks Addie

      When you Dad called inquiring about a summer job for you, I knew you would be a perfect fit. I also knew that it would be an eye opening experience for you. I hope that having this job will benefit you in your studies and give you some insight into your future and what you want to do with you life.

      Keep up the good work and keep your head in your books!

      We look forward to you coming back next summer!

      • Why do you only answer the positive comments? You know EXACTLY what you did to me, to my son, and to his life. What were you so afraid of that you wouldn’t accept ANY of the 5 Release of Information forms that he signed to give me the paperwork? The girl he had sex with that you called “slow” and ” unattractive”, you remember, the 19 yr old girl, with my 44 yr old adult male son? Remember all the rules he broke, with absolutely no consequences? Remember ordering an anti psychotic drug (paid for by ME) before he ever talked to a doctor? Your place is a disgusting sham of place, but you knew the resort wasn’t working out, so I give you credit for literally being a cash COW. Enjoy all your toys, because your karma is so bad you’ll probably not be enjoying them for long. Praying for your downfall nightly.

  5. My son had hit bottom so many times and beaten death several times that most of his family had all but given up on his overcoming his addiction. As his mom, I never gave up, had tried everything I knew, but I had to let go until he finally after years of problems and living on the streets, told me he was ready. Due to many trust issues I told him that he would need to prove he was serious by stepping into a city rehab. Once he did, I made one call that gave me the number to Bernadette at The Lakes. Prior to that I spent a couple of years educating myself on opiate addiction and called many treatment facilities that charged $30,000-$40,000 cash. After talking to Bernadette I found out The Lakes took insurance and was able to take him immediately.
    My son was completely broken on entering, so when he arrived he was grateful. Grateful for the healthy food, people that cared, help and support to get off the opiates that had taken over his life and safety.
    As everyone knows, heroin affects the whole family. It tears the family apart in so many ways. I took advantage of the family counseling even though my son was not ready to initially. It supported my growth and confidence thanks to the family counselor at The Lakes.
    My son is kind-hearted, smart, trustworthy, and an athlete, but heroin had taken this man away from me. I hadn’t seen that man for quite awhile and wondered if I would ever see him again.
    After my son’s detox at The Lakes he got serious as his strength was growing. He invited family to visit and they took advantage of the family counseling as well.
    Each time we visited our happiness grew. We took advantage of the onsite beach area and local restaurants. Our family enjoyed onsite kayaking, swimming, and jumping off the floating dock, using their floatation devices, and fishing. We got back to having fun together like old times. My son was able to wake board, play volleyball, lift weights, attend counseling sessions, and grow confident and strong. He also took advantage of off site mentors recommended by Bernadette. A group took a trip to Yosemite, which is where my son spent a lot of his youth. All of these aspects of what The Lakes has to offer helped my son find his way back and beat his heroin addiction.
    My family, friends, and I were in constant prayer and I had faith, never giving up. I am forever grateful for Bernadette, Buddy, and staff for being the path God used to bring my son back to us. Their compassion, expertise, endless support, and heartfelt kindness went into saving my son. He is almost 2 years clean, has his own business, and is a wonderful dad, son, brother, friend, and grandson. He has gotten back into healthy living and caring for his family through all that The Lakes had to offer. I’m so grateful our experience was life changing! Thank you Bernadette!

    • Bernadette Cattaneo on

      You are most welcome Laurie and thanks for putting your trust in The Lakes to treat your son. He still participates in our aftercare program and his continued sobriety is what is important to us. I have also received letters of thanks from his grandparents, which actually brought tears to my eyes. Last time he was in for a visit I showed him the cards and he got emotional as well. I believe that underneath the layers of addiction there is always a person who is worth saving.

      What is important to note is that your son completed our full 90 day program and followed the clinical recommendations for his transition and aftercare.

      Family support is amazing…thanks again for entrusting us with the treatment of your son.

      • Hello Bernadette-I’ve been talking with Travis about getting my son Cade into the program. This may seem like an odd question, but I noticed the date on the letter above is this year-why is that, if her son is two years clean? I’m curious also about the big jump from the initial $20k for 90 days that I read on two other sites, to the $30k I’m being quoted now. We have no insurance for this, so it will on my credit cards. I’ve been waiting three days for an email with the financials, so hopefully that will answer more of my questions. Thanks!

