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lake-villa-treatment-centerLake Villa Treatment Center Review

Located 50 miles northwest of downtown Chicago, Lake Villa Treatment Center is run by the Gateway Foundation, a treatment conglomerate with many locations throughout Illinois. This facility offers personalized treatment for substance abuse and mental health issues, using traditional therapies in a beautiful setting on the shores of Lake Fox.

Accommodations and Food

Lake Villa Treatment Center clients are likely to feel like they are away at summer camp instead of rehab. The 43-acre property has stunning views, green foliage and plenty of space to move around in. The residential accommodations are gender-specific, featuring big windows and a college-like ambiance. The rooms are a bit of tight squeeze, with four clients in each. The beds are small and close together, so be prepared to get cozy with your roommates. The common areas provide comfortable seating, throw carpets and fireplaces for chilly nights.

A large brick building that resembles a converted mansion is where clients spend most of their day, attending groups, individual therapy and educational lectures. All meals are served in the dining room while the spacious outdoor patio offers seating and views of the river during downtime. A professional chef on staff prepares three meals a day and coffee and snacks are available at certain times of the day.

Opportunities for on-site healthy lifestyle activities are plentiful. The campus features an indoor gym, equipped with weights and cardio machines. There is also an indoor basketball court, a tennis court and walking trails. This program allows smoking, but it must be done during designated smoke breaks.

Treatment and Staff

Lake Villa Treatment Center does not offer a medically monitored detox, though a social detox is available if the client’s condition is not too severe. There are separate programs for men, women, young men between the ages of 18 and 23 and adolescents. All programs follow a similar structure.

The treatment approach is tailored toward the individual’s needs, with treatment time usually falling between 30 and 90 days. Individual therapy happens once a week while group therapy takes up several hours of the schedule each day. Group topics may include relapse prevention, codependency, self-esteem, body image, parenting, nutrition, processing and trauma.

Treatment also involves education about addiction and life skills; topics such as employment, future goals and the addiction as a disease model are discussed. When it comes to the 12 steps, the approach is very loose. Clients can decide if this is something that works for them, having the option to attend off-site AA/NA meetings. Those who aren’t interested in a spiritual recovery are not forced to attend. While this curriculum does not involve a family program, they do offer family therapy sessions.

When residential treatment has been completed, a variety of transitional programs are offered including day treatment, outpatient and aftercare.

The staff includes counselors, therapists, a psychiatrist and a nursing supervisor.

In Summary

Lake Villa Treatment Center provides a structured program in a summer camp-like setting. While many programs are rooted in the 12 steps, it gives clients the opportunity to choose their own form of recovery.

Lake Villa Treatment Center Location

25480 W Cedarcrest Ln
Lake Villa, IL 60046

Lake Villa Treatment Center Cost

$18,000 (30 days). Reach Lake Villa Treatment Center by phone at (877) 356-3033. Find Lake Villa (Gateway Recovery) on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

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  1. I was here several years ago. This place is the worst. Staff is just getting a check every week and could care less. No real counseling going here at all. People here lie cheat and steal. I had a guy throw a show at me while I was sleeping! Avoid this place at all costs. So many other better places you can go to. We all need help we all need some advise but you are not going to get it here. You spend you time watching your back and listening to the young ones trying to hook up. Been sober for several years but this place did not assist in that recovery.

  2. I am not sure where this website got their information from, but a lot of it is extremely skewed or completely incorrect. I’m not saying everything about this review is wrong but private chef? Absolutely not. Groups taking place in the main house primarily? No. This is a great facility but this website makes it seem like it’s some type of vacation, it’s not. It’s a substance abuse treatment facility it’s not supposed to be relaxing, “summer camp” like, a place to get away- you go to treatment to save your life because you are addicted to drugs that are eventually going to kill you if you dont stop. If you are looking up reviews for treatment facilities to go to please take this one with a grain of salt. Don’t expect a luxury experience- expect to work your ass off to save your on life. The program is hard but it’s worth it, if getting sober wasn’t hard than facilities like this wouldn’t exist. Also don’t expect to spend half your day sunbathing and catching butterflies, you’re in groups most of the day to learn the skills you need to know in order to continue living without substances.

    • B.Wagner @ 12 step house on

      Way to go Sarah!!!! Tell it like it is. I am an alumni of Gateway and God willing will celebrate 3 years of sobriety on January 29th. This place, along with my continued involvement in AA has saved my life.

  3. My daughter has been at the inpatient facility in Chicago and Lake Villa. As someone in the field I feel that I am in a good position to review these facilities. In one word: HORRIBLE! Don’t let the nice intake people fool you. They get a lot of court ordered people and Medicaid people so if that is your lot then go for it because you will be right at home in the typical “institution” atmospher…..including being yelled at, shamed, and mistreated by other patients. Please don’t misunderstand me, if you are on medicaid that doesn’t mean you are somehow less than….it just means you tend to be subject to the type of providers that tend to accept Medicaid. When I was a young single mother I was on it myself so I speak from experience. My daughter transferred from the chicago to the lake villa facility thinking that it would be better there and it was just as bad if not worse. I have tried several times to check on her status and they won’t even let her call me as she only gets two calls a week, not a day, a WEEK. If you have private insurance I highly recommend another facility. At this point my daughter will probably stay as the goal is to get sober and she seems to be ready to “go to any lengths”. It is wet sad and upsetting to me that we are actually paying for her and us to be treated this way. I can only hope that this experience will make her realize she never wants to drink again because she never wants to go through this hell again.

  4. This facility is a bunch of bs. It’s a summer camp with meetings all day, just what it said. And the staff lie. The men and women aren’t kept seperate. My husband cheated on me with a female guest and was unable to call me but once a week for 5 mins and if i missed his call then i couldnt talk to him for another week. And when i tried to get a family emergency phone message to him the staff was rude and lied, my husband never got the messages nor was he allowed to call. We spent so much money to get him help and it did very little to do so but plenty to tear our family apart. So i wouldnt reccomend this facility to anyone even your child. I wouldnt want my teenage son subjected to that behavior. Haven’t we been through enough!
    Mrs. W

    • Alex pierceall on

      Hi, I’m supposed to be going to lake villa tomorrow and am very hesitant of it but after reading this I’m even more so. Do you have more details of what life is like in it? Thanks

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