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Located in Louisville, Kentucky, Our Lady of Peace provides combined medical detox and short-term inpatient treatment for chemical dependency through Kentucky One Health. After the initial phase, clients can elect to step down to the facility’s Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) or Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP).

Accommodations and Food

Our Lady of Peace is a large behavioral health hospital with a total of 261 beds. With various concurrent programs, residents (and therefore sleeping arrangements) are constantly changing but clients can generally expect to share a room with one other person. Residents are provided three meals a day courtesy of the hospital’s cafeteria.

Treatment and Staff

The inpatient program, called Pathways to Peace, is attended simultaneously with detox and varies in duration, though generally not more than two weeks. The program is individualized and utilizes evidence-based methods geared towards substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. Treatment involves an introduction to the 12-step steps, relapse prevention, Motivational Interviewing (MI), family therapy and CBT. Both gender-specific group and individual therapy are available; as are educational groups, on-site AA/NA meetings and discharge planning services.

Staff is comprised of psychiatrists, psychologists, CADCs, spiritual counselors, RNs, program specialists, social workers and art therapists. Detox is monitored by the hospital’s on-staff MDs.


Our Lady of Peace offers free screenings and assessments through its referral center. Aftercare planning is available to inpatient alumni at no extra charge, which involves weekly evening groups for continued support.

The Innovations outpatient program is designed for adolescents with intellectual and developmental disabilities and also features medical and psychiatric support along with evidence-based treatment. Clients of this program must also attend Peace Academy, a fully-accredited school run by the facility, to keep up with their school work.

Those in need of more intensive treatment are referred to the emergency psychiatric care at the University of Louisville Hospital, which has an inpatient unit for those suffering from severe psychological disorders such as schizophrenia.

In Summary

While not a long-term residential program, Our Lady of Peace provides medical detox that works concurrently with intensive individualized inpatient treatment. And with the option to step down to the facility’s outpatient programs and aftercare, it does offer well-rounded treatment and flexibility. Because Our Lady of Peace is hospital-based, it may come with a slightly higher price tag than other programs of its kind (depending on your insurance) but in return, clients receive treatment from a larger, more diverse staff and are afforded with many in-house features not available at smaller facilities.

Our Lady of Peace Location

2020 Newburg Rd
Louisville, KY 40205

Our Lady of Peace Cost

Varies by insurance, Medicaid, state and military insurances accepted. Reach Our Lady of Peace by phone at (502) 451-3330 or (502) 451-3333 (Assessment and Referral Center). Find Our Lady of Peace on via Kentucky One Health on Facebook

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  1. Patricia Behny on

    I only wished this was the year 1966 and websites and computers existed back then. I was put into this hospital by a psychotic mother who abused and tortured me my entire life. When I finally could stand it no longer, I took 300 Demerol to end my life because I refused to be hurt any more. I was 19 years old and brought back to life at General Hospital. Bite marks and fractures were found by the doctor who saved me and he promised that my mother would never hurt me again. This pissed her off and she and her criminal attorney took me out with a court order in the name of “better care” and I ended up at this hospital. I never gave permission and I never had even one interview with any doctor. I received 15 electro-shock treatments until the doctor realized he had the wrong patient. I have cognitive damage and global amnesia. For what?

  2. My foster mother took me to Our Lady Of Peace at 2am for some mental health issues I was dealing with while being in foster care. I didnt get to do my mental health assessment until 4am, and I didnt get to be admitted until 9am. We stayed up all night, trying to stay awake in that waiting room. The food is okay, if you have low expectations. Every floor is different, I got admitted onto 2 Lourdes and about half of the staff were very kind, the other half was very rude. If you’re going in there, dont expect to be treated fair.

  3. Carolyn Carter on

    On November 4th 2016 I had to get help for grand daughter, her mother was to upset to bring her so I did. We arrived at 5:10 pm there was one lady there with her grandchild she had been there for about 40 mins. A few more family’s came in, there was a total of 5 children waiting for assessment. I was the second person in line waiting for an assessment, the first family was called about 7:40 pm for there assessment. We where called back about 9:30 pm we had been since 5:10 pm. There was about 7 to 8 employee’s in that office one no one was doing assessments. Every 2 hours someone may have been called back, one family wanted to leave, before they could leave they to do an exit interview that took as long as an assessment. I wanted to leave but I had to get my grand child the help she needed. After assessment they had to call the doctor, it is now 11:30 and we are still waiting 12:40 am they said the they where going to admit her. no one came to take her up until 1:20 am. Her first visiting day was Sunday November 6th 2016 are family went to visit her and I could not go back to see her because I was not on the list to visit her. I said what list, no one gave me a list to fill out I was the one that had her admitted I was the one that set in intake for 7 hours, and I cant see her. When she was admitted they had to called her mother to get a verbal consent over the phone to treat and no one asked her any thing about a list of who could visit. The mother went to the registration office and fill out the list an to sign paper work, and on one of the papers she had to sign was to give permission to do blood work that they had all ready done with out contacting the mother. They can brake the rules but I couldn’t see my grandchild.

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