  6. I entered treatment here October of last year. I was broken physically, emotionally, and spiritually. In the 120 days of treatment here at The Lakes I but only regained my health back, I gained purpose, and a new way of life! I had lost myself in my addiction. I was given the tools for life here at The Lakes! My counselor guided me every single step of the way. It was bittersweet on graduation day, part of me didn’t want to leave the one place where I felt safe, and was so loved and protected. But on the other hand, was so excited to start a new chapter of my life, and to put everything I had learned in the past 4 months into action! This program saved my life . So I will be forever grateful to this program and everyone here who continued to love me until I could love myself!

    • Bernadette Cattaneo on


      I know that you had been in other treatment centers before ours and I am so happy that you hung tough and stayed in our program…even 30 more days than normal. You are beautiful inside and out and have so very much to look forward to. Keep up the good work!

  7. First off the Lakes overall is a good place the group’s suck and yes staff brAke Hippa all the time I witnessed it it’s business before a rehab I get it too the people I believe truly care that work their thank u the others I’m not gonna smut your name thank u Bernadette for letting me go there my life was truly unmanageable im clean now cuz of the lakes if i could go back again i would in a heart beat god bless

  8. Shutting tour business down bitch... on

    This place is a money scam…not a treatment facility….the county sued Bernadette when she owned the resort and shut them down for not paying for permits….she is still trying to pat that property off using your child and ins as a scam for money…..why do people have to apply for a loan to get help….$40,000.00 for help off drugs….come on now…call the better business bureau who they are not even registered with and file a complaint against this fraudulint place…..Bernadette is a theif….

    • Melissa gilstrap on

      Bernadette son who’s there is the biggest junkie in copper and she can’t help him…..shes a money hungry bitch who needs to be shit down…..i have made complaints regarding her staff as well as her trying to fuck people on their ins…..40,000 to go here….fuck that….this place will be shit down soon…..its coming….u can’t have a 24 hr rehab with no Dr on site..

  9. I am always surprised to read some of the negative reviews about the Lakes Treatment Center, as our son spent 90 days there, and we had a very good experience. If you’re gonna rip on something you might want to at least check your spelling and avoid slanderous claims, as it weakens your credibility.

    Our son, as a young adult, needed to make the decision to go for treatment on his own, as we could not force him. We did quite a bit of research on different places, and after meeting with the owner Bernadette, and one of the counselors, the Lakes seemed like the right place for our son. We are pleased with the decision, and glad we chose the Lakes.

    My wife, and sometimes one or both of our two other kids, were there at least every other week, so I believe I got a good feeling for the place in the 15 or so times I went there. I spoke with several different counselors and thought that they all had the resident’s recovery and wellbeing as a priority. I really enjoyed the family counseling, which we participated in a couple times a month. I thought these counseling sessions were very beneficial not only for the resident, but for the family as well.

    While we certainly hope our son stays on the straight and narrow, we would not hesitate having him return to the Lakes if the need arises. We are forever grateful to Bernadette and her staff for their compassion and help with our son. Thank you!


  10. Anyone expecting any facility to completely fix an addiction issue without putting in any effort is going to be let down. Recovery is an inside job, no one is going to make you better, you’ve got to work on yourself. With that said, the tools I received at The Lakes Treatment Center has helped me grow and mature as a functioning member of society. I go to multiple meetings a week, I’m in constant contact with my sponsor, and I am of service to others. That is how you STAY sober. How you get sober is by finding a facility that works for you. For me that was The Lakes. Granted, I wanted to be there and soak up as much treatment as possible. The counselors were phenomenal (I thought mine was the best but I’m biased), the groups were informative and interactive, the staff was knowledgeable, and the grounds were stunning. I formed connections there that are for LIFE. I’ve only been to one treatment center, because I really only needed one, and The Lakes took care of me. My father entrusted Bernadette with me and she saved my life. Everyone that worked there while I was there helped me. I should also note, that this is a fairly new program. Any new program or center will have to find its footing but you’re just wrong if you think that they don’t care and want what’s best for you at The Lakes. Remember, a treatment center can only do so much, recovery is an inside job and you owe it to yourself, if you’re looking for help, to check out The Lakes. You deserve to have a second chance at a first class life!!!

    • Bernadette Cattaneo on

      Well said Edward! You succeeded because of your hard work…yes we provided the tools, but I can honestly say that you were one of our most dedicated residents. I also believe that your success can be attributed to your completing the entire 90 day program! I will never forget the day that you got up on the wake surfboard, I think I was happier than you! All of us at The Lakes love you and are so happy that you have found your way to a happier healthier life! Keep up the good work!

