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The Oaks at La Paloma


La Paloma Treatment CenterThe Basics

Located on several green acres in Memphis, Tennessee, The Oaks at La Paloma offers treatment for just about every addiction and co-occurring disorder imaginable. From substance abuse to eating disorders to PTSD, this facility offers an alternative to traditional 12-step based programs. On admission, clients receive a customized program catered to their specific afflictions and needs.

Accommodations and Food

The entire 71-bed treatment facility is housed in one large colonial style, brick building. With the look and feel of an old Southern estate, clients can enjoy beautiful surroundings and lots of outdoor space to relax. The living quarters are split between the sexes, leaving the men on one floor and the women on another. Each client is required to share a bedroom and bathroom with one other person as a way to promote community and prevent isolation. A common room features a television that is available for use during free time. Besides the TV and the house phones, technology is not permitted. Groups and lectures are all held on the first floor on the building, featuring comfortable seating and calming colors on the walls.

All meals are prepared by resident chefs and served buffet style. The menus are designed to provide optimal energy and nutrition, with the selection geared to ease the many physical cravings that come along with giving up addictive substances. However, ingredients like caffeine and sugar are allowed in small amounts.

The grounds at The Oaks are quite serene, filled with wild flowers and several walking paths. An on-site gym is also available for daily use, offering a selection of weights and yoga classes. When it comes to creative expression, the art therapy room allows clients to play and explore through a variety of mediums (painting, drawing, collaging).

Treatment and Staff

The Oaks offers the standard on-site detox that typically lasts between three and seven days. Once a client has stabilized, he or she is transferred to the residential treatment facility, which is a 30- to 90- day program. A clinical assessment is used to identify the client’s problems, needs and desires for recovery. The client then receives a customized treatment plan that addresses their addiction and mental health issues. Everything from substance abuse and psychological problems to eating disorders, chronic relapse, shopping addiction, sex addiction, gambling addiction and PTSD is treatable at The Oaks. With a staff ratio of eight-to-one, clients have access to professionals with a variety of backgrounds, ranging from psychiatrists to licensed therapists to MDs.

Residential treatment is a mix of twice weekly individual therapy sessions with a primary therapist, several hours of group therapy, meals, fitness time and meditation, with the option of off-site recovery meetings in the evening. Each day of the week features a different theme such as life skills, codependency, nutrition, family systems and triggers. Group therapy is then arranged around the particular theme of the day, allowing residents to explore the topic for an extensive period of time. Alternative methods of healing such as hypnotherapy, guided meditation, EMDR and deep muscle relaxation are also integrated into the groups. During individual sessions, a client can properly address their specific addiction and mental health issues in a private and safe way. Weekends are a little bit more relaxed and include group outings to the movies, hiking and bowling.

While The Oaks is not a 12-step based program, it does offer the option of 12-step meetings as well as alternatives such as SMART Recovery. Many clients who attend this program have had negative experiences with the 12 steps in the past. So for those who don’t like Higher Power talk or feel that these sort of meetings can’t keep them sober, this facility opens up other avenues for recovery.

After the completion of residential, clients have the option of stepping down into outpatient treatment. This program is held Monday through Friday for three hours per day. The day includes both individual and group therapy, similar to the residential program as well as family therapy once a week. The cost of the outpatient program is roughly $13,000 for 30 days.


When it comes to recreation, equine therapy is a unique experience, allowing clients to get outside and connect with a group of friendly horses. Almost every service, both traditional and alternative, is included in the monthly cost at The Oaks. However, if an outside practitioner is called in for something like acupuncture or massage, additional fees will be charged.

Family involvement is an important part of the client’s recovery. Families are able to stay in constant contact with the client’s primary therapist throughout treatment. They are also encouraged to see the client during visiting hours on the weekends. An extended family weekend is offered toward the end of a client’s stay and involves a jam-packed schedule of individual therapy and group therapy. Issues such as boundary setting, codependency, communication and triggering behaviors can be addressed.

In Summary

For those who have been through the rehab circuit a few times without luck or those struggling with an addiction that is outside the bounds of substance abuse, The Oaks at La Paloma might be a solid, alternative to the standard 12-step treatment facility.

The Oaks at La Paloma
2009 Lamar Ave
Memphis, TN 38114

The Oaks at La Paloma Cost: $27,600 (30 days). The Oaks at La Paloma by phone at (877) 345-1887. Find The Oaks at La Paloma on Facebook and Twitter

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