  11. I just want to start off by saying that Bernadette is amazing, she gave me a second chance on life. She scholarships so many people including me. I have never been so low and when i got to the lakes it brought me back to life. the staff an counselors accomodate to you so much. I learned so much here know I get to use the tools that they taught me to conqour the world. I have never thought that I would be where I am now. I cant thank Bernadette enough and the staff for what they did. If you or a loved one needs help with their disease come to the lakes. There is never a dull moment you are right on the lake, we go kayaking, wake surfing, trips to yosemite and to outside meetings. Everybody from the cooks to the RA do an outstanding job at what they do. If you really wanna change your life come the lakes, such a good success rate.

    • Bernadette Cattaneo on

      Thanks for the review Jared and also thanks for checking in with us on a weekly basis to let us know of your continued success. I knew from the moment I heard your story that you would benefit from a scholarship and it warms my heart to know that it was not wasted. To see the smiles on your families faces during family program made it all worth while. Keep up the good work!

  12. Nicholas McNulty, Compliance Director on

    As both a former resident and a current employ, I feel obligated to leave a comment on some of the negative reviews listed here.

    First off, the majority, if not all, of the complaints that I have read here have also been reported to the California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS), the organization that licenses The Lakes Treatment Center. The DHCS have visited us to investigate these complaints (a normal occurrence, especially for new facilities). ALL complaints filed to the DHCS were determined to be unfounded. The Lakes Treatment Center is in excellent standing with both the State of California and The Joint Commission, one of the most respected and most stringent accreditation agencies in the country.

    Secondly, not everyone succeeds in a rehab facility. While we wish it was so, the unfortunate truth is not everyone will be successful. In regard to residents of The Lakes that have graduated and completed the program, we have a very good success rate comparative to industry standards. I suspect that a large amount of the negative reviews here come from former residents who did not leave The Lakes Treatment Center on good terms. As our collected data will prove, those that do not complete the program and leave on bad terms DO NOT stand a good chance at long-term sobriety. It has been done, but this is rare. In these cases, it is much easier to blame the program that did everything in its power to help you than take accountability for your own actions that lead to leaving treatment and the potential subsequent relapse.

    The negative, and down-right nasty, reviews that are not coming from former residents are certainly coming from disgruntled staff members. In our two years of operation, we have found that disgruntled ex-staff members can be the meanest and nastiest of all. The Lakes Treatment Center cares about its employees and we do our best to keep everyone happy. In cases that staff members leave their employment with us on bad terms, it can be assured the staff member is to blame in someway. Similar to the residents that leave on bad terms, these staff members, many of them former addicts themselves, also have a difficult time taking accountability for their actions. All staff providing counseling services at The Lakes Treatment Center are registered and/or certified by the California Consortium of Addiction Professionals (CCAPP) or equivalent agency and have been approved of by both the California DHCS and The Joint Commission.

    Lastly, The Lakes Treatment Center does have documentation and data to back up everything I have said. Anyone who would like to discuss any issues you experienced at The Lakes Treatment Center further is more than welcome to email me at [email protected], to have a REASONABLE conversation. We are in the process of contacting the proper authorities on RehabReviews to have these negative, nasty, slanderous, and unfounded reviews removed.

    For those who have left positive comments and for those who have left honest negative comments, we really do appreciate your feedback; both positive and negative. Be assured, we are working everyday to improve our program and facilities, and while we have come a long way, we will continue to work on providing the best possible care we can to everyone we possibly can.

    Nicholas McNulty
    Compliance Director
    The Lakes Treatment Center

    • Bernadette Cattaneo on

      Thanks Nick for your detailed reply. Your being a graduate of our program is proof that we do an amazing job! I am beyond proud of your success!

      • Melissa gilstrap on

        Do they get a discount to post these lame comments or do you pay for robots to leave these ……untrue….

  13. Bernadette Cattaneo on

    Thanks HH

    I will pass along your praise of Lindsey to her! I love your comment that you were able to have fun sober!


    • Bernadette Cattaneo on

      If you have such harsh words it would be nice if you would leave a name. If you can’t sign this and take ownership of your comments then my guess is you are a disgruntled former employee. I’m not sure what a scantless sceams is but please name the people that you feel I have wronged. As for being a flop house for people with good insurance, I will argue that one all day long. I have given partial and full scholarships to more people than any facility that I know of.

      I love what I do and I won’t let people like you get me down.

    • Melissa gilstrap on

      Do they get a discount to post these lame comments or do you pay for robots to leave these ……untrue….

  15. DO NOT COME HERE. the owner is a money hungry whore and only cares about what she’s making off you . she will tell you that you only need to stay 30 days, then breaks hippa and will call your parents and brainwash them into making you stay 90 days or more. None of the counselors are licensed and have an associate’s defree if that . the groups are all day every day with no more than 2 hours of free time. They never take you on outings , they never go out of their way for you . the owner herself isn’t an addict and has no idea how to run a rehab. Because the counselors have no idea what they are talking about, they either bore you go death by reading off some informational page they found online or make you do worksheets for 3rd graders . and watch out for brandy who is a counselor- She acts like she’s your best friend to get info out of you so she can run and tell everyone else. The staff love to spread rumors and talk about clients behind their backs. The other counselors like to break you down and make you feel worthless. There is no exit planning and they don’t prepare you for the real world ..their best plan is to send you to the homeless shelter. 90% of their clients are ones who have been there 5 times. You should be catered to not treated like a slave.

    • Bernadette Cattaneo on

      Please get your facts straight. All counselors are licensed! Do you honestly think that the State Department of Health Care Services would license us if they weren’t? Do you think that we would have received our Joint Commission Accreditation? We are not the first facility in Northern California to be credentialed to provide IMS (incidental medical services) Our doctors see our residents on site and we have nursing staff as well.

    • Claire Allcorn on

      Every person that is in this place as an employee holds a license or certificate in Drug and Alcohol Abuse or Mental Health. Groups are made for recovery, free time is something you get when you are not in a treatment facility and on your own making a way for yourself. The point of counseling is to allow you to explore the events that have happened in your life, which yes they are not always welcoming when you have trauma, so to say you are worthless is not coming from a counselor it is guilt that lies within yourself.

  16. My son is currently at this facility. I am a fathers to the bone, and educated myself beyond question when it came to my sons addiction and recovery. He has been through some of the finest (For Profit) rehabs in California. Jokes!! The lakes facility has been very refreshing. He is achieving goals set, life skills and sobriety. I have dealt with Bernadet,
    (The founder) and most staff, all of whom are professional and polite. I have read some of the negative posts and would challenge the integrity of their sobriety and willingness to change. My sons life has been saved by this program and bernadets compassion to save people through this endevor. Thank you

    • Bernadette Cattaneo on

      Thanks Michael, for telling the truth. I’m not sure who your son is but I’m glad to have been a part of his recovery.

      • Sending your child here for help is only paying Bernadette property off at that place
        …she ran the resort hotel to the ground for not paying the permits and selling booze to minors….the county shut the resort down and they soon will shut this rehab down…..she will charge your ins and do it fraudulently…..dont let her steal money using your child who see could care less about… security in this rehab makes it easy for people to show up late and night and drop drugs off to people there…..including her drug addicted son….

  17. The CEO of this company is a nasty money hungry women. She cares about resident’s with good insurance. If you have crappy insurance she will push you out quick. If you got good insurance go ahead and go lol you will be fine but if your insurance don’t pay much the DON’T GO

    • Bernadette Cattaneo on

      It is not about good insurance or no insurance, it is about behavior. We encourage all residents to complete our 90 day program. Some succeed, some don’t. Some that don’t succeed or think that the grass is greener at a different program often do return. I don’t do well with failure and that is why if a resident here fails and wants to try again we let them return.

      If I am so money hungry then why am I working to get approved to accept Medi-Cal?

  18. I went here and can say there are good things and bad things about this place like every other rehab. It’s a big facility and you get to walk around and do your own thing on your free time. They have art time and you basically can make anything you want. Lindsey the art teacher is awesome and will get you the art stuff you want if she doesn’t have it. We get to workout a few times a week with an instructor. She’s awesome as well. Most of the staff are really cool. It’s pretty laid back compared to other rehabs which I liked. You still get “you ” time. The only thing I didn’t like was how they do suboxone maintenance. It’s hard to get off as in you don’t want to because you finally are starting to feel normal and you don’t want that to change. I wish they would keep you on for a set time then taper you off so you don’t have to detox off those as well. If your own decision it’s going to be hard to say ” no I don’t want my meds today ”
    Overall I really liked this place and had fun. I remembered what it was like to have fun again sober.

  19. I went here and was not impressed. Not healthy food, everyone is hooking up, the staff does not care about your sobriety it seems they only care about you coming back after you relapse so they can make more money, violate major Hippa laws (discussing other patients to other ones , calling family members when they aren’t suppose to call anyone) major theft going on there and they don’t do anything about it , if you’re a cry baby and trouble maker you get what you want it makes no sense at all, the ones who do what they are suppose to do do not get rewarded, they treat us like children and pick ans choose what they punish you for and cuss and yell at us and the programs and groups are a joke
    Did not get much from them and had 2 counseling sessions the whole time I was there
    I would not go here or send a loved one here

  20. This Rehab is fraudulent and does not qualify as a legitimate rehab facility. During my stay I witnessed sex between residents and a staff member with a resident patient. The owner tells one story by phone and you receive another when you get there, including added costs. Staff openly mocks residents and breaks every hippa rule there is.
    There are no experienced and qualified counselors but rather interns and they pay more attention to ducks than people suffering from addiction.
    Do not send your loved one to this place.

  21. My son went to the Lakes after being in and out of rehab and sober living for 18 months. At the time that he was admitted he was on the street. The owner Bernadette was contacted and given his background. She welcomed him to the facility. After completing detox he flourished in the caring environment. His therapist and Bernadette were always accessible at any time of the day or night. His individual needs were addressed and it was recommended that he stay more than 30 days since he was doing so well. He insisted on going to sober living after thirty days and was told that he could return at any time. During the two weeks that he was in sober living Bernadette was in touch with us often to see how he was doing. She truly cares about her clients and their families. He has left sober living and Bernadette is trying too get him a ticket back to the Lakes so he will be safe. I have met many wonderful therapists and directors over the past 18 months and Bernadette is at the top of my list.

  22. I’m guessing that the people who had bad things to say about this place are people who didn’t make it in this program do to not really wanting to stay sober. I have a family member who had gone here and it changed his life because he was ready for his life to change. He said the owner buys them gifts and takes them places I mean what other programs do that.?? He is really great full for the help they gave him and our family is too. So before you talk down on a bunch of people who choose to work at a place that saves peoples lives maybe you need to look at yourself and figure out why it didn’t work for you…..

  23. I am currently working at The Lakes Treatment center and like alot of us I am very proud to be doing just that. We have a great facility on top of having great staff. We are on the floor constantly helping residents live a clean and sober life. This program is rewarding to those who really want change and really want to no how to live a prosperous and vibrant life. We offer the 12 step recovery as well as many other options. If your ready for change YES THE LAKES is the place you want to go.

  24. I went here and this place is a joke! I saw a counselor one time in the 25 days I was there. The groups are mostly ran by non addict and uncertified staff members. They just make it up as they go with little effort or regard to the 12 steps. The food is cafeteria style and extremely unhealthy. The grounds are a mess and the building is dilapidated. Most of the staff members are under 6 months sober. There are no boundaries between staff and clients. During my stay there were two different staff member and client full blown intimate relationships. I often saw the male staff members entering and exiting the female clients’s (whom they were openly dating) bedrooms. Groups are over around 7:00 in the afternoon and you must be in bed at 9:00pm or they will call the police on you. Mostly hostile threats of calling the authorities, still just as stressful. The older staff members have a tendency to yell and belittle clients. Staff members openly discuss private matters with other clients, violating HIPPA laws frequently. The lakes was a very harsh and hostile atmosphere with very little positivy or compassion. The pictures on the website looks nothing like the facility. They are very old pictures it seems. The actual rooms are roach motel rooms with broken heaters, stained bed spreads, and a serious bug infestation. DO NOT GO TO THE LAKES TREATMENT CENTER! THEY CHARGE YOUR INSURANCE LIKE IT’S A TIP TOP FACILITY WHEN REALLY ITS MORE LIKE THE SALVATION ARMY.

  25. This place is a joke. Do not send anyone or chose to go here! The staff is horrible! They consider themselves clean but drink alcohol. Relapses are not only tolerated but seem acceptable here! The owners sons sleep with the clients and go into the women’s rooms. Being that everyone is fucking everyone if you are seen with the opposite sex… The staff talks shit! The staff themselves start the most ridiculous rumors! Oh and forget about confidentiality the staff tells everyone who will listen all your private business! The owner cares for one thing only… Money. Not your sobriety. There are two really great counselors at The Lakes but other than that no one there really cares if you stay sober or not in fact they even say they are only there for a pay check. In fact shut this down. Yesterday!

  26. There’s mostly bad and good things at all rehab centers, but at the lakes the night shift seems to be slicing a whole lot with checking on its residents both female and male. There are major issues with sleeping around at the facility which seems not to be addressed even when In returning residents known or caught sleeping around the first time come back. A resident known to staff as being lose came back better prepared for such promiscuous actions with emergency contraception pills. I believe residents would befit more from the recovery process if there wasn’t a distraction of the opposite sex and it was eaither just a male or female treatment center.